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Let me ask you something, which girl do you prefer, left or right?! 🤔 . oh wait, you know what i do not care 🙃 both me, but the biggest difference in these two pictures is not the 20kg. it’s how people interpret me. 🙋🏼 . i wrote a long post yesterday, first i want to thank you all for the enormous love ❤️ means the world! . this picture, on the left i’m all natural. i had big lips, b*****s same amount of botox (none) and whatever else. 💆🏼 . very common comment is “you looked so much better before, now your too plastic” 🙂 okay mister, i do not care what your preferences are. 🙅🏼🙆🏼 . i care what i think, and i’m not made of plastic. if you look closely you can see, i’m very much alike, and a pair of implants in my chest don’t automatically make me “addicted to plastic surgery” 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ . i’ve lost 20kg, i’ve worked my b**t off (or i’ve built it up but ya know what i mean 🙈🙆🏼) and i’m proud, im proud of all the choices i’ve made in life, good and bad, cuz it’s what made me, me! . today i’m gonna eat some pizza 🍕 and snuggle my food baby 🍼 today i feel empowered, and happy to be just me, little jelly that made her dreams come true. little jelly, from the smallest town in sweden 🇸🇪 with crazy ambition, we made it guuuuurl! (am i speaking to my self in third person on instagram 🙃?!) . #weightloss #bodypositivity #transformation

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☝️👯@nunude_official always winning · swipe to see wonder women queendom, wow😭💕 · imma say it again, you are worthy of visibility no matter what you look like. ✔️ · love you all. · #reallife #realbodies #realcolors

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"how do you have such a flat stomach?" "how'd you get away without having loose skin? i want to lose weight but i'm afraid i'll have stretch marks and loose skin." swipe through to see the typical pictures you see of me, and then the not so flattering other versions of me. still proud af of all of them. i worked for all of this. who gives af about stretch mark and loose skin when you've reclaimed your health and your life?! not me. of course it can be an insecurity, and i'd be lying if i said i loved how my tummy pooch looks all the time, but i worked hard to get to this place. and i'll be proud no matter what.

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#fitnessmotivation a beautiful and inspiring transformation 👏. i am so happy for her 👌💕 . went from "look back at it, look back at--wait where'd it go what am i looking at" to "i could actually balance a cup on my a*s if i tried" 🍄🦄✨most importantly, i'm 907% happier and actually in touch with my soul, my needs, & my passions. . ------------------------------------------ 📸@annalisemishler // all rights and credits reserved to the respective owner(s) #transformation #bodybuildinglifestyle #bodyfitness #bodybuildingmotivation #bodyweight #bodypositivity #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnesstips #fitnessgoal #fitnessforlife #fitnessbody #fitmum #transform #weightlosstrasformation #weightlossdiary #weightlosssuccess #weightlossjourney #weightlossinspiration #weighttraining #fatlossjourney #girlswhoworkout #healthymind #instagood #motivation #bodybuildingcom

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When you see this photo, what you might be confronted with is the differences. one is f*t and one isn't. one has scars, one isn't. one is diverse and one isn't. but who decided that i was the diverse one? who decided that i was the one that was "different"? aren't we all really different? it is my belief that in this world, we all focus too much on the differences. we want to declare ourselves apart from the rest whilst also not being too different. but what if we started seeing people for our similarities? what if we looked at our enemies and tried to find commonalities. @amalielee is one of my close friends. this is a friendship that was born out of a mutual passion for wanting to eradicate diet culture and foster a place where we could all be more than our bodies. you might see our differences, but i see otherwise. i see two women who have been through hell and back. i see two women who love deeply (sometimes too much so). i see two women who have a quirky sense of humour. i see two women who are sensitive and emotional and are unapologetic about it. i see two fierce women who were bonded together by all they want to accomplish. let these beautiful friendships exist without comparison. #scarrednotscared #realcovery • skirt and crop by @asos

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My friends about to penpal a serial killer and i thought i was bad 😭😂tbh i don’t really find the appeal you could search up other letters they’ve written to someone else but it’s for learning purposes so yeh (remember guys don’t penpal anyone in jail unless you’re 18+ for safety reasons) backup:@bellahadix

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👇🏼how to have full round hips👇🏼 really simple, just find good lightning, pose the best that you can, pop those hips out, and post it on social media 🤠👍🏼 - it is funny how i get asked all the time how to get rid of hip dips when i, myself, have major hip dips 🤷🏽‍♀️ over the years i was able to target a little inner muscle called tfl which is connected to the outer hip bones, and it has helped a little with my hip dips + has given me the illusion of wider hips whenever i pose in a certain way. the thing is... even if i workout my hips as much as i can, i would probably still have hip dips due to my bone structure. my hip bones have always been wider than my leg bones, therefore, the reason why i have these. 😪 do i care? i’m not gonna lie. i care a lot. i can be self conscious about them and i hate whenever people want to point them out. however, i don’t let it affect my life. we cannot be perfect. it’s part of who i am and i accept it so i can continue loving myself more and more 🙇🏼‍♀️ - if you also have hip dips. please, don’t let it affect you. even when it’s hard for me, i try my best to not let a simple thing like this rule my life 💕

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Curvy beauty @cierarogers - slayin this gorgeous look #labelcurv

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You cant shrink self hate by shrinking your body. no amount of physical pain will lesson the thoughts. no volume of suffering will make people aware of the sympathy you deserve. your image through the mirror or eyes of other people will never account for the pain in your mind. - - you can choose to keep fuelling the disorder with self inflicted suffering or you can fight back and lesson them. you can realise worth and fight for all you deserve. - - a huge step in beating the thoughts that make you feel worthless and beaten is to stop wanting it. stop wanting to be the fragile, lost and desperate shadow and start living. - - be your own motivation, convince yourself, reassure your own thoughts, be confident, stop caring, stop comparing, stop harming. you don't need answers to what the best method of recovery is because you've got them right there. - - take care of yourself and your body and be your own support. if you can let something else convince you you're wrong then you can let yourself convince you you aren't. fight back.

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Sandy toes, sunkissed nose!

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☀️be your own sunshine ☀️ das wetter ist heute leider nicht so toll, aber ich bin eigentlich eh schon wieder am weg zu einem ganzen tag uni und danach wieder gleich weiter zur arbeit. trotzdem lass ich mich von dem nicht drücken, es tut nämlich auch einfach gut wieder so richtig produktiv zu sein! habt ihr übrigens schon meinen letzten post gelesen? da erzähle ich euch ein wenig über meine letzten erfolge und meinen „kampf“ gegen meinen körper. . . . . . . . #fashionblogger_at #fashionblogger_de #igersaustria #igersvienna #blogger_at #blogger_de #austrianblogger #fashionblogger #blogger #beautybeyondsize #petiteandcurvy #goldenconfidence #bestfriends #curvyandbeautiful #embraceyourcurves #happy #streetstyle #petite #selfie #loveanybody #perfectlyme #selfietime #petiteandcurvy #bigandblunt #happy #bopo #bodypositivity

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"how much time have i wasted on diets and what i look like? take your time and your talent and figure out what you have to contribute to this world. and get over what the hell your b**t looks like in those jeans!" ~ america ferreira check out my uncensored pics and videos at patreon.com/adrianaalison #booty🍑 #bööty #bööbs #b***s #curvy #curvygirl #milf #sexy #bodypositive #bodypositivity

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Happy saturday! we hope everyone's enjoying their weekend ✨

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