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March 2019 comment 26 star 1,822

Her hardest hue(s) to hold... but for real this piece is really heavy🌿✨🌷💪🏼#staygold

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I have something special going out to my newsletter subscribers this weekend, are you signed up? ✨✨you can find the link in my stories or my profile. ✨✨

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Spent my first full week in the new studio making pieces to fill up these shelves! what colors would you like to see more of? 🤩 #studioshelfie

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Finishing up a new piece today for @maow_book by sewing together the colour sections!
i talk a little bit about my process for sewing in my second weaving class (because i get a lot of questions about it!), but i will typically only sew these sections together if there are many and if they are long. i find that sewing them together on the back helps to tighten and maintain the tension of the sides and really makes the colour pop.
alternatively, you could interlock your wefts to avoid sewing, but i really love the straight, clean edge that separating + sewing creates.
see an example of wefts that aren’t sewn together in my previous post!

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