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Just at daycare holding down the caboose as me and my pack of golden buds aimlessly patrol the perimeter. very important work we’re doing, very important.

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Who let the dogs out? because we're sure glad they decided to stop by invita! 🐶⠀
just a friendly reminder that we are closed tomorrow and friday in observance of the thanksgiving holiday! 🦃⠀
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Kylo, neville, winston, and me!

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It's been a slow start this morning. my littlest climbed into bed with me and conked out. it is so hard to get out of bed with a deep breathing kid and her stuffed hippo there.

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Morning..how is the holiday already tomorrow..?? w*f

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Chillin 😎 #dogsandcoffee

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Good day. my name is lily and i am a very sad dog. i feel that my mom doesn't love me anymore. the other night, she yelled at me. she was really angry at me. she told me to face the wall and she did not invite me to bed. she was really mad!!! dad was so silent that night. he did not even try to help me and speak up. i looked at dad asking for help but... dad did not do anything. :( mom said that she has no work and she still bought me a supplement for my tummy, she paid 2000php for that. since i am not into royal canin these days, she bought me acana which is roughly 1000php per kilo. i did not eat my food because i don't like dog food. i want her to give me table food just like what mama bebe gave me when were in laguna. so, i did not touch my dog food.
i vomited because of hyperacidity. i left the dogfood to spoil and did not take the supplement. mom got really really mad because she saw me waiting beside daddy, taking chances as he might feel my pain and give me some of his food.

later that night, probably after 1 hour of facing the wall. dad went inside the room and told mom to forgive me. he said, i am just a dog. i don't understand anything. then, mom called me. i was very excited, so i kissed her and begged her to rub my belly. we slept together on the bed that night.

right now, i still get this dog food, i still don't eat it. i am very hungry. mom said that she'll not give what i want and i have to eat this if i am hungry.
oh well, i thought i owned the house and these hoomans! i'm wrong!
please adopt me, i am hungry and i want adobo! -lily

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Bassett espresso ~ for all creatures, great and small ~ 🐶☕️ shot via @cafejacks_kensington

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We have a cake deal on today!!! buy a muffin for £1 with every hot drink purchase 😋 while stocks last. we have two flavours, raspberry and white chocolate or spiced muffins in store. happy h**p day .
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☕️🐶 @goodtimesmilkbar

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Thanks to coffee labs for being a part of the dogs + dancers project! we had a great shoot there last night. can’t wait to post some pics. @coffeelabs1_ @rivertowndanceacademy #dogs #dancers #dogsanddancers #dogshoot #dance #westchesterphotographer #dogsandcoffee #coffee #dogphotography #lohud #westchestermagazine #lohud 📹: @movingforwardpr

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I love going on coffee runs with dad ❤️🐶🐶

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All our shirts will be 30% off for black friday!!! if you’ve signed up for our newsletter or if you head over to sign up now sale will start wednesday for subscribers!!! it will start thursday for everyone else. shirts are limited quantities so if you don’t want to miss out head over to the link in bio and get your email on our list! they not only make perfect christmas gifts but a portion of proceeds of every sale is always donate to rescue. all sales in the shop benefit @socalbulldogrescue for november. (shirts are unisex and perfect for everyone!) #oneheartcoffee

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⚠️cuteness warning⚠️⤵️
what is your favorite animal😍?
i love animals, and i’m loving south korea 🇰🇷 more and more everyday! i stumbled upon a, one of many, dog cafe! yes a dog cafe! 🐶 ☕️ you walk into this dog cafe, with a overload of cute dogs n’ puppies barking with joy waiting to be loved! only requirement to get in is you buy any coffee! such a great experience. this is what i call dog therapy. 😍🐶
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Coffee time smiles ☕💕

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My two favorite dogs #dogsandcoffee

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