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Mahulu : the heart of borneo

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Kalo kamu berasumsi pulau timor itu identik dengan kekeringan,coba deh main ke pantai kolbano di timor tengah selatan. tiati gagal move on ama birunya laut + batuan warna warni di sepanjang pantainya.

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The sky was amazing in klitmøller, denmark. for the second shot i exposed 120x30sec (1 hour).🌟

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Who would you ask to tag along in this cabin? 🏡 those large windows are perfect for watching stars ✨ .

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Endless roads leading to the westfjords. and yes, it takes a while to get there by car... but does it bother when the roads look like this? #iceland

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Into the unknown, we pervade. the wisdom of emptiness, we permeate.
#ontheroofs #chasing_cranes with @abusivone

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