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Lunch goals; which would you choose? teriyaki chicken zoodles or italian her shrimp?! 👇🏻comment below!

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It's ice cream weather 🍦🌞 just a little post to show you that you can have some lower calorie ice cream when the weather is scorching! i just started dieting for my holiday in 12 weeks, and i won't make myself suffer eating protein and veg for 12 weeks, because i really don't have to 👋🏼 if i am dieting i always go for solero ice creams, because they're amazing, and they're only 98cals 😍 swipe right for a few other lower calorie options 💁🏻 a twister is 76, fab is 82, rowntree's ice lolly is 54 😅 and a cornetto is 176. be smart with your choices, and if you do decide to get a triple chocolate magnum enjoy it and get straight back to it, despite what #teamnodaysoff tell you- it probably won't k**l you, or ruin your life and goals 🤷🏻‍♀️ #diet #cutting #diethacks #lowcalorie #dieting #summeriscoming #foodtips #macros #solero #icecream #heatwave #pt #personaltrainer #caloriedeficit

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I’m attempting to keep my macros in line for the first time ever (its harder than i expected) but keeping my fats low has been a big challenge. mainly because it turns out i’m a complete butter whore. who knew 🤷🏻‍♀️ any-who since pancakes are a staple part of my diet it seemed wise to find a pancake recipe that sits within my macro goals and doesn’t taste like crap. i felt like i had tried and tested pretty much every combination of oats and flours with my fats still sitting higher than i want (because i want to have some delicious toppings too!) or they tasted gross. but then rolled in cornmeal!!!!! game changer. wouldn’t recommend flying solo with it. half and half with gluten free oats was the winning combo. taste great. guilt free. pass me all the toppings please 💁🏻‍♀️

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@musclefooduk it’s been a while!! .
iv been so good recently at eating wholesome meals with lots of veggies packed in, but sometimes i just need some proper home comfort food to make me feel like i’m not ‘on a diet’
my order consisted of lots of goodies- protein pizzas, protein pasta, some fun exotic meat burgers, reduced carb pita breads, egg whites, f*t free cheeses and some nice wee treats that i can reach for instead of choccie bars. swipe right to have a wee look...
i get these sorts of things are complete luxury, but with such terrible willpower, these are sometimes the only things to keep me on the grind. so i prefer to see them as essential luxuries... ha! .
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🔶 if your goal is f*t loss, and you think that you need to stop eating carbs in order to achieve it...think again.
🍞 reducing carbs is a perfectly reasonable way to create a calorie deficit (eating less calories than you burn), but it's not necessary for f*t loss and doesn't guarantee it either.
🍞 for some people, cutting out carbs is sustainable. by removing an entire food group, it's very likely that you will reduce total calories, leading to weightloss.
🍞 but if you enjoy eating carbs, and can't go the rest of your life banning them, then keto will not be a sustainable option for you.
🍞 you're better off reducing calories from a mixture of carbs and fats, and not abstaining from a particular food that you enjoy.

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Yes, this is the same two guys on the same boat, one year apart. is it really possible to change that much in one year??
if i can do it than anyone can. -
just to clarify, i, ross gardner, am the weight challenged guy on the right in the top picture and i am on the left in the bottom photo. -
200 lost lbs in a little under a year naturally. no bariatric surgery, but i did have to have a 360 body lift to remove all the loose skin as i lost 40 inches off my waist. i've been maintaining now for 13 years. -
click the link on my bio and view my actual food journals during my active weight loss and my weight loss guide that has helped many get started and reach their goals.

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I see this all the time.
# someone starts a new diet or exercise program and hits it hard for a few weeks. but if the results don’t come as fast as they’d anticipated, they’re on to the next one.
# same is true for those who start something and aren’t all that consistent with adhering to it in the first place.
# listen, achieving anything worthwhile is not an overnight process. losing f*t (sustainably) takes time. building muscle takes time. even changing the habits to allow for that to happen can take time.
# and your progress will never be linear.
# along the way you’ll have some good days and some not so good days. you will come up against doubt, frustration, and temptation. still, you must remain consistent in your efforts, as that is the only way you will make lasting progress.
# sure there are some s****y programs out there, but more often than not, it’s your inability to trust the process and enjoy the journey that is holding you back from the results you desire.

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A beautiful & useful graph by @hooper.fit.
master the basics before going into the advance strategies.
🖐🏼 firstly, a high-five to my source @rpdrmike for inspiring this infographic. i recently attended a seminar where he spoke and this was the nutrition hierarchy he used.
let’s dig in, shall we?
when in the pursuit of changing your body composition (fat loss, muscle gain, etc.) there are 3 primary fundamental truths (or in this instance, “basics”) that must be adhered to to make optimal progress:
1️⃣ calorie intake
2️⃣ macronutrient breakdown (protein, fats, and carbs)
3️⃣ composition (nutrient dense, high quality foods)
once the basics have been established consistently, you’ll make some pretty phenomenal physique changes with that alone. in fact, that’s the 80% of the 80/20 you often hear fitness professionals talk about.
however, if you’re nailing the basics consistently and want to take your physique to the next level, then you can begin to implement the “advanced strategies” as displayed above. these are the things that can help, but don’t really move the dial much unless the basics are well-established:
1️⃣ meal timing
2️⃣ hydration
3️⃣ supplements
so again, unless you’re consistently executing the basics, don’t even bother expecting much progress with the advanced strategies alone. they are truly insignificant without the basics.
as the infographic says, “respect the basics. earn the advanced strategies.”
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💦win big & get your dream body. with the new leaf fitness summer shred contest! get your goal beach body just in time for beach season. whether your goal is f*t loss, muscle development, or both! most important, done in a healthy and sustainable way. you will eat the whole foods you love, and workout in a way you enjoy. with the support of our amazing community of new leaf fitness members! the individual with the best transformation wins a cash prize of $1000.00 cad! here's what's included in the 8-week contest:
-initial online consultation.
-custom training & cardio routine chosen for your lifestyle & preferences.
-a custom tailored meal plan that you'll love with several new leaf favorite recipes.
-recommended vitamin & supplement regimen.
-8 weekly progress check-ins to keep you progressing throughout the program.
-24/7 availability to ask your coach any questions regarding your progress!
sign up by clicking the link in our bio @newleaffitness and select the 8-week summer shred program. once you have purchased the program you will be directed to complete an online consult questionnaire that will tell us everything we need to know for building your custom tailored program.
note; full gym fitness facility training programs usually see the best results, when compared to at home workouts.
any other questions about the contest, please comment below!
💯it’s not a one time thing , it’s a ritual 💯 #consistencyiskey #onthegrind

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Ara öğün:
1 tatlı kaşığı fıstık ezmesi ile yarım muz 🍌 vee bir fincan yeşilçay ☕️

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Ara öğün:
çilekli yoğurt 🍓

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öğle yemeği:
4 zeytinyağlı sarma
1 zeytinyağlı kabak dolması
75 gr tavuk ızgara 🐓

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Sabah kahvaltısı:
yarım gevrek,( İzmirli değildik ama bunun adı simit değildi gevrekti 😂)
tatlı lor,
salatalık, domates ve yeşillikler.🍅

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Ara öğün:
sütlü filtre kahve vee yanında aşırı minnoş biri tarafından getirilen meyve kuruları @mellvegunlugu 😍😍😍

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Sabah kahvaltısı:
bolca yeşillik
tatlı lor
5 zeytin
3 çeri domates
2 dilim chialı tam buğday ekmeği 😋

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