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Happy super blood moon and total lunar eclipse!⁣⁣
it’s seriously one intense cycle right now.⁣⁣
and when i tune in to the energies that are available and present right now, i feel it pushing and calling each of us forward to take greater ownership of who we really are.⁣⁣
all that purging that’s been happening in january is preparing each of us to launch forward.⁣⁣
it’s bringing once again, to the surface, those “things” and parts of ourselves. we thought we already dealt with for greater acknowledgement and acceptance.⁣⁣
those parts of you are there for a specific reason and are coming back up to be loved not rejected.⁣⁣
once those aspects are loved more fully, more light is able to come through.⁣⁣
clearing and releasing energy, old patterns, beliefs and emotions allows for more light filaments and your essence to be felt and seen.⁣⁣
because it’s time to really shine.⁣⁣
it’s time to stop apologizing for being you.⁣⁣
it’s time to share your voice and be heard.⁣⁣
it’s time to quit hiding and get out into the world even more. no more talking about being seen and being visible.⁣⁣
it’s time to experience that and take the risks to get there knowing that spirit and god have your back.⁣⁣
love, ⁣⁣
v ⁣


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Your vibration is either helping or hindering you....⁣

one of the most important methods for getting yourself aligned to greater success, wealth and feeling ultimately fulfilled in your life and leadership consistently is getting your energy right.⁣

most believe it's their mindset.⁣
or how much action they’re taking.⁣

yes, those are two important factors, however, your energy, your unique vibration, is what people "feel" and tune into consciously and unconsciously first.⁣

it leads you and goes before you.⁣

ever walk into a room and notice the vibe of the place? ⁣

perhaps it's felt alive and buzzing with warm energy. ⁣

or maybe you noticed the complete opposite and wanted to get out of the space right away.⁣

what you're picking up on is energy. ⁣
and everything and everyone is made up of that.⁣

your potential clients and customers.⁣
business partners.⁣

are all picking up on yours. ⁣

and when your energy isn't clean and clear it drastically impacts your leadership.⁣
your vision.⁣
your mission. ⁣
your message.⁣
your visibility.⁣
your finances.⁣
your relationships.⁣

and you....⁣

from fully being seen, heard, understood and received in your magnificence by the world.⁣

my number one priority each day is to get my energy right. ⁣

when i haven't prioritized that, i notice how it affects my entire day. ⁣

whether i'm on a client or enrollment call.⁣
going on a red carpet.⁣
preparing to channel for a group.⁣
or simply head out the door.⁣

i can sense if my energy doesn't quite feel like "me." ⁣

i know what my energy feels like when i'm in flow and aligned. ⁣

when i’m in my home frequency.⁣

even my creativity gets impacted and my creative expression gets stuck and stifled. ⁣

there is a simple way to rectify this, a system i teach every client and student who comes to me for support.⁣

and the first on the list is always getting their energy aligned.⁣

if you get this, and apply it consistently, your energy can mean the difference between blocking the flow and being in the flow. ⁣

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How often do you contemplate your body’s evolutionary journey? often times we hear that is in our consciousness that is undergoing our evolutionary or healing journey. i want to challenge that notion, to really bring greater awareness to our body’s healing. our body’s experiences. our body’s emotions. engaging in this perspective can really bring in new awareness of how we relate with ourselves, others, and life itself. in an increasingly decentralized world, we spend more and more time in astral projection, technological communication and general physical distance to who were talking to, which can precipitate a distancing with our own bodies. .
by including and really prioritizing our body’s evolutionary journey we can increase our receptivity to healing. instead of guilting or shaming our body for “taking too long” to heal, or for “being tired” or “not strong enough”, we can honour exactly what our bodies are telling us, which will actually make all aspects of our healing journey that much smoother. this is a major aspect of the chiron in aries journey that we are currently in (despite the brief retrograde into pisces, we are now in a chiron in aries cycle). aries is instinct and impulse. and we tune into this via the messages our bodies send us. that’s how we will always know what we want to do, which direction we will want to go. .
what is your relationship with your body? what insights have been awakening from within? tune into a live talk i’m giving on the body’s evolutionary journey this thursday dec 20 at 2:30pm pst. zoom link in bio. .
resource video to go deeper into this topic: matt kahn on “the end of inner conflict” (youtube). .
art by @deadlovejunkies 🙏🏽 model: @paigeryeaton

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Staying in your bubble keeps you safe, small and disconnected. if the world doesn't⁣ know who you are how can you make an impact? 💜⁣

photo: @spiritual_satisfaction

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Ugh 😅
edit to add: why of course i enjoyed the moon without my camera lens & soaked up the amazing vibes 💙 but i also wanted to grab a picture of it. no shame in that! 💙💙💙

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Awaken the wild woman inside you... she has been asleep for too long ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
what will it take for us to become wildly in love with self and life? heart break? disease? loss? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
if we wait for our outer world to “make us” more passionate, beautiful, powerful and wickedly wild, we will be waiting a life time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
this inner desire to wake up and to shake things up, comes from an ancient place in all of us, where our ancestors reside. they sit patiently, with purpose, for us to feel them; to begin the process of uncovering a depth of connection that goes beyond the present. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
we have history in our cells. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
our story is not “boring” “lame” or “sigh.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
our body is alive with ancient wisdom and energy pulsing through our veins and feeding our starving minds. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
we come from men and women who had to carve their paths with uncertainty and confusion. but they did it. they chose to keep going; to survive... to thrive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i honor you my great great great great great great great grandparents. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i feel you. i know you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i will wake up and never forget where i’ve come from and how hard your life was, to make way for mine. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
❤️❤️❤️ 🙏🏽 namaste

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Sometimes all you need is to relax. to take it easy, to not expect anything and to simply allow the day to unfold on its own. specially if there was a lunar eclipse. :)
i couldn’t see the eclipse yesterday as it wasn’t visible in asia.
has anyone of you seen it? 🌕🧘🏼‍♀️🌕
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