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He doesn't even look real 😍
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Her favorite spot on the sofa! 🧸

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This is sunsim. the amount of cuteness raidiating from this little bundle of joy is suffocating me right now. 15/10 would die for 🧑
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Huge paws! photos/caption by @wildwildwestphotography

this was a super hard shoot for me, as i watched 12 people firing off their equipment at 2 lynx kittens that kept crossing the road, and because of my broken back, i couldn't join in on the frenzy & all i could do was watch, until....
one of the kittens came out of the bush were cindy and i were parked, a good 60' from where it had entered.
sooooo, i was in the passenger side parked east on an east west road, and the kitten came at us from the north (drivers side) heading south, which had my head spinning for sure.
now remember, i have 2 fractures in my back and i can't just hop out, so i very slowly slid out from the truck, all the while freaking out that i wouldn't slip on the iced up road.
anyways i could go on and on because i'm still pumped all to heck, and even though i had to shoot using my truck door to steady my gear, not to mention that i broke all laws by shooting over the hot hood of my truck re hear blur, i still had the time of my life.
this kitten would be approximately 9 months old and i hope you enjoy him as much as i did.

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