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The little things, the little moments, they’re not little 💕

it fills my heart to meet people that get so excited to only spend a moment, share a smile, give a hug. y’all are unbelievably fabulously fabulous and i am blessed to have the opportunity to meet you. i can’t wait to see you again or to meet you for the first time ❤️🤟

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Smile at a stranger and you might change a life 💕

i met the magicman @tonyjuliusphotography about a year ago and together we have captured 1000’s of smiles! this big teddy bear 🧸 has a love for life and people like no other. if you ever see him at an event with me be sure to flash him a big smile as he will light up like a christmas tree and give you one right back.

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Happy birthday teagan 🎂

i am so blessed to be able to meet so many fantastic people! i love interacting in such a positive way with all you fabulous people. the hugs, smiles and moments are why i do what i do with @comicare ! i want to thank each and everyone of you 🤟💙

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I just.....i can’t...................................this is wrong!! stop rolling your eyes to it! stop excusing this. stop blaming the victims and hold the bullies and abusers accountable!! enough with waiting until a life is lost to speak about it for 3 minutes then move on! i know this all too well. feeling like you’re not worthy of life. alone. hurt. like you are a mistake. every moment of your life is painful & the only way to stop the pain is to take your own life....it doesn’t make the fallen weak. it shows how hateful,weak and damaged monsters are. silence is just as damaging. this s**t is horrific. enough of the hate! #repost @vanlathan
this was nigel shelby. he was 15. he was gay. he was alive. now he’s not any of those things, because he took his own life last week. nigel couldn’t handle the bullying, the ridicule, and the harassment he got for being him. nigel decided that since his existence was so bothersome to everyone, he simply wouldn’t anymore. 15 years old. how much is your hate worth to you? is it worth this? simple question. #stopthehate #suicideisreal #restinpower #lovewins #silencespeaksvolumes #bulliessuck #loveoverhate #equality #mentalhealth #speakup #standuptobullying

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This little cutie had her 6th birthday party today. she invited her whole class. not 1 child showed up. she is only in kindergarten and she has already learned such harsh life lessons from being bullied to now this. although our little sunshine didn’t let it ruin her day you sense the hurt, disbelief and confusion she’s consumed with. my heart hurts for my baby. 😞 #peoplesuck #birthdaygirl #sad #mom #takeawayherpain #loveherlife #mybaby #babygirl #sunshine #party #bulliessuck #bullied.
wow guys thank you all for the love, support and birthday wishes. we are trying to respond to everyone. it’s late so jj has to go to bed now. tomorrow we will@pick up responding to everyone. stay tuned for a thank you post tomorrow. i can’t believe this post actually brought out “bullies” you are exactly what’s wrong with the children today. adults that cyber bully are 100% pathetic and should be sterilized! the photo of my daughter and her daddy on july 11 was a repost for a contest hence the hashtag truemoments! i do not have to lie about what’s been done to my child to gain what.... i have received nothing but kind words and support. i have nothing to hide just look at the next post i will see what the party was like. thank god for our close friends, coworker and yes the lunch lady from the school came. she is a god sent to have in our school.

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It is “finger heart” ❤️

literarily, make your fingers look like a heart shape. pull your thumb over to the index finger and make those fingers look like a heart. no one is sure it was started from when, but numerous people make the finger heart to show their positive feeling, like love or happiness, to the people they love❤️

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The earth has music for those who listen 🤟💕

throughout this journey i have had so many fantastic moments listening to you beautiful amazing people. thank you for taking the time to share your stories, your smiles and your love

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