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Follow @satisfyspells for more i ate the last pizza slice sorry mom @fabiosadiy i think

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Just one more countertop of spaghetti 🍝😅 follow @black_humorist for some tasty memes 👌

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Looks at this shred ??? 💪💪 - whats his bodyfat % ??? 👇👇 - 👉follow @bbuildingzone for more! 👈 - 📷: @ | @bbuildingzone all rights and credits reserved to their respective owner(s).

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🔴unracking the bar (squat)🔴 ⏪swipe left to see the motion!⏪ - ✅✅✅ position yourself tightly under the bar, set up with your feet underneath and then push the bar up through your legs to unrack it. see it like a calf raise machine, except for the fact that you're using your quads and not your calves. ✅✅✅ - this will decrease a lot of the stress that is instead caused on the back by unracking it uncorrectly, as seen in the ❌ drawings: - ❌❌❌ in most cases, recreational gym bro squatters don't typically "respect" the unracking part of the exercise, which i believe is crucial, especially when the weight is heavy. what you typically see is people set underneath the bar with staggered feet and unrack it using their lower back, which takes alot of stress, possibly causing chronic pain (depending on the load). ❌❌❌ - over the course of time i've learnt to appreciate and put effort to the whole part of the lifts which has helped me get alot stronger and be able to lift more weight correctly. set up, unracking, lifting, re-racking. all of it. - i used to wonder myself "why do some people take so much time to do a freaking rep" back in my bro days, but now i understand that every single detail matters when you want to lift heavy and still be healthy! - ⏪ swipe left to see the motion!⏪

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A 300 kg (661 lbs) beltless squat by a 85 kg olympic weightlifter!! - squat content updated daily! #squatchamps - @regranned from @toshikis165j205 - back squat 300kg #山本俊樹

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Sometimes the food is that good. 🙏🍔

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Dieting🆚flexible dieting 💥📖📖📖💥 knowledge is power _ ej has recently dived into flexible dieting and has been losing all kinds of fat! ✅ he asked if i would guest write this caption to explain to you the differences and why people should try flexible dieting 👈🏻 . 🤓 written by @lewfitness . would you believe me if i told you that you could go to buffalo wild wings & eat reece's peanut butter cups whilst losing fat? 😱 i wouldn't have 2 years ago! . myself & ej before flexible dieting found ourselves eating the same meals over and over again , but not only that but restricting ourselves 😫 that's one of the biggest issues with regular 'dieting' you are simply restricting yourself from eating things , this means eventually you will begin to crave those sweet treats and chocolate sweets you suddenly cut out of your diet 😖 you'll eventually try and fit in a 'cheat meal' and it will go south very fast, leading to a binge day or even worse , a binge weekend and we all know what that means 🙄 ... no f*t loss 🙈 . flexible dieting is not an excuse to eat sugary sweets and greasy food with every single meal, it's understanding your body and ultimately understanding that calories is what makes you lose and gain weight, not carbs & fats 👈🏻 i still very much believe in eating 80% clean , nutritious and 'healthily' but i'm not scared about that 20% of ice cream with the squad 😜 . how many times have you said no to a meal out with the family or friends because 'i'm dieting' ? 😐... say goodbye to that and learn that you can be flexible with your calories and deduct small amounts from your daily calorie limit to make up for the excess of another day!! 🙌🏻 start enjoying your life whilst reaching your goals ✅ _ #ejmwellness #knowyourfood #healthandnutrition #nutritioncoach #chicken #fitnessdedication #diet #foodambassador #caloriecounting #calories #healthysnacks #dietlife #healthysnack #healthysnacking #snacksonthego #snacklife #fitnesstips #supplements #physique #gym #gymlife #fit #muscle #abs #train #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation#flexibledieting#dieting

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Not prepping for anything in particular at the moment which is nice too, just training hard, eating well and enjoying the process as always 😌 #fitness #training #dieting #healthyeating #bodybuilding

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Just ordered my new @bpsupps backpack and got my hands on the new @blueprint_performance 32 oz shakers which are only $6.99 in the store! if you're interested in a backpack feel free to contact @rob_nieters @travis_schnell or i 😎✊🏻

