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Jesus has a plan for your success. #bible #sonofgod424 #god #love#redeemed #saved #christian#christianity #pray #chosen#jesus #lord#truth #praying #christ #jesuschrist#bible #word #godly #angels #cross#faith #inspiration #jesussaves #worship#yahweh #holyspirit #praise#spiritualwarfare

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Proverbs 27:17

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Jesus died for you with an unquestionable love. regardless of where you came from, the mistakes you have made, and all of your sins..he loved you knowing all of your imperfections. and though he knew you may sometimes question him or stray from him, he died for you anyway while loving you fiercely. "my old self has been crucified with christ. it is no longer i who live, but christ lives in me. so i live in this earthly body by trusting in the son of god, who loved me and gave himself for me" galatians 2:20. use your faith planner to be reminded of his love daily. #godislove #planwithgod #myfaithplanner

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In one of the most damning admissions to date by the #churchofengland, the head of the church admitted they “colluded” with and helped to hide the long-term #sexualabuse of children and young men. on thursday, archbishop of canterbury justin welby apologized to the victims who spoke out and helped bring their attacker to justice. however, according to the report on how the church handled the case, as well as the slap on the wrist ex-bishop peter ball received for decades of abuse, ‘justice’ is a loosely thrown around term. according to the ap, welby ordered the report after ball was convicted and imprisoned in 2015 for misconduct in public office and indecent assaults against teenagers and young men over a period of 20 years. despite admitting to sexually abusing 18 people, this serial child #r****t was let out of prison after only serving 16 months. welby’s report noted that ball’s conduct “caused serious and enduring damage to the lives of many men,” and that “the church at its most senior levels and over many years supported him unwisely.” after admitting that the church not only looked the other way for decades, the report also concedes that they helped to hide the abuse. “the church colluded and concealed rather than seeking to help those who were brave enough to come forward,” welby said. “this is inexcusable and shocking behavior,” he said, according to the ap, adding that while most of what happened took place years ago, “we can never be complacent, we must learn lessons.” the roots of the church of #england go back to the time of the #romanempire when #christianity entered the #roman province of #britain. the church of england is the official state church of britain whose most senior cleric is welby. however, the supreme governor of the church is the queen herself. as the monarch is the supreme governor, it can be assumed that it took part in the cover up as well. until welby became the archbishop of canterbury, the church has had a long and sordid history of silencing those who claimed they were abused by its members. 🖐🏾more in comments👇🏾#pedogate #pizzagate #spiritcooking

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Today started out rough. i had to cut my morning swim short, thanks to flared up ankle joints, and my jaw felt stiff and painful after eating breakfast. but god can turn any day around, and i'm so grateful for all the times he continues to do that for me -- even today. /// this afternoon, i'm praising god for meeting me in my need with a beautiful sunny afternoon walk with my beloved reese. his mercies are truly new every day (lamentations 3:22-23). have a lovely weekend, sweet friends. may his mercy flood your heart until you overflow with thanks.

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"every painted sky a canvas of your grace..." what a beautiful morning 😍

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Memiliki sahabat adalah hal yang indah. sahabat itu mengerti soal kondisi kita. kita bisa curhat kapan saja dan mereka selalu mendengarkan. admin pas di zaman sma pun memiliki sahabat. dan mereka selalu ada disamping dan mendukung mimin selalu. . bayangkan tuhan yesus yang ada di surga yang penuh kuasa, memanggil murid-murid-nya (termasuk kita juga) sebagai sahabat-nya. . yohanes 15:13-15, "tidak ada kasih yang lebih besar dari pada kasih seorang yang memberikan nyawanya untuk sahabat-sahabatnya. kamu adalah sahabat-ku, jikalau kamu berbuat apa yang kuperintahkan kepadamu. aku tidak menyebut kamu lagi hamba, sebab hamba tidak tahu, apa yang diperbuat oleh tuannya, tetapi aku menyebut kamu sahabat, karena aku telah memberitahukan kepada kamu segala sesuatu yang telah kudengar dari bapa-ku." . begitu besar kasih tuhan kepada kita sehingga dia memanggil kita sahabat. kita berdosa, kita melanggar hukum-nya, tetapi dia masih mau mati untuk kita dan memanggil kita sahabat. tuhan yang luarbiasa! . dari kata "sahabat" kita bisa mengerti bahwa tuhan kita ini adalah tuhan yang pribadi! kita bisa berkomunikasi dengan dia seperti kepada seorang sahabat. yesus selalu ada disampingmu dan mendukung kalian dalam waktu kesusahan. berkomunikasilah dengan yesus melalui doa seperti kepada seorang orang sahabat. . bukankah ini adalah sebuah berkat bagi kita dapat berkomunikasi dengan tuhan seperti seorang sahabat? renungkan itu... . tuhan berkati! . #ayatalkitabharian

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Proverbios 31:30 engañosa y vana es la hermosura; la mujer que teme al señor esa será alabada. #proverbios31 #christians #christianity #cristiandad #faith #feargod #christiangirls #christianguys 💜✨

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I remember this day, the day before i proposed and 2 days before i got married . still the best decision i've made as a man, apart from giving my life to christ. #love #christianity #marriage

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Freedom doesn't come free. there's always cost. • jesus paid the ultimate cost on the cross; but i think even walking in freedom will cost us. to truly walk in our identities as sons and daughters it will cost us something. a lifestyle, a mindset, a relationship or relationships, maybe a dream. • i encourage you to head to your bible & read luke 14:25-34. luke is sharing the story of jesus telling the people the cost of being a disciple. in verses 26-27 jesus says, "if anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple. and whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple." jesus isn't talking about hating those things from a place of "hatred", but rather from a place of priority. do you prioritize those relationships over your relationship with jesus? if yes, then you can't be a true disciple; you can't walk in full surrender and the freedom that comes with it because you aren't willing to count the cost, pick up your cross, and follow him. • go read it for yourself though, and allow the holy spirit to speak to you about how much you are allowing him access to your life. ask him if you are walking in full freedom or are you being held back in fear? i know i personally, we personally, could be walking more freely! thankful today for process & grace that is freely given! • here is to empowering you to walk the process right into freedom! it'll be beautiful! we hope this hat gives you a daily reminder of the journey!

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"so be strong and courageous! do not be afraid and do not panic before them. for the lord your god will personally go ahead of you. he will neither fail you nor abandon you." deuteronomy 31:6 (niv) with the lord by my side, whom shall i fear? it may seem like the easier option is to allow fear to dominate you as you go through adverse challenges, however it is important to remember that as jesus has already overcome the world, you also have overcome this world! (john 16:33) so rejoice in all things, and thank god that you have prevailed over your trials, and you will always come out victorious! #wordsofwisdom #faith #love #bible #christian #christianity #jesus #thewordofgod #foodforthought #challenges #victory #theholybible #scriptures #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #inspire #holyspirit

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