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#money is internetting 🕸⁣⁣
you have heard all the cliche lines:⁣⁣
#bitcoin will do to the banks what #uber did to the taxi #industry 🚕 ⁣⁣
& ⁣⁣
#cryptocurrency will do to the #financial institutions what email did to the post office. ⁣⁣
will #crypto just be a fad, or are we experiencing the beggining of a new #paradigm ?⁣⁣
is this what the beginning of the #internet felt like in the 90’s? ⁣
i don’t know, i wasn’t even born then. ⁣
however, i like to think that we are on the forefront of new #technology and i wouldn’t have continuously built my brand #cryptomodel for two years if i didn’t believe this would b**w up 💣⁣⁣

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Your favorite snack 🍦
just made some #crypto cookies 😉

do you prefer #bitcoin #litecoin or #ethereum & why?
#cryptomodel #cryptoeverything
don’t forget to swipe 👉🏼

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I’m a massive #crypto & #gaming geek, and people keep telling me to get a life.

then i thought to myself, i don’t need to get a life, i’m a #gamer so i have lots of lives.. swipe right to see my reaction when ppl interrupt me 😜

same goes for when i’m trading crypto.. also, if you’re wondering about my shirt its it’s a noncustodial and 0 commission exchange @digitexfutures #digitex #dgtx 📷@cryptomodel

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#reading is so important. 📖⁣

the more you read, the more you increase the size of your “information pool.” when your information pool is larger you can recall more information and come up with more ideas! 💡 ⁣

a couple years ago i started the #cryptomodel brand. i was inspired by works about of #entrepreneurship and #cryptocurrency. at first people thought the idea of #modeling for crypto #companies & #marketing was silly...⁣

safe to say, they were wrong. my brand has continued to grow & others are taking “crypto selfies” and now there are quite a few “cryptomodels” out there😏⁣

in short, i am glad i #educated myself about #crypto and #online businesses.⁣

what’s the next #cryptocurrency related topic i should learn about? ⁣

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Just tryna get my own slice of the #crypto market.. 📊
i love #bitcoin as much as i love #pizza! 🍕
popular debate... so i have to ask..
does pineapple go on pizza? 🍍

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Cold storage🔒was a big topic at this year. i’ve had a couple dozen questions about storage over the last week and it’s becoming an important topic. these are a couple of my favorite companies in the crypto storage space right now worth checking out:
2. .io
6. the new kid on the block is called jubiter with a focus on erc20 tokens.
the jubiter “blade” is simple and extremely secure from what i’ve seen so far. the biggest perk is that you can store bitcoin, ethereum and whale quantities of erc20 tokens. opening the door to erc20 token storage is a big deal for all the rekt token holders this year and it’s exciting to see a new wallet taking off. -
what you may not notice is the physical metal bitcoin i’m holding is a hardware wallet. it has a removable chip locked on the back of the metal coin that can store private keys.😉i’m excited to see what people develop over the next 5-10 years for storage.
do you own a physical safe? if so, what kind?
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I got this book for christmas as a gift! i’m excited to learn & read about #bitcoin from someone else’s perspective. “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -thomas jefferson
don’t ever stop learning!
knowledge is power in all markets.
my lil #blockchain library is growing 📚
p.s. have you guys read this book?
if not, what books are you getting into lately?
give me some must reads!
they can be #crypto related, but they don’t have to.

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