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At the beach. hot sand sifts between your toes. you run to cool your feet in the frothy surf. the refreshing waves splash around your ankles as you let out an audible sigh. the seaside is awash with textures and sensations that evoke a response.
the upcoming “weathered blue” collection reminds me of such a seaside experience. the smooth, cool feel of the water’s edge meets the coarse, sun-warmed sand untouched by the tides. i’m amazed by the subtle beauty of the rich satin matte texture against a newer “beach-like” clay. and so look forward to sharing the weathered blue collection with you all this august 17th!

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4:30am glazing session. my favourite time to work is early in the morning, when everything is still quiet. #cbcmorningradio

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The kiln rooms summer show
today and tomorrow.
my little set up amongst so many other beautiful pots. honoured to be with all these wonderful, talented potters.
well done everyone!

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Wip || introducing the lidded sauce pitcher to add to my range. it’s not very often i get a moment to create something new from scratch when i am working through orders but the opportunity arose. pictured here are the unfired prototypes born from sketches and inspired by my tapered vase. they will be making making their debut at @melbourne_ceramics_market in november.

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Meet the groove mirror! a ceramic framed mirror with deep green glaze. diameter 100cm (39inch) exclusive for @thefutureperfect

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