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#fbf to hour 24 of a continuous day of workouts. why do i do things like this? because most people completely misunderstand the role that discomfort plays in our lives
we are taught to treat pain and pleasure as opposite ends of a spectrum. in reality, this spectrum is continuous; we cannot truly be happy and satisfied unless we actively seek to overcome discomfort
do something today that you don’t want to do because it’s hard. tomorrow, do the same thing. after a week, see how much your perspective has changed

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Don't look back, the holidays are coming... 🦃

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My face when i see companies and fitness professionals still using the food shaming, “you need to work for your thanksgiving dinner” marketing messaging 🤨. enjoy some delicious food, move your body if ya wanna, and enjoy pressing pause to love on your friends and family. that is all.

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I know your instagram feed is flooded with thanksgiving workouts this week—so is mine. but before you spend time worrying about eating too much and exercising too little this week, remember to keep a little perspective.
the older i get, the more i realize that a night spent laughing and eating and drinking makes me so much happier than a workout ever could. you’re not going to gain weight in one day. enjoy your pie, move a little, and appreciate spending time with your loved ones. if you’re not laughing, you’re not living 😉

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I just got back from 6 insanely awesome days in #neworleans for one of my besties @dannimarcda glorious wedding ! on the left is a picture from the last time i was in new orleans in may 2015. and on the right was last friday before my friends welcome party. you know i was trying to remember but i think i actually wasn’t eating sugar in the older pic - which is shocking because clearly sugar wasn’t the problem. it’s been 2 ½ years of keto and i’ve never really sat down to have a cheat meal but randomly on our last night there we slipped into a quiet, unassuming bar and i had the best burger with the bun and cheese fries and onions rings....and maybe a chicken nugget 😂 and the bride and i recapped all the craziness of the weekend. i didn’t pre-plan the meal and there were plenty of micro cheats and not being my most keto self on this trip. but i regret nothing and was happy that i got myself to 2 yoga classes and a spin class while i was there....! and although my tummy wasn’t totally thrilled with my food choices, nothing bad happened - in my mind i thought a carb heavy meal would immediately put me on some horrible path back to obesity but it did serve as a reminder that a- it’s so easy for me to overeat with carbs and i don’t think that will ever go away and b- that completely full feeling is so crazy. welcome to #bloattown ! but i’m am excited to do a lil detoxing and planning and organizing for #higleythanksgiving !

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Seems like it’s been a minute since i posted a non gym selfie. i get cleaned up sometimes, i swear 😇😉 #selfiesunday #nightout #boston

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M o n d a y .
when it’s a holiday week but you still have so much to do before thursday so you look at monday like a deer in headlights 😅
no, but seriously. let’s talk about mondays. about your beginning to the work week, about your fresh start or refreshing restart to your goals. mondays hold so much power as the start of your week.
how do you do monday? do you sleep in, do you beg for it to be over? do you wish it was the weekend already?
if you aren’t happy doing what you’re doing on monday, then maybe you’re not doing the right things. or, maybe, you’re not in the right mindset.
give monday a chance. set the tone for your week. are you driven to succeed? or are you whittling away your life one monday at a time?

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Stay far from timid.
only make moves when your heart’s in it.
and live the phrase sky’s the limit.

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Stepping out of my comfort zone again tonight! coaching has pushed me wayyyyy out of it & helped me build up my confidence. i have said yes to things i would have ran away from in the past. i have reached out to people that i saw potential in, when before i wouldn’t have even said hi.⠀

i have changed because of coaching & i truly believe it has shaped me into a better person, into the person i am supposed to be and i am just so genuinely happy.⠀

tonight i am going live on fb with my girl, @lquinnfit_t1d to share the coaching opportunity with some girls that are interested in seeing how they could become coaches too. i can’t wait to spill the real & honest stuff as well as the fun & rewarding parts.⠀

is this something you’ve thought about? maybe you’ve been hesitant to reach out, but really want to know more? tonight is your time girl! drop a comment below or dm me & i will get you added to the coach tell all! it’s gunna be f u n!! seee ya there!

