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December 2016 comment 1 star 22

Lol 😂😂😂😂
#ellen #clumsythumbsy

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January 2016 comment 0 star 14

The funnest message sent to my boss and co workers! i had a tick! #funny #ellen #spellcheck

October 2014 comment 3 star 10

Watching @theellenshow in youtube and this one really made me laugh so hard! this is a real text from a mom to her daughter. very funny. :) #clumsythumbsy #autocorrect

September 2016 comment 0 star 29

Something's definitely happening on a saturday. #clumsythumbsy

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November 2014 comment 0 star 81

Some might be a little confused from the portion in my bio that says “plant powered”. yes, i fuel my body with a massive amount of plants every day. but gosh darn it if i don’t love me some chick-fil-a! the food, the service, the hospitality, the leadership. oh i could go oooooonnnnnn and oooooonnnnnn. i’ll spare you though and simply say, here’s to one of my favorite holidays ever! {yes, it is in fact a holiday and if you can’t recognize that you may not be american. just sayin’} happy cow appreciation day!! #comingoutofmymeatycloset

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“in the beginning i was so young and such a stranger to myself i hardly existed. i had to go out into the world and see it and hear it and react to it, before i knew at all who i was, what i was, what i wanted to be.” —mary oliver
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Why is my sister so fat?!

3 weeks ago comment 3 star 19

Still a pro at tripping over everything and banging into all the corners. i wish i got paid for every mystery injury i get, i could retire 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #hotmessexpress #clumsythumbsy #trippingthroughlife

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Glad i didn’t hit send. when you accidentally have your voice activation system on and talking with your parents and it types for you #fail #clumsythumbsy can we call it that @theellenshow

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My son excels in math, science, and derp. #itsnotbrokenthough #summerproblemsavoided #clumsythumbsy

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Momma are we gonna watch @theellenshow today?

you know we are ❤😂 #thekid #bulldog #bulldogs #bully #bullybreed #bulldogfamily #bulldoglovers #weloveellen #clumsythumbsy 😂😂😂 omg today was hysterical

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My life in a picture tho #clumsythumbsy

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All day everyday! #clumsythumbsy 😂

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@theellenshow @ellen_degeneres when s*x should be six 🤣 and 3 hours behind should be ahead #priceless @khigg5042 #proofread before you hit send #funny #talkntext doesn't always work 🤣🤣 #clumsythumbsy

May 2018 comment 2 star 6

My last word probably be ‘lol’ in every convo. i laugh more than i speak. no one can reach my level of procrastinating things. i go psycho over starbucks and dahi puri. 😌 #weirdobsession #mylifebelike #clumsythumbsy #idunnope #chinkeyed

May 2018 comment 15 star 620

#waltywednesday needs a throwback walty video! just watching our sweet son do the little things that so many said he would never do like grip because of so-called “hypotonia”. i mean the boy is basically brushing his own little gums! and that side eye when he spotted the camera! oh walty, you have me in a puddle this morning!
so if you’re a parent out there to a child with special needs (or gosh dang it, even a child without special needs!), don’t let a single soul tell you your child won’t be able to do this or should be doing that. remember, every child is created different and is unique and that’s what makes this world go around! all children can do whatever they put there mind to with the love and support and motivation from you, their warrior mama and daddy! like we always said, “you do you, walty!”
{i know walty’s aunt @kathrynrinehart and uncle @doug_rinehart were so proud of his brushing skills!}

May 2018 comment 21 star 412