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The universe is part of you.
you are the universe🌌
art by @pills_for_skills

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If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

milky way over queenstown, new zealand ✨

photos by @south_of_home #universe_dope

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For the moon lovers. art by @nois7 #universe_dope

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Nuestras amadas mitocondrias

contenido de @tiotesla

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What if a black hole entered our solar system?😱

let’s try our chances with a stellar black hole. this is a black hole that’s up to 20 times more massive than our sun.
if this kind of black hole made it to the outer reaches of the solar system, it would cause a gravitational mess in the oort cloud – the area of icy, comet-like objects. a stellar black hole would hurl more comets and asteroids into the inner solar system, where they could strike the planets. earth might take some hits, too.
but that would be just a warm-up. as the black hole made its way through the solar system, it would disrupt the orbits of all the planets in it.
likely, our space intruder would tangle the biggest planet in the system, jupiter. the black hole would pull all the gas from the giant planet, turning it into a swirling hot disk. it would keep pulling until it consumed jupiter entirely.
what would happen to our own planet in this gravitational mess? things wouldn’t be good for earth. the black hole would start affecting us even from a distance of pluto’s orbit. first, it would pull us out of the habitable zone, and we humans might not be ready to adapt to this change.
we wouldn’t have much time to complain, since there would be worse things ahead. as the black hole approaches earth, it would cause the cracking of the planet’s crust. we’d see extreme earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
the ocean tides would be devastating, too. by the time the black hole passed earth’s orbit, there would be nothing left of our planet but a sterile surface paved with magma.
maybe earth would be ejected from the solar system altogether. that would probably be for the best because when the black hole got close enough to the sun, it would start drinking up the sun’s flaming gas, and pulling our center of gravity into its insatiable stomach.
if somehow, earth stuck around for the afterparty, it would be torn to shreds and consumed by the black hole. just one more way for earth to come to an end. luckily, black holes don’t seem to be very numerous in the universe.

tell us in comments, what would you do if a black hole's accretion disk suddenly appeared in the sky?

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If you look up⠀
in the night sky tonight,⠀
your n***d eyes⠀
will witness a spectacular⠀
line up of spheres,⠀
a conference of five planets⠀
closest to earth,⠀
convening in the dome of heaven,⠀
arcing above the horizon in a dance between stars.⠀

look up in the sky,⠀
the heavens are offering you a window⠀
to the higher worlds,⠀
the chakras of the universe are displayed in n***d eye wonder,⠀
laying across the hemisphere like a constellation called god,⠀
these planets are not others, but part of the whole,⠀
as much as we are part of the whole,⠀
the energies of these five giants are pouring into us⠀
and we are a blue dot with open arms,⠀
needing all the help we can get.⠀

look in the sky tonight,⠀
open your arms and face to the bright lights⠀
that are trying to make it all the way down to you,⠀
so your heart⠀

can feel⠀

every heart.⠀

art by @erkoc_erhan⠀

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A black hole has a gravitational pull is so intense that nothing, not even light, can escape it once inside a certain region called the event horizon. as gas and dust (or even entire stars) are s****d in, the material is accelerated and heated to very high temperatures. this in turn results in the
emission of x-ray light.💥
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