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December 2018 comment 3 star 379

A ceremony enchanted by white florals 🍃

July 2018 comment 25 star 521

Harvest photo backdrop diy
size: 12ft wide x 6.5ft tall
• 6 wood palates (free) 3’x4’
• 2x4 wood for frame & top, screws & bolts: $89
• 13 ikea knaggling boxes (18”x12”x9”): $9.99 each: $138.87
• metal cans different sizes
• silk flowers • fruits & vegetables
total cost for this project: $230
note: fruit & vegetables were donated by our church youth. all flowers for this wall were reused from previous events. metal cans - donated by members of our church.
huge thank you to everyone who helped with this project.
p.s. we found a photo on pinterest of the similar, smaller version of the wall. we made it bigger and modified it a bit 🙂

October 2018 comment 8 star 165

Ombré heart backdrop
size: 8ft tall x 7ft wide
1. chicken wire 36”x25’ : $15.99 @acehardware
2. four(4) 2x4x8 wood for stud $2.59 x 4 : $10.36 @loweshomeimprovement
3. one(1) 2x4x8 cut into 3’ : $3.59
4. nuts, bolts, washers : $5.95
5. two(2) steel shelf brackets 12”, $6.38 each : $12.76 @loweshomeimprovement
6. white chalk paint $9.99 @walmart
7. luncheon size napkins in preferred colors. we used 5 colors. • red (120 napkins) $6.00 @target • ikea dark red (but it’s more of a dark pink)(50 napkins) $1.99 @ikeausa • hot pink (50 napkins) $4.49 @partycity • pink (50 napkins) $1.99 @ikeausa • baby pink (50 napkins) $1.99 @ikeausa
total napkins used for the heart 320
total projects cost: about $71.51 + tax **we had wood that was reused from prior event, same with paint and bolts :) the only items we needed to purchase was napkin, shelf bracket, and chicken wire :).
tools used
1. drill
2. saw (to cut the 3’ studs for the feet)
3. staple gun to attach chicken wire to the backdrop.
4. wire cutters to cut the chicken wire.
5. step ladder (if you are short like me 🙈)
if you have any questions, let us know. and if you are using this tutorial, please tag us :)
thank you ladies for your help with decorating: @_vika_vk @lenchik1221 @liliyasichkar and her kids who worked hard in handing us napkins for the heart build :)

9 hours ago comment 4 star 103

Thank you for your goodness and love for us, i ask you father to watch over us - always 🙏🏻 have a blessed friday 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 #mineweddingsandevents @ramzi.mattar

March 2018 comment 43 star 1,996

Happily ever after moment ❤

November 2017 comment 11 star 521

You belong here • got to paint on the largest canvas ever this weekend ✨ .
when i was first asked to do this for my church i really didn’t want to because it was so large scale and i didn’t want to mess it up. i was feeling pretty anxious because i was intimidated by the size and to be honest, pretty lazy. but once the day came and i started painting, it made me feel so at ease. and made me think about how god has given me this gift to be able to express myself through a creative way and how i should be thankful to be able to serve in this way 😌 also, remembering where i belong. .
big thank you to @aims.mc for applying those years of painting your nails so you could use it for this day 😂💖 💅🏻

September 2018 comment 27 star 140

Officially mr & mrs✨❤️

August 2018 comment 14 star 531