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[🔊 sound on & swipe to watch] you are not defined by your jean size 👖 ⁣⁣
hey sister, i get it. ⁣⁣
sizing on clothes can mess with your head. ⁣⁣
it can make you feel discouraged. jean sizing in general is absolutely outrageous and add a curvy athletic body on top of it...wow does it get even more difficult. 😕⁣⁣
this is your reminder that no size should determine your self worth, confidence or overall happiness in life🙅🏼! ⁣⁣
you are not a size. ⁣⁣
you are not a shape. ⁣⁣
you, my dear are you. ⁣⁣
quit attaching self worth or self doubt to a number that you are or are not. ⁣⁣
you’re amazing just.the.way.you.are! ⁣⁣
find clothing that accentuates the beautiful, strong body that you’re building and rock them with confidence! ⁣⁣
you're beautiful! ⁣⁣
tag a friend who needs to watch this! 🙋🏼⁣


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après plusieurs jours malade comme un chien ..
alitée sur quelques jours ..
me voilà enfin de retour ..
de la pêche à revendre !
du positif à revendre !
et du partage ensemble !
vous m’aviez manquée !

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95% sure i broke my pinky toe🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s the size of a large baby carrot😂🥕 a little bummed since it hurts to wear shoes (although thankfully spin doesn’t hurt too bad🚴🏼‍♀️) and the wedding i’m wearing heels to on saturday is gonna be a blast🙈
in other news, there’s a little barn tour up on stories right now🏡 what do you think of my current little home?!
outfit: @fabletics link in bio✨ #fabletics #fableticspartner #home #hometour #apartment #loft

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Can we talk about f e a r for a second?! 😅🤭⁣

i get it. ⁣

it can be intimidating. ⁣

starting out, or re-starting something fear is often something that we can feel a lot. ⁣

in fact, fear is what held me back for so many years…⁣

but not fear in the way that you may be thinking. ⁣

it was f e a r ⁣

false ⁣
evidence ⁣
appearing ⁣
real ⁣

actually just false expectations that i thought were real. ⁣

have you ever struggled or do you struggle with that?! ⁣

it was f e a r that held me back from trying new things… ⁣
it was f e a r that held me back from thinking that i was actually worth to prioritize myself…⁣
it was fear that held be back from listening to my gut feeling begging me to make changes in my lifestyle…⁣

but want to know something crazy?! ⁣

the moment i decided to confront my f e a r and actually decided to let work for me instead of against me, so many good things happened: ⁣

it forced me to try new things despite the immediate discomfort (our bodies & brains hate trying new stuff) which actually opened my eyes to all the opportunities that i was missing previously because i was too scared to put myself out there…⁣

it forced me to learn how to prioritize myself instead of self-loathing which made me realize how much better i was able to serve those who i love, when i felt good myself…⁣

and as a result the changes in my lifestyle allowed me to feel freer than i thought was possible previously. ⁣

as you start to take steps outside your comfort zone, you are going to feel fear rising inside you, but instead of letting your emotions overrule and stop you from taking action, confront them and identify them as false expectations that appear real…but decide and commit anyways. ⁣

i promise, when you learn to step through fear instead of avoiding it, you will be unstoppable. ⁣

remember this: whether you think you can or you think you can’t…you’re right. ⁣

who’s ready to step through f e a r today?! comment me below! 🤟🏼♥️⁣


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🙌🏽this is the truth! can you feel it?!🙌🏽 it’s a truth we’ve been shouting at anyone who will listen for so many years, and of course is the focus of our tedx talk that just hit 100k views! versions of this post of ours has been shared thousands of times over the years, and we hope it’s starting to sound natural and second-nature to many of you, because we can assure you it sounds *bizarre* to lots of others who can’t imagine the best outcome for women and girls could be anything short of looking and feeling beautiful. we’re here to remind you you are more than a body, and it’s time to see more and be more. the world needs women, not pretty decorations. doesn’t that resonate with your soul? that’s because you are more and you are here for more. we need you out here regardless of how you look or how you think you look. we need you.
✖️if you want more of our game-changing, life-giving approach to body image, click the link in our bio for our beauty redefined online body image resilience course at courses.beautyredefined.org, tedx talk, and our “instrument not ornament” t-shirts and decals! #beautyredefined #morethanabody #seemorebemore

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@findingevie rocking our love yourself shirt! awesome picture love! ❤️

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