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It feels great to be back on set! we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for this year! 🎥✅

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Wanna become an actor? 🎬 acting school or not. it doesn’t matter. new blog post out now 👉 read it! [ link in bio 👉@mikaelcross ]⁣
@dp_yellen tells the story behind this picture 👉 “in honor of national camera day here’s a throwback to operating the first person rig from our interactive game promoting season 2 of znation in 2015. the shoot was a lot of fun and i got to look cool doing it” 📸 by @outlierimagery⁣
⭐️ filmmaking and inspiration w/ @mikaelcross

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Massive canon c300 mk2 setup by @cloakroom_media
🔖 tag a canon user
follow us for more epic camera gear 🔥🎥

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Моя дипломная работа «Ключи» признана «Лучшим короткометражным фильмом» на xiv Международном православном Сретенском кинофестивале «Встреча». Поздравляю  всех причастных к картине. Посвящаю эту победу своей дочке Амалии, ей исполнилось сегодня ровно 1 год 6 месяцев #победа #кинофестиваль #встреча #лучшийкороткометражныйфильм #фильмключи #александрфомичёв #вгик #режиссёр #обнинск #россия #короткометражка #director #vgik #festival #russian #producer #лучший

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Psa: 🚨looking to work with some new talent for photography - here are a couple random pictures i’ve taken or edited in the recent past. (not my best, but)...send me a message if you’d be interested in setting something up on the go or in my studio (currently building my professional home photo studio, as well as my audio recording / mixing station) #headshots #portraits #photography #fashion #design #art #create #build #support #inspire #supportyourfriends #letswork #letsshoot - re post this if you built like me

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Wiosenny spacerek ☺️.

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New work for invicta ⌚ ______________________________________________________

director: @jacobossef
cinematographer: @erikjournee
producer: @stefaniemensink
photographer: @jeroennieuwhuis
make-up artist: @michellevoogd @lienvoogd
styling: @dayennebekker
agency: capital advertising

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Lake side cooling 💚💙

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