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Can you accept fossil fuel companies making massive profits while destroying virtually all life on our planet? i can't, which is why i've teamed up with a really cool organization that's helping people to switch to renewable grid energy at no extra cost! 👇👇👇
if you live in the usa and pay your utility bill online, you can use the link in my bio to check for availability in your area, to see if you can switch to clean grid power at no extra cost. 🌎🌎🌎
if you don't live in the usa, you can still help by tagging americans that you know who care about ending the climate crisis!
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Des dizaines de milliers d'étudiants — jeunes et encore plus jeunes — ont manifesté dans les rues du centre-ville de montréal, vendredi après-midi, pour réclamer un véritable plan pour lutter contre la crise climatique. 🌎🌏🌍
pancartes à la main, ils ont défilé pendant près de trois heures dans une ambiance festive. ▶
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#schoolstrike4climate #fridaysforfuture [ share this message!! ]
climate change is real. in 11 years our human actions will be irreversible and there will be a chain reaction set off causing the world to get hotter and hotter with nothing we can do.
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐰.
reduce your carbon footprint and save our planet. also a big thank you to @lara._.hynes @louis.hynes and @amybethmcnulty for inspiring me to make a difference ily♥️ and ofc thank you to the one who started it all @gretathunberg you have made history. you are incredible.
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🇨🇦great news coming out of #canada! 🐳🐬
#cetaceans like #dolphins and #whales will no longer be kept in #canadian aquariums thanks to a bill that now prohibits their captivity.

the bill, s-203, also bans the breeding of dolphins and whales in captivity and have amended their criminal code to include this as a crime. so whilst the dolphins and whales in captivity are allowed to remain there (though this is being petitioned by activists to get them moved to an open water sanctuary) the marine parks are not allowed to breed a new generation of captive cetaceans nor capture more wild ones. the bill also prohibits the importing of cetacean sperm, tissues, or embryos.

canada has also passed bill s-238, which bans the import of sharks’ fins.” - @ecopandas
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Reposted from @activistvegan - politicians and world leaders, listen up. this young woman has a message for you.
@gretathunberg is a 16-year-old swedish vegan environmental activist fighting to stop climate change.
in august 2018, she became a prominent figure for starting the first school strike for climate outside the swedish parliament building.
in november 2018, she spoke at tedxstockholm.
in december 2018, she addressed the united nations climate change conference.
in january 2019 she was invited to talk to the world economic forum at davos.
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➻ “it’s just one bottle—“
here’s the top excuses you make about #climatechange:
1. “it’s all going to hell anyway,”
2. “climate change is already happening, there’s no way to stop it,”
3. “the problem is overpopulation,”
4. “nothing i can do as an individual will make a difference. it’s the decisions and interests of elites in corporations and government that matter,”
5. “my actions are tiny compared to the size of our environmental/social problems,”
6. “everyone else is doing the same,”
7. “i just don’t know what to do. these problems are so overwhelming and confusing!”
8. and of-course the best for last “it doesn’t exist.”
so, guys, get back to what you learned in primary school. it does exist and stop making the excuses:
1. only buy what you need,
2. eat less meat and dairy,
3. eat less processed food,
4. buy local and seasonal,
5. become a minimalist,
6. use less plastic,
7. just try your best to educate yourself and lower your carbon footprint,
8. follow users who talk about climate change and share!
(p.s. i always get the least likes/ exposure when i talk about important topics but in the end, it doesn’t even matter because i want nothing more than to share them and i will continue to do so. this planet needs you to give a sh*t!)
#climatechange #climatechangeisreal #climatestrike #bethechange 🌎🌍🌏🌿🌈💦
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Wow all those striking kids are so inspiring - a fantastic reminder you are never too small to make a difference! ❤️
we need to ditch the single use plastics clogging our oceans and stop ignoring climate change ❤️
here's some small things you can do right now:
🐷 eat less meat
💚 avoid single use plastic
🚲 if it's not far, forget the car

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