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Used to struggle a lot with 135lb squats and now i can do 155lbs with my max at 185. for some reason i cannot get passed my max, i must over think it or sike myself out because i should be able to push more! any pointers on helping me reach my pr that would be great! ❤

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We can do hard things!!!
tonight i pressed play on the last workout of an 80 day program. i have pushed myself harder in these workouts than any other program i’ve done, and tonight i gave it my all one last time. after the last rep of the last move, i got emotional... for several different reasons. for starters, i just finished a program that many people would roll their eyes at and say, “yeah right, i can’t do that” (i would know, i used to be one of ‘em) there were many days i didn’t know when i’d get my workout in, due to the fact that when you have a newborn, your life runs on their schedule, not your own!! there were some days i had to switch workouts or delay my workout a day or two for reasons including a hurt wrist, mastitis, and lack of sleep that led to complete exhaustion!! there were times i wanted to throw in the towel and wait til my life were “a little easier” to do the program, but let’s face it... when the heck is life easy?? doing hard things despite the circumstances working against us, makes us stronger. makes us better. i am so thankful i didn’t give up, because this feeling is priceless 💙 and the reason i coach, is so i can help you feel it too 💙 new group starts monday! i’d love for you to join me!! #80dayobsession #thatsawrap #beachbody #fitmom #strongmom #joinme #caliabycarrie

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I'm so ready for our boys tonight i'm so excited for @mfisher1212 !! let's go preds!!💙💛 and carrie looking incredible!!💛💙💛😍 #letsgopreds #gopreds #nashvillepredator ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ @carrieunderwood @mfisher1212
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Shes so pretttty omg 😍😍😍😍 perfect angel ❤❤❤ #carrieunderwood #calia #caliabycarrie #queen @carrieunderwood

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✨trying out new #caliabycarrie #staythepath ✨

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Yesss i'm so excited for this she is performing at #cmafest 😍 i wish i could go so badly but i can't 😭🙈 @cma ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ @carrieunderwood @mfisher1212
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The physical change is the easiest to see, but is it the most important? .
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Still on an absolute high from my trip! i was reflecting on the whole week and have been wanting to share with you all what an amazing first night we had! there was a super fun party where i was able to connect with coaches from my team! we danced, we ate, we drank! we celebrated the fact that we earned this incredible trip by helping ourselves and others live healthier lives! we had a chance to hang with the peeps on the other side of the screen from our workouts which the girls thought was super cool! while chatting with chris @thechrisdowning i mentioned it was reese’s birthday. he said hold on i’ve got something for you! he pulled out his phone case and i thought he was going to pull out a card or something....nope he pulled out $100 bill and said this is for you sweetie! happy birthday! i was like.....what!? no! that’s way over the top! he insisted and reese of course was beyond giddy! i was totally flabbergasted and really didn’t know what to say but thank you! the next morning i worked out with chris and he had me in tears with his warm up! like ugly tears. chris just has a way of speaking to your soul and the power of his message that day was 🔥 he talked about his roots and where he came from. he talked about being a convicted felon and broke and how he is now living his dream life because he didn’t let fear stop him! i took a couple of clips from that day to share with you all {swipe left} it doesn’t do it justice but i hope it speaks to you like it did me! chris has a heart of gold, he’s not about the fame but rather empowering those around him with the platform he is on. he’s not about the money, he’s about changing lives. we are all c h a m p i o n s if we dig deep enough! and money comes and goes so that m stands for motivation! chris, thank you for motivation! thank you for believing in me! i am forever grateful! p.s. i shared with y’all after the last event i went to with chris.... that his program is the first program that ryan completed from start to finish! i think that speaks volumes because it kept him motivated! it helped him dig deep and makes some shifts! so again, thank you 🙏🏼

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When businesses/brands go out of their way to let their customers know they appreciate them, consider me a loyalist!🙌🏻 we recently got a new dick’s sporting goods store in lincoln, and as much as i love to shop local, i was in search for athletic-wear good for travel, running/physical activity and every day mom duty, on the go. after trying on several pieces from the @caliabycarrie line, i loved the quality, design and overall fit of...pretty much everything. after following them on instagram and tagging them in a travel picture, i got a message asking if they could send me a gift??! hearing directly from a larger brand isn’t as common as your local bakery or boutique, but this was the experience i got. a week later this arrived—two yoga leggings and an athletic shirt (~$200!) with a handwritten note. this not only made my week, and resulted in a dance party between my toddlers and i, but reminded me how important it is as a small business owner to spoil your clients. this meant the world to me and i can’t wait to spread this unexpected and kind gesture on! #caliabycarrie #unexpectedgiftsarethebest #passonkindness

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Pictures from carrie's interview at siriusxm 😍 she's so beautiful 😱

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