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The seasons of life... they certainly come and go faster than i ever imagined. do you soak them up? or wish them by? or get so lost in the business of today’s society that a season passes before you even realize? >>>>🙋🏼‍♀️ i’m guilty! i’ve been working to achieve the impossible status of superwomen, which by doing so spread me so thin that instead of being super at anything i began to fall behind in everything. my to-do lists that were miles long have started to be left unchecked because the overload caused me to simply spin my wheels-accomplishing nothing and worst of all leaving me with little to give the ones i love so very much. .
years ago i would have let this bury me, to pull me into an overly anxious and depressed state😓, but today through a lot self-reflection & diligence i’ve learned this bump in the road is a challenge that has been placed in my path for all the right reasons and with a growth mindset built through personal development and drive to keep pushing through- i’ve used it as an opportunity. ✨ to assess my life, my values, and my desired path! .
today i realized these seasons of life aren’t always easy, but there is true joy in each of them that should be cherished and embraced and can even be done while you build and work for future goals and future seasons. .
cherish the moments you are blessed with and the seconds you are granted every day. say that extra ‘i love you’ & give that extra hug! & remind yourself you are truly remarkable! ❤️

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House is clean, the fridge is stocked, workout is complete and i’ve read almost an entire book in one day. i think i’m nailing this whole sunday thing... 💁🏻‍♀️
to be completely honest though, this level of productivity & self-care definitely doesn’t happen as often as i’d like. it would be easy to portray it as such (i mean... i see it all the flippin’ time when scrolling through my instagram) but i think that’d be a disservice to all those who really are trying their best at living their healthiest, happiest life.
striking a balance between #adulting, finding time for #selfcare, trying to eat healthy and having a freaking social life is hardly an easy task. in fact, usually it’s messy as hell.
instead of freaking out about the work that still has to be done, the laundry that’s still sitting in piles downstairs or the fact that i haven’t opened up my @precisionnutrition book to study all day, i’m choosing to be happy and feel food about the balance that feels right for me today.
that balance may look a little different tomorrow. and that’s okay, too. either way, all that any of us can ask of ourselves is that we do our best and let the chips fall where they may.
we can’t do everything, we can’t be everywhere - we can’t be everything to everyone. but we can start to accept that we are enough just as we are, right in this very moment.
because we absolutely are. ♥️

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This picture says 1000 words. the love is beaming through each of them and there wasn't a dry eye at our table during this time. absolutely stunning 💜
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#lavie#chooselove#everyday #nopressure#ever#smiles #vibes✨#love#sunshine #warmthoughts#hangwithme😘

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Picked up my kids’ thoughtful mother’s day projects today. so sweet and meaningful! and thank you @artspacestudio for the amazing customer service. their ac was out last sunday, so they bought ice cream for the kids that day and today gave us a gift certificate for not complaining and painting happily in the heat. love their staff and service! #hotandhappykids #findthepositive #positivitypaysoff #chooselove #choosehappy

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We ain’t perfect but we try 👫 💛 #mylove #creatememories #choosehappiness #chooselove

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“because a woman who knows her worth,
is worth more,
than a perfectly made bed.”

new blog ✨✨
happy happy sunday!

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Thank you @jrockgingeririno for your support! the amethyst sphere piece looks beautiful on you!🌹🍃💖🍃🌹 #handmade #spiritrisingshop #spiritrising #wearableart #sanantonio #choosehappiness #chooselove #meditate #theshift

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🌱red jasper🌱carnelian🌱turquoise howlite🌱handmade copper wire wrapped necklace🌱 #handmade #spiritrisingshop #spiritrising #wearableart #sanantonio #choosehappiness #chooselove #meditate #theshift

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Beautiful and vibrant street art. newyorkcity #nolita #nolitanyc #chooselove #shecan

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Imagine if you could look at your body and say, i am truly beautiful, i love the way my cankles look in this jumper😂, these freckles are the cutest, man that big round b***y looks great in these jeans! lets choose to love ourselves! it’s definitely hard but i’m trying! 🙌🏻✨
#selflove #bodyimage #chooselove

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Bailey is doing sunday right 🌞 spent the whole day up at my parent's trailer and loved the fresh air! i definitely don't make enough time to just be outside and soak in that vitamin d. anyone else have that problem? so today we did just that! now i feel ready to tackle the busy week 😎
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Was looking for something by law of positivism on this, but couldn’t find anything. feel when this jupiter retrograde ends and transitions direct in july it will help many move forward.
#repost @the_goddess_circle_ara with @get_repost
jupiter retrograde: march 8 - july 10
"jupiter goes retrograde in scorpio on march 8 where it will stay until july 10. this retrograde energy can slow things down and give us an up close view on areas we need to face especially when it comes to shadow areas we usually try to avoid. during this time, we are coming face to face with how our actions and choices have shaped our lives. this can be a time of becoming frustrated with the setbacks that can arise because of what we have chosen in the past. jupiter wants us to remember that we shape our destiny, and no matter what was chosen in the past the future is ours to decide. this can also be a time when we are seeing our efforts pay off and the fruits of our labor come forth. scorpio loves to dive into the depths of things and during this retrograde there will be a lot of truth revealed. scorpio shines a light on intimacy in our world and where we have been holding ourselves back from deeper connection because of feelings of unworthiness or past beliefs. jupiter wants us to face and heal the blocks and fears that hold us back, so there will be lots rising in the coming months that will cause us to challenge our beliefs at their very core." ~ara
want more in depth daily astrological guidance just like this with me? get my astro forecast here: http://bit.ly/2rektuz
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Go follow @ipostcomicstopasstime guys. they're amazingly fantastic. and can i talk about this charlie brown comic for a minute? yes, one day, we will die. one day, there won't be anyone on this earth that remembers us. but today? tomorrow? we are living. we are alive and beautiful. i hope you guys live everyday to its fullest and i hope that you all realize how absolutely f*****g amazing you actually are. i love you guys ❤ #talktome #instagood #positivevibes #positivity #positivityiskey #chooselove #followforfollow #follow #likeforlike #shoutoutforshoutout

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#tmb to a free world diet when carbs were my first lover! .
#carbfree #disneyland #churro #goodies

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....sometimes u don’t know what ice-cream to have or shoes to pick.....but love, you know to choose love 💗 #love #beloved #chooselove #lovebig #💗

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