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😭🤦🏽‍♀️🤷‍♀️ @pearo @insta_vuth i'm guilty of walking into a doorknob #clumsygirl #watchyourstep

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So... i dropped very very hot chocolate on my leg and made a mess at the restaurant. being clumsy is very exhausting. 🙈 #clumsygirl #clumsy #pauls #clumsypeopleproblems #clumsyismymiddlename

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Thinking about doing a makeup tutorial type of thing soon maybe 🤔

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Such a nice little night before i nearly broke my ankle 😪😂
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Hot water and glass- not such a good idea 🤪

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The life of a clumsy woman who can cry over spilled laundry products. #clumsygirl

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I slipped and fell down in a restaurant yesterday and everyone gasped in horror as the big preggo hit the floor (it was quite possibly the most embarrassing moment of my life 🙈😭)! but luckily this angel was there to pick me up (just like he always does). ❤️
baby and i are both fine...just taking it easy today and nursing my shattered ego. 😣
who else is clumsy like me?! anyone else have a terribly embarrassing story to share?!

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Almost halloween 🎃

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#missnelliedw always in the wars #clumsygirl bashed her cheek & forehead all in one move #expectingashiner #atleastshesstillsmiling #woofwoof the best dog ever #loveher #lifeofa4yearold

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Sick but still out for cocktails🍹#worldbestbars #cocktailsanddreams #clumsygirl #alcoholyoulater

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She’s the clumsiest cat ever, but she makes me laugh. words can’t describe how much i love her ♥️ #catsofinstagram #purrfection #iloveyou #mykittylove #paisleybaby #myforeverkitten #clumsygirl

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When somebody say you can’t do it, do it twice! and take a picture 📸
p/s : muka selepas kehilangan phone still maintain 😌

#clumsygirl 😰
#tiketflightcicir #phonecicir #nasibbuahhatisentiasadihati 😝

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Go ape was so much fun this morning with beth, thank you so much for such a great birthday present 💝 #teamgorilla #treeclimber #goape #clumsygirl #imfeelin22

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This post is less about the physical transformation and more about the mental. i recently have been going through things that if this had happened when the first picture was taken i wouldn’t have handled it quite as well as i believe i have now. between moving & changing my life completely, old me would have spiraled out of control. .
december 2017 - feels like forever ago, but i was struggling hard mentally & just trying to make it through the day. i thought i had it all figured out but in reality i was just kind of faking it. faking it to get through the day and faking it that i was happy. .
october 2018 - finally making decisions for myself and not accepting any less than i truly deserve. took a leap and went on a life changing weekend with girls i met from instagram. everything about me is different.
however i am so thankful for the old me, because i wouldn’t be me without her. every struggle every bad day has brought me here & has let me fight for this life. things can be so so good only if you let it. i owe my complete mindset change to finally deciding to take care of myself physically and mentally. this community gives me all the tools to do so. & i’m so thankful i said yes. because holllly c**p is this life amazing even when it feels like things won’t let up. message me if you’re ready to change your life, i promise you won’t regret it. i wish i hadn’t waited so long. #teamliftandbelifted #growthmindset

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「 how clumsy are you from 1-100 ?」
!btw disclaimer : the official prompt list is by @jakeparker / @inktober not me - i accidentally made it sound that way due to the order xd !
『 inktober 2018 official prompt 17 / 31 : swollen 』
she's just clumsy and being sheepish abt it ^^
✏ :
@uniball.de uni-ball signo rt1 0.28
⏳ : ~25min
🙏 : pls take a look at the tagged accs, that'd be very much appreciated, tysm! ^^ and constructive (!) criticism is very welcome, thx~ ^°^
#inktober #inktober2018 #swollen #officialpromptlist #violeteye #clumsygirl

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Knee is looking slightly better. still blue, but thankfully doesn’t hurt as much. #clumsygirl

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Only tripped 3 times at the bengals game this past sunday! #killinit #blueselfie #cincinnatibengals #bengalssteelers #bluevibes #clumsygirl #whodey #mermaidhair #blueeyes

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Phoebe loves her bright pink cast but it's not as cool as our home decorated one.

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I'm a lil bear today 🐼

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