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Are you a fan of non-fiction? what are some of your favourites? these are some non-fiction books that have sat on my shelf for years that i’m hoping to finally get round to this summer 🙈

sapiens by yuval noah harari - a brief history of humankind. this novel was just being published when i was doing work experience at penguin and, tbh, i wasn’t that interested in it. everyone said it was going to be a huge release though so i took a review copy and still. haven’t. read. it. five years later and i now am really interested in non-fic books so i’m hoping i love it as much as everyone else!

why i’m no longer talking to white people about race - very excited to dive into this one as someone who was born in england but does not look “english”.
how to win friends and influence people - hoping to have at least one friend after reading this? just one will do.. any takers? plz. 🤣
the secret barrister - i’m going to be a solicitor not a barrister but i’m still interested to hear from this popular anonymous blogger about the world of law!

three women by lisa taddeo - (gifted) this the true story of the s*x lives of three american women and i can’t wait to dig into this upcoming release 👀

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Today’s @isetups 👨🏻‍💻 what do you think❓rate it 1 - 10. photo by @pagesse_maker

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What’re your favorite books, shows, and movies at the moment?

i personally feel like my desk looks empty if it doesn’t include a bunch of books, flowers, and my planner! do any of y’all have planners? i’m trying this new thing where i plan out my day hourly so i can get more work done and after work still have time to do things like eat dinner with my husband or binge watch a tv show together!

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While working on my tasks at my internship, i write down all new bits of information so i can learn as much as possible ✨i only have two more weeks to go, time flies
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What do you guys think of this setup? rate it 1-10 // via dm for credit

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