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Day 80/100 #birdsbutterfliesandblooms #100dayproject here is the whole thing!

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In all honesty, i haven't really been feeling confident with myself, but we all have those days right? everything else in my life feels great though.
it's nice to look forward to what you do everyday because you genuinely enjoy the environment you are surrounded with; plus my braiding game has gotten better, lmao💁🏼‍♀️ .
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What lights you up?
i mean, really lights you up.
what fills your heart up and keeps you moving forward?
i don’t do small talk. i don’t really care about what’s on netflix right now, it doesn’t matter to me if your team is winning and i’m not going to talk about the weather in the grocery store lineup.
but ‘big talk’? i’m here for it.
your limiting beliefs? the time you almost walked away from it all? the moment that forever changed your perspective on something? your big dream? your pain points and stumbling blocks? the thing you are most proud of? the strength it took to push through the moment you thought you might not come back from?
that’s what i’m here for.
on monday i left the farm for the day to meet up at @greenparknuseriesinc with karl and our friend mike from @summerdreamsfarm .
these two guys are two of my closest farming friends and they do big talk.
over the last three days we’ve shared our dreams and talked through our struggles in business ownership and farming.
i can’t begin to tell you how valuable it’s been for me. these guys have big hearts, big dreams, unbelievably strong work ethics and every moment i share with them challenges me to be a better business owner and decision maker. there is so much heart behind the hard work that they do and i’m incredibly proud of them. .
mike has been staying at our farm for the last few days and he leaves tomorrow. it’s always bittersweet. busy lives, busy farms and the pulls of seasonal work make connecting so difficult to plan and execute, yet the time we share is so rich and valuable.
i’m feeling so grateful for these last three days.
my business wouldn’t be where it is today without the mentorship of so many farming friends (too many to list here) and i’m grateful for the love and knowledge they’ve poured into my life.
my biggest success in these last five years of owning this farm?
finding my tribe. hands down.
the flowers are great, sure.
but the people. it’s always been the people.

and that’s so much of life right?
finding our tribe and raising them up. forming connections and being ready to learn. making yourself uncomfortable because that’s how you’ll grow.


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🥋outdoor balance training💙
after several hours in the chemistry lab👩🏼‍🔬🧪🧫🧬at work today i wanted to do my training outside and it was lovely💖kicking barefoot on sun warm cliffs💛
💥by the way, can you name these kicks👆🏻🥋then write them down below in the comments💋👇🏻
🌸 in order to succeed, your desire for success has to be greater than you fear of failure. 🙇🏼‍♀️
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