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It’s up 😅🎄 #upanddressed #phew #bottomsup 🥂🎯

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Omgeeee! tomorrow evening will be the first time ever that i’ll leave this little with his first babysitter. and by babysitter i mean awesome friend whom i’ve known forever. she’s been a nurse for many years and has many specialties including nicu even though he’s a little man, but still. point is he’ll be in great hands but holy cow, i’m already feeling the separation anxiety. the hubs and i haven’t gone out on a date in almost a year and a half and though we’re going to a party it’s still adult time we haven’t gotten and i guess long overdue. that is what landed me at the liquor store today. i’ve yet to figure out what to wear and as a chick y’all know how things can go down with that! as if i wasn’t stressed out already, this momma needs a drink! any words of wisdom to chill me out are greatly appreciated! #momproblems #separationanxiety #yikes #togoornottogo #christmasparty #whattowear #stressedout #holidaystress #momlife #mybaby #babyboy #timeforbourbon #gentlemanjack #jackdaniels #bottomsup

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I'll be your bartender for the evening. what shall i get you? #bottomsup

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4 hours until i can have my first sip of alcohol #bottomsup

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Bottoms up to good skin 🍑
after using my @amaiaabeauty beauty oils for several months, my skin has been looking super healthy, even and glowy ✨ check out my latest yt video on how i use them to master the “no-makeup makeup” look (link in bio) 💋 #amaiaapartner

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