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My sweet little fonzie on the left, waldo, his little friend in the middle at the rescue, and carlos from the rescue on the right. i was going to adopt carlos, on the right, but his family came back to the rescue to get him, when they were able to secure housing that allowed dogs again. they had lost their housing after the financial crisis, and chihuahua rescue of san diego took him for 6 months.

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You were not my first choice, you were not the one. i wanted little carlos who was a special needs dog, with multiple issues, but for me he was so perfect and allowed me to pour my heart out with love. but his family came back for him after they secured housing that allowed him to live with them. so the rescue said that you were in need of a foster and i would be perfect. you had just been rescued from a dog hoarder. you fell into my arms and went to sleep. you never left my side. we found each other in this big world. i needed you like you needed me. you are the love of my life along with pirate. i love you both equally and with all my heart. you are the sweetness and the sunshine, the innocence and the kindness and pirate is the heart and soul of our family.

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Jomblo itu keren karena menjadi moto indonesia yang bersatu bukan berdua 😁✌
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#neverforgetralphie it’s been 8 days since you were put down for no reason other than your time was up, your life was not valued, and no one came to adopt you in the short window they gave you to be adopted. i think about your little face every single day. please know, i will never forget you. ever. i started a hashtag for you baby boy and i use it 25 times per week at least. i hope you are running at the beach in heaven and sleeping with 10 blankets at night because you weren’t even given one f*****g blanket at the shelter. i’m sorry the world let you down. i will not allow the world to forget you. i’ve not been able to forgive the world for your death. i’m sorry, but i just can’t. the system is broken. i truly wish you had a family and where adopted and could rest and decompress from the shelter you were in, with affection and love. i’m just sorry. i’m just so sorry. 🙏😥🙏😥🙏😥 rest easy baby boy #neverforgetralphie

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Do yu fink shi can tell eyem sleepin on top of hur? eyem lite as a fether 😌 -hank ➡️ #swipe for video 🎥

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I am a monthly donor and i was so happy to see we are helping buy these little houses for the dogs. it keeps them out of the snow and the cold in serbia 🇷🇸 ❤️🧸❤️🧸❤️🧸❤️🧸❤️ @vucjakshelter @dejans_sanctuary_for_dogs @friendsofvucjak donating was so fast, i did it on their go fund me link. #donate #volunteer #help #love #400dogs #serbia #lovedogs #nodogleftoutside

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I just love your pack ❤️🧸❤️🧸❤️🧸❤️🧸 👉🏻 @preciouspuppy_

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Momma says i look ravishingly handsome, no filter in this morning light

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Bring your dogs in or don’t get a dog. @rescuedogsrocknyc

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A picture posted from a dog hoarder situation @nycscr 97 dogs is deplorable conditions

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Hi! i’m pirate 🏴‍☠️❤️🏴‍☠️. this is my instagram page 👉🏻 do you know what a freedom ride is? it’s when a shelter pup gets adopted and rides home. me, my mom, and my brother want to help create awareness of how awesome adoption of shelter family furmembers are; all breeds, all ages, all sizes, and some of us have special needs. i was 9 years old when my mamma adopted me. i had been at three shelters over 14 months, found homeless. no one wanted me because i looked funny. they would look into my cell and just laugh at me, and leave with a perfect looking dog. well, who is laughing now? me! it was love at first sight when my mom saw me. “i needed her, like she needed me.” me and my brother are both from no k**l shelters. my mom tells me there’s no greater love, than loving a rescued dog. won’t you consider rescuing, and in return you will receive a lifetime of love. please just kindly remember we need your love, we need physical love like being petted and with neck and behind the ear scratches, some of us love belly rubs, we love and need your time, and require walks to help us expend our energy, we need vet care just like humans need regular checkups, and we need food. please only rescue us when you can commit 100% to us. also, make sure you clear it with your property manager if you’re not a home owner. find a breed that works with your life as far as activity levels, size, and temperament. you can also try fostering first, with a local rescue in your town. fostering is a great way to care for a dog, and to see what dog works best for you and your family. won’t you be the voice of change today, and not contribute to stereotypes of pit bull? won’t you show the world by adopting a pit bull that you do not support the options of a few. pit bulls are family dogs. #neverforgetralphie #kindnessfordogs #rescue #help #endbslworldwide #endbsl #chihuahua #chiweenie #chiweeniesofinstagram #nokillshelter #chihuahuasofinstagram #adoptdontshop #endbsl #love #foster #adopt #donate #dontbullymybreed #dontbullymybully #seniordogsrule #rescuedogsofinstagram #nodogsleftbehind #nodogsleftoutside #seniordogsofinstagram ❤️my instagram page is run by my momma🥰👉🏻 @sweetpeasassypants

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