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Meu olhar mergulhou
pra dentro do teu olhar
e olhou
como um míssel olha
para o alvo
como a bola
ante-vê o gol
como a pólvora
olha pro fogo
e a sede diante
de um ribeirão

e viu beleza
na tua natureza
no trabalho nobreza
amor -ribeirao -rubi. miss you @adrianostancati ❤️ make by me, guiada guiada pela teacher @martazancanaro ❤️❤️ #makeuptutorial #lyrics #rubi #carpediem #behappy #daniguardini #eu #selfie

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These photos were taken the day i passed my audition, i looked so happy !!! right?
wrong lol, i literally wanted to die, cause the future is so f*****g scary. this summer/september were so much stress, as some may know lol. it is so f*****g hard making decisions cause u never know if you did the right thing and what u might be missing out on. and taking risks is scary too. everyone will warn you not to take risks bc it's scary and unsure, it is so much safer staying in our comfort zone. but sometime life forces us to take those risks and see where they lead. we all make plans as if the future was guaranteed but the real tea is we have no idea, i could die tomorrow, so could u . and at the end if the day life is too f*****g short to be wasted so i just want to live life at its full potential while im still lucky enough to have that time. in conclusion if something makes u happy and u don't see yourself doing anything else, then ???? what is the point doing anything else ? even if the world is against you, as cheesy as it sounds follow your heart bc there it's literally not worth wasting the only life you've got living one others have decided for you. try, the worst that could happen is u die. but at least die happy. also if u wanna do something and have the ability to do it right now, then f*****g do it, don't wait til you're f*****g 60 or in a hospital and think "damn i could have done this" :( that's so sad honestly, life is now, enjoy & play waste on soundcloud. so that's that, thanks for coming to my ted talk. this is the end of this blue feed glue your wigs

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Sextouuu 🖤☀️ bora aproveitar esse final de semana lindo!!! ✨🙌🏻
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"you are responsible for your own happiness. if you expect others to make you happy, you will always be disappointed." #titusunlimited
are you in control of your happiness?
type "yes🙂" if you are and if not....why not?
your happiness is your responsibility. that may sound a little like tough love, but it's actually just a reminder to you that your happiness is within your control. and isn't that good news?
when you tie your happiness to external factors (like other people) you aren't in control of your own happiness and or life. in order to seize that control you must create your own happiness.

we shouldn’t let things external factors determine our happiness, or more precisely, other people.
whether we are fortunate enough to spend our days with someone we love or are thoroughly enjoying our single life, there is only one person who should decide if you’re in a happy mood or not: you.
after all, life is a series of ups and downs and the only way to know which is which is how you look at it. “very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” - marcus aurelius antoninus

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Bir güneş meselesi ☀️🌊 black sea-odessa 🇺🇦 #vacation #mood #up #happy #lifeisbeautiful #enjoy #love #live #carpediem #odessa #ukraine #blacksea

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De ontem com as coisinhas mais lindas da vida! #theomedonfaz9
obrigada de coração todos que tiveram presentes! amamos!🧡 📸 @marcosribasfoto
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