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Top germany 📷 von @michael_hess_#topgermanyphoto schaut euch die vorgestellte galerie an und teilt die likes!! look at the featured gallery to share the l❤️ve #communityfirst

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Я выпила уже 4 чашки кофе, а бодрости не прибавилось. Подумываю начинать свой день с винишка 🤔

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What do you think about paganism? 🌿✨ many years ago i used to read a lot about this topic. little by little i began to discover that all the information i had was linked to the north and i, as someone who lives in the southern hemisphere felt a bit disconnected on the information i read although on the other hand i did feel a kind of connection. one day i read a pagan woman (i would really love to remember the name but right now i can't) that we should build our way. we must know our environment. and taking some basic information from paganism we can build our path using the knowledge of our environment. each summer is different in each country. there are many plants that exist in the north and not here. but here we have other plants that don't grow in the north. the pagan holidays here are on different times, can you believe that we celebrate samhain in may? with all these words i want to say that you shouldn't be afraid to build your own path. and to build your path is to know yourself. it is not to be afraid to open your heart and show what is inside. there lives a beautiful power that is available to all of us 🙃❤️ song the ballintore fancy from the bothy band 🌱
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Top barcelona 📷 por @nicanorgarcia#topbarcelonaphoto visita la galería de nuestro artista destacado para conocerlo y brindarle cariño!!! look at the featured gallery to share the l❤️ve #barcelona #communityfirst

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Best two comments win a shoutout- comment two times 🖤 @parkerchill #n8zine via @tarantinotribe

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