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Who needs cali when you have cleveland?! a few shots from another music video in work 🎥💯🔥 video:@kyle_hammonds music: california dreaming ft. paul rey x arman cekin

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Prevent fatloss stagnation eaaasy! how? increase your neat! #nonexerciseactivitythermogenesis –—— often times people go on diet and the leaner they get the more lethargic and lazy they become (natural subconscious adaptation mechanism of your body, amongst a few others). fat loss slows down and stalls.. then what? eat less calories or do more cardio.. the result? even further increasing overall tiredness resulting in further decreasing activity levels throughout the day! —— the solution = neat! take the stairs. use your bike over the car. park further away. take a walk during lunch or whenever you can. stand as much as possible rather than sit. set a timer at work and do a few crunches, pushups etc every 30min. and so on.. –—— what do i do? i clean my apartment more often (every woman's dream i know😜).. i do grocery shopping more often.. there are literally thousand ways to increase your daily activity levels! –—— just get up and get active!👊🏼💯

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💥your mealplan💥(save!⤴️️) . . 🍉 everyone is different, and so are people's food choices! . 💘 instead of looking for the umpteenth magical solution in a meticulous mealplan, create your own list of favorite foods and meals to fall back on whenever👍 . . 🍇 btw you can do this right now: just open up a notes section in your phone and start typing out your favorite good-for-you meals! . tag a friend below⬇️️ who would enjoy this☕️️ . . . rp @fastforwardamy #envisionbeingthin #weightloss #weightlosshelp#weightlosstips #weightlossfood #weightlosscoach#calories #caloriecounting#carterscaloriecomparisons #losingweight #fatloss#fatlosshelp #fatlosstips #bananas #banana #fruits#diet #dieting #diettips #diethelp #dietplan#ifitfitsyourmacros #iifym #flexiblediet#flexibledieting #healthydiet #healthhabits#fitnesstips #fitnesshelp

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Roasts can be tricky when dieting, all the trimmings can add up. but with a bit of tweaking i've got this beauty for dinner, and it's coming in at around 600 cals. job done! #whatsfordinner #protein #carbs #eatyourgreens #weightloss #weightlossjourney #macros #macrocounting #dieting #sundayroast #roastdinner

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I picked these sugar free @blendbros sauces up from asda before we went away and have been desperate to try them 🤤 . swipe for ni 👍🏻 . the bbq sauce is f*t free and the sweet chilli one is low fat. . the bbq sauce is 57ml for 0pp and 173ml for 1pp 👍🏻 or 50ml for 0sp and 151ml for 1sp 👍🏻 . the sweet chilli sauce is 56ml for 0pp or 168ml for 1pp 👍🏻 or 46ml for 0sp and 138ml for 1sp👍🏻 . verdict coming up shortly - i'm off to try them 😋 just to be clear, i bought these sauces from asda with my own money, this is not a paid promotion etc - in fact i've had no contact with blend bros - i just think you might all want to know about them as they're sugar free 👍🏻👍🏻

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Tonight's menu: pangasius fillet with quinoa served on a bed of spinach spinach. a garnish of red pepper, cucumber, ajuin and garlic. sprinkled with lime and lemon juice and mustard. bon apetit. #bonapetit #fitchef #dieting #iifym #doesntgetbetterthanthis #fatburningfood #tasty #healty #delicious #nutricious #lifestyle#ironlife#fitfood #fitspo #fitness#bodybuilding#cooking #health #gym #inspiration #workout #burnthefatfeedthemuscles #diabetic #sport

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Bbq butter beans and sausages, red onions and peppers with a swede and carrot mash and peas (3 syns) really filling sp dinner! i'm stuffed! i used sainsbury's 'be good to yourself' sausages which were (1 syn each)and i also used the sw bbq sauce recipe as a base and added 1 tbsp bbq sauce (1 syn) i would make this again!😊 #spray #slimmingworldsp #swinstagram #sw #slimmingworlduk #swinsta #healthyeating #bbqbeans #sausages #slimmingworld #swdiary #lowcarb #lowfat #healthyfood #weightlossdiary #dieting #weightlossjourney #swfood #slimmingworldfriends #slimmingworldfollowers #diet #slimmingworldideas #

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