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I’m playing a house concert with my friend jinson tomorrow night! we’re playing kicho by piazzolla (who i’ve decided is the antibach), and i’ll play a few movements of the 6th suite (*screams internally* πŸ˜…)
here’s a little clip from our rehearsal today 😊

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Ladies and gentleman! i present to you: "wolf totem" in the dark! βš«πŸ‘€βš« #normaandjoe #practice #inthedark ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
today's practice session took place in a stairwell! i didn't have a lot of privacy (folks were actually using that stairwell); you can hear people talking and other instruments warming up in the background. however, i must learn these notes, and sometimes you've just gotta do what you gotta do! 🀷🏾‍♂️ #tourlife #noexcuses ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
any large instrument player on an orchestra tour will tell you how difficult it is to practice while on the road. i hadn't seen norman for two days, and i only had an hour and a half before the concert to practice this concerto and warm up for the evening's program. the next time i'll see norma is another two days from now in hangzhou! 😩 what that means is that we make the most of our time together, even if it is in a stairwell...in the dark... with no privacy... #dowhatyougottado #fortheloveofmusic #noprivacy #nojudgement ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
today i spent time working on the opening cadenza. i'm still figuring out bowings (i'm not a fan of my choice in this excerpt), fingerings, and phrasing, but i'm happy to begin to focus on the lyrical aspects of the piece. another mountain to climb is the 1.5 inch difference in string-length between norma and riley! 😲 regardless, i've got two and a half months to learn this piece, y'all... πŸ•°οΈ #theclockisticking #tandun

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#bachin30days || almost done with the written arrangement of bach 6! i can’t wait to share it with you all 😊 what other pieces would you guys like to see an edition/arrangement of by yours truly? 😘
photo by @wesleykirk at @visionandverve

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Bach 6, allemande πŸŒ™πŸ–€

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#bachin30days week 4, day 5: gavottes || the transition from the first gavotte to the second might be my most favorite moment of the whole suite. it just feels so tender and warm πŸ₯°
happy friday! what are you all doing this weekend? πŸ’•

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#bachin30days week 4, day 6: gigue || 🀯

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17 | practicing for and recording auditions is pretty much all i’ve been doing for the past three weeks, celebrating this weekend by going on a little day trip and voting weeeeew πŸ₯³

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Is dan holding a giant violin? πŸ€ͺ#doublebass #tgmvm #giant

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The double bass with thomas martin: french bow technique ep 2, position and angle🎻 watch the full video on our igtv! #tgmvm #doublebass #bowing #basslessons #doublebasslessons

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