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Beard and biceps ~ the perfect combo? 💪🏼🧔🏽🤪
in less than 1 month i will be stepping on stage once again to battle for the prestigious title of wbff world champion along with some of the best physiques in the game. safe to say every competition prep i do i apply what i've learned from prior experiences. i keep what works, remove what doesn't and always try something new whether it be training style, cardio duration or type or even diet. if there is one thing that's certain is that i have applied myself harder than ever but due to experience and will power i have eliminated almost all stress. something which i feel will transform my presentation next month. learning to control the mind is crucial whilst attempting to manipulate your body composition and reach new levels you previously thought impossible. 3 weeks and 5 days out 🙏🏼🌍🏆
@wbff_official @paul_dillett @allisondillett .
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💥آنباکس پروتیین بست بی پی آی
💥ورق بزنید ساپلمنت فکتشم ببینید
💥برای ارسال فیلم های آنباکس خود به آی دی تلگرام supplement_unbox پیام بدید
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20% off bcaas at www.bpisports.com
head over to the @bpi_sports website to take full advantage of this amazing offer on our best selling products of all time! our bcaas have definitely made a name for themselves in the fitness industry and it’s no surprise why.... with the huge range of bcaas i’m sure there’s one that will be suited to your goals and needs
i’m currently supplementing the best bcaas with energy for that extra umph before and during my workouts 👊🏽
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Nice recovery day on the beach sipping on @bpi_sports bcaa’s. ➖➖➖
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If you are in need of more supplements then you still have time to take advantage of @bpi_sports 30% off site wide memorial day sale!!! click link in my bio for the best pre-workouts drinks, protein shakes, amino acids and more! .
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Let’s talk about protein... why do you take protein and when?
i’ve been using the @bpi_sports iso hd protein for about a month now as a post workout shake and with my morning protein oats!
with 0.5g of fat, 1g of carbs and 25g protein per scoop there really isn’t a bad time to use this 100% pure isolate protein
with its fast absorption it’s designed to support lean muscle growth and recovery time which is perfect for me during this lean-ish bulk lol
i’m currently addicted to the vanilla cookie flavour 😍
use discount code isobogo at www.bpisports.com and get a free tub with your order 🙌🏽
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🔥smart burn🔥
you do know summer is here right?
still trying to get rid of that winter fluff? 👀
i recommend you try @bpi_sports smart burn. what is smart burn exactly? it’s a f*t burner in powdered form. if you’re someone like me who doesn’t like taking pills, here’s your alternative. first let’s talk about the ingredients (the formula you’ve all been waiting for). once you’ve read my post, i want you to go ahead and do your own research. here we go 👇🏾
🔥dynamine- this is the key ingredient that separates the smart burn from our other f*t burners. this ingredient delivers a fast acting lift to your energy, mood and focus.
🔥carnitine- converts f*t to energy
🔥cla- prevents f*t storage and preserves lean muscle 🔥green tea leaf extract- the caffeine and catechins, like epigallocatechin gallate (egcg) in green tea, are linked to f*t burning
🔥caffeine anhydrous- long lasting energy paired with enhanced focus and alertness
we currently have 2 flavors, tropical punch and cotton candy. anyone who has tried bpi powders know they’re all true to flavor and now i’m obsessed with the cotton candy 🍭🤤.
today i mixed 1 scoop of smart burn and 1 scoop of our new best bcaa recharged..... 🤭game changer!!!!!!
i can’t wait for y’all to try it! thank me later😏
there are summer sales on the website right now or you can use my discount code jojoriley 😘
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