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🔥back workout🔥

this high pulldown machine is a great movement to target the muscles of your back💪🏼

why its so good is because the range of motion allows for shoulder extension at the bottom of the movement, which is a key function of the lats (the largest muscle on your back)

if you have this machine, underhand grip will be the most comfortable, but if your limited to only a lat pulldown machine (which is not a bad thing), studies have shown that a pronated grip is the most useful for muscle growth

perform this exercise for 3x10, being sure to hold the contraction at the bottom (when your in extension) for 1-2 seconds👍🏼


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Fact: 99% of people are not willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true.
self discipline. do you have it?! it’s not about finding the perfect workout.
it’s not about following the perfect diet.
it’s not about having your dream job fall into your lap.
it’s about your mindset.
it’s about discipline.
it’s about doing the things that others don’t to live the life that others won’t.
will you?! 🙋
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Today someone referred to me as an entrepreneur in a conversation. it’s been popping up in my mind ever since. if asked to describe myself i’d usually say i’m a mom, a wife, a pilates and barre instructor and a teacher trainer. entrepreneur? i’ve honestly never really thought of myself as one. i don’t own my own studio and i don’t feel like i run a big business - just my little brand. but in hindsight i realized a few things. 💡
✨ ✨
i take risks. a lot of them. i create new classes. i launch new programs. all under the jpp name. sure i report to management at the gyms and studios i teach at, but i also run my own side hustle that is entirely mine. in my mind i never really give myself credit for it. but i have private clients, run an outdoor summer program and host events throughout the year. instead of focusing on what i don’t do, i shifted my mind to all the things i am doing. and holy sh*t, i’m doing it?!? how cool is that? i may not have the most conventional career path but it’s working and i adore it. i dream up ideas and make them happen. sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but i keep trying. i’ve never really considered any other way. isn’t it funny the way your mind works? how you perceive yourself vs what others think of you? how a simple word can change your day, even motivate you, just when you needed to hear it. i’m grateful for that conversation today. a simple shift of thought that really comes out of in person, real talk. let’s do more of that please. 🖤🖤
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Remember when it wasn’t dark at 4 pm?
yeah, same ☀️😭

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𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕕𝕚𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕖 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕠𝕤. 𝔼𝕞𝕓𝕣𝕒𝕔𝕖 𝕚𝕥, 𝕔𝕙𝕠𝕠𝕤𝕖 𝕛𝕠𝕪 & 𝕖𝕟𝕛𝕠𝕪 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕣𝕚𝕕𝕖.
days like today have me feeling like i got flipped upside down. taught three classes plus a long workday at my full time job (all in different parts of the city). but even though i probably look like i’m running around like a crazy person, i can’t help but to think how lucky i am to be doing all of this. to be doing so many things that bring me joy, so many new and challenging things that i wasn’t doing last year. life can be chaotic (to be honestly i think i operate best in the middle of a little chaos) but it’s an incredible ride, grateful for the journey 🖤

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What if i told you you don’t need to spend hours at the gym to reach your goals?

what if i told you you don’t need to eliminate your favorite foods to reach your goals?

what if i told you you don’t need to go through this scary, intimidating journey alone in order to reach your goals?

what if i told you you can do anything you put your mind to with the right resources, accountability, and support?

would you believe me?! ladies, it’s time. it’s time to put our health first. it is time to start living our best lives. it’s time to start feeling confident again.

not tomorrow. not next month. s***w the new year. the time is now.

are you ready?! let’s work together and find what works for you —> fitness, nutrition, lifestyle. let me be your biggest cheerleader and support; let me add you to our amazing #fittribe. let me show you what you are made of.

just ask yourself this question before saying no....
why not you?

the time is now 🖤🖤 enrollment for our next health & fitness online bootcamp just opened.

stop procrastinating.
stop making excuses.
put yourself first🖤

to claim your spot drop me a dm, fill out the link in my bio, or show me some love below with your favorite holiday emoji.

let’s do this 👊🏼🖤

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Meal prepping for thanksgiving day? 🙋🏼‍♀️ a tip from this wish route team 👉🏼 bring 1 or 2 healthy dishes to your friends or family event! it’s great to have a few healthier side options to go along with all the other yummy thanksgiving day classics!
plus, it’s always fun surprising your guests with healthy hidden ingredients like what you find in black bean brownies🙈 #wishroute #loveyourroute #thanksgiving

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Our chai waffles with a berry maple compote cure any sweet tooth - breakfast, lunch, or dinner! 🍓🍓🍓

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Rainy morning quickie 🌧🏋🏽‍♀️
w/ impromptu helpful cues from @coachron78 - always keeping our form (and weight) in check 👌🏼. squeezed in a workout together before we head home for fam (and turkey) time 🦃

upper (x3):
• landmine kneeling extension x12 • tricep pulldown x12
(squeeze your bootay on these)
• alt weighted jackknife x10/side
lower (x3):
• lateral lunge to press x10/side • bb hip t****t x10 • oblique dip w/ kb or plate x10/side
#classhoppers #lynxlife #lynxambassador

