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Todays look 😊

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✨💖there’s a huge difference.💖✨

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A selfie from spain when i was actually feeling fairly anxious cause seeing many of my friends post from cannes film festival gave me s****d fomo - while i was so fortunate hanging out at my friend’s spanish villa! ridiculous!! 👀 anxiety. my close alley. i don’t have panic attacks anymore and i dare say that my ptsd is mostly in check now, but i do still feel anxiety like a constant undercurrent. 😣the sense of looming panic, which never fully kicks in but instead feels like a mild headache you can never quite free yourself from. i get it when i think too much about my life choices, about other people‘s success (don’t we all love a good comparing session! i’m a total hypocrite regarding my own advice!) and about the future. deep down inside at your most honest spot: what do you value in life? is it the constant chase? is it money? is it having a family? is being healthy or are we efficiently ignoring it until we fall sick? i worry about this stuff. a lot. i worry that life is passing us by. i worry that i somehow missed the instructions on how to be a proper adult.🙈my friend last week said she sees me as a free bird who is torn between flying around carefree and longing for the security my upbringing always provided. she’s right. i enjoy living out of a suitcase. i love visiting friends and making new friends around the globe.❤️there’s a reason i have a freelance writing job that allows me to jump from place to place. but there’s also the side of me that indeed wants to build something, a place to call home. make more money, have security. how can i achieve both? 🤷‍♀️ ah yes, write a bestseller 😉 piece of cake! 😂🍰 anyways, when that anxious thought carousel starts spinning, the best thing for me is to glam up (see pic!), feel good about being in my own skin and be present! 😊 today i watched an anthill and hugely enjoyed it! the end! 😂🐜 london love, fellow crazies! life happens in the now and it’s okay to watch ants, run a marathon or take a nap 😘❤️😘 #mentalhealthblogger #anxiety #panicattack #redhairblueeyes #redhead #redhair #redheads #ruiva #pelirroja #gingerhair #gingers #curvywomen #curvyblogger #mentalhealth #ptsd #depression #bopo #bodypositive

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Thank you all for all ♥️ and comments!
zurück zum anfang 😊
ich mag spiegelselfies !
wie ist es bei dir?
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i love you and i’m sorry about the past.
thank you for carrying me through it all.

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Cuerpo feo?
gordo o delgado? cuerpo con celulitis o demasiadas estrías?
cuerpo muy grande o pequeño?
si supieran que bien se siente liberarse de tanto prejuicio, que millones de las veces la gente ni piensa de nosotros o de nuestro cuerpo. somos nosotros, (si así se lee de sad) lamentablemente a veces somos nuestros peores jueces y verdugos. (y neeeeta) ya basta! sí, así en mayúsculas!!!! de eso ya no más, ya no permitiré más.
vine a este viaje a retarme y lograrlo por completo y es algo increíble recibir el apoyo de gente que nos hace tanto bien, rodéate de gente buena vibra y positiva, a mi me ha ayudado tanto mi pareja a lograrlo, a aceptar cada parte de mi como única, hermosa, poderosa e inigualable.
ojo: no es buscar la aprobación de tu pareja o de cualquier persona. siempre será primero la tuya y después viene el apoyo externo que es celestial.
así que hoy lo llamo “cuerpo libre”
libre de ataduras, de sentimientos de odio y destrucción, libre de violencia por los demás y por mi. libre de todo aquello que me haga mal (aquí aplica perfecto para situaciones, pensamientos, familiares, amigos, aaaannnyyyyyway)
donde no te hagan sentir libre simplemente vete, aléjate, desaparece!
brianda cordero/bricurves.

fotaza increíble cómo todas en el mundo 🌍 @abrilcerv

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