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The reason why we sometimes quit on our goals, quit on our vision, quit on ourselves

is because we want to change everything all at once

it would be nice if life worked that way, but it doesn’t •
figure out what you need to do to make it happen

and then take it a single step at a time

don’t skip steps. enjoy the journey. make it happen

the “thing” you get is never as satisfying as you imagined anyway

the person you become is far more rewarding

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As if being on ig wasn’t hard enough right? 🙄

guilty- a lot of the time i post in sports bra cause i know it’ll get more traction & it sucks that it is the case. **************
what is my real goal? to help people find happiness and feel well and knowing how to exercise, rest, & eat well sure do up our odds! **************
turkey 🦃 day is almost here! this is a time where we either categorize ourselves as off the wagon or trying...don’t let one day doom you to a season of off the wagon! 🤯it’s okay to get off track and hop right back on (even if it takes some humble huffing & puffing 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ 🥧). remember “progress not perfection” or better yet “f*** perfection”!! here to help kick ya straight;) training 💪🏻and nutrition 🍎 sessions available - just message- i’ll respond 😉

#treatyoself #holidayseason #personaltraining #healthyliving #bostonfitness #justdoit #repost @hcflorentino #thanksgiving

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“you won’t get any bigger than this will you?” was the innocent (slightly annoying) question and while it seems impossible, yes, yes i sure will. 8-ish weeks to go and this b**e will almost double in size! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
prego update: 1st thank you to ppl who ask how i’m feeling 💗. to answer: i’m feeling good! mostly tired but that comes with the territory. weight gain 18lbs so far and besides some very odd/uncomfortable changes in my bod (dm me if you want some serious tmi) i am super grateful for this pregnancy and excited for this new addition to our lil fam..
trying to workout as much as possible and carrying marlowe + my heavy a*s bag is keeping me strong 💪🏼. food is hit or miss as far as aversions go and i’m focusing on healthy, nutrient dense meals per usual. i did text @rachelchaz saying i wanted a cinnamon/sugar 🥨 from auntie annies (legit haven’t had one of those since high school) but didn’t go for it for so many reasons 😂. keeping it healthy & strong with a few more naps than usual. that about sums it up!
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“surround yourself with people who are going to motivate and inspire you.”
thanks for staying with me and motivating me💖!! i’m thankful 🙏 for all of you!
today, i’m in a place where i hoped to be 6 months ago when i decided to change directions in my career. i passed my personal training test🎉🎉🎉
i cant wait to get started 💫!!!
the jenny jiggle is back! 🧢 #trainingtime ———————————————————
@daniella_dethomas - 📸 credit
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December schedules are live!!! reserve your fave classes now before they fill up!

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If i could k**l one thing, it would be the myth that cardio is optimal for weight loss! cardio can be the icing on the cake for some people, but the base should be high intensity exercising, like heavy weight lifting with short rest periods, or interval training. these types of exercise don’t just burn calories, but they raise your metabolic rate for days afterwards. additionally, your body must burn extra energy to support extra muscle mass. build up your base, people.

#bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation

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I’m surround by the fittest women constantly... some naturally born with 6 packs, others with lovely, long torsos, many just born super petite, many who live to workout (i honestly am not a workout junkie, just really love inspiring & teaching 😬...) i’m so inspired by my community and peers, they are all super freaking hot! but every time i have a team photoshoot, i have these same thoughts “i’m the biggest person on my team...i can’t shoot in a sports bra next to her! i wish i could lose more weight and be more toned!” ...but if you looked at me you’d probably think that’s crazy talk, right?! i have been chewing on this thought for awhile and why it boggles my mind that i think these things is because if i’m having these thoughts i can’t imagine what other women might be thinking about themselves... when people come up and compliment me on my body i’m literally floored, “who me?! the girl whose nickname was heifer in high school?!” it’s unreal to me that people would want to look like me..but in the end it’s all perspective!
truthfully i have to work really hard to maintain the body pictured above. after learning about my macros, i feel confident knowing what my body needs for fuel and how to change my body composition...it takes a lot of food, very carefully balanced and discipline.... i don’t eat out (except sushi once a week) i have 1-2 drinks per week, i workout twice a day (because i am being paid too 😂), i sleep 7-10hr a night, i stay hydrated and i eat mindfully.
even with all of that, i still had that thought about my size compared to others. and it was frustrating tbh, but you know what, i can’t let that keep me from doing my job and being kind to myself. i actually think i look great right now...i made a goal and i stuck to it, which is more satisfying than anything. i have to constantly remind myself that comparing to others will always leave me feeling way worse than if i only focus on me!
so that’s point of this whole post...to do your best not to compare yourself to the fitness instructors, the models, the actors etc. it’s literally our job to be fit, people actually pay us to work out! and if you have thoughts like i do, it’s ok! we all do!

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Why can't f*t loss and strength training be more fun?

like your favorite computer or video game. 🤔

it would be so much easier to follow a diet & exercise plan if they weren't so boring and tedious... right?

but, they can be more fun. i know it sounds crazy... but hear us out.

check out the article below.

then after... anyone up for mario cart??🏎
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