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Being an entrepreneur means making something out of the little you have on hand and making the most of any situation.
this weekend i had a major setback in my entrepreneurial journey- my mac crapped out! how am i suppose to get things done without my trusty work machine!?😫
i quickly realized that i have other resources i can count on that don’t involve immediately spending💰on a new laptop. i am in the process of creating my website and still framing up the content of my pages so i’ve been using what i have:
1️⃣a good old fashioned📓notebook to capture my ideas and draw out my page layout
2️⃣my ipad to make small tweaks to my site
3️⃣and calling on loved ones who might be able to lend a helping hand- thank goodness my brother is willing and able to lend me his💻mac in the meantime! (with the holidays coming up you know very well there will be deals out and i’m not going to rush to buy something now!👎🏽)
don’t panic, think about the resources you have on hand, and bootstrap! it’s all about that “when life gives you dirt, plant a garden” mentality. 🌱🍅🥗
photo📸by: @silkassasin

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What you got goin on on a monday night?
come see what my free #bodypositive event @bsidehookah is about!
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Truth 💣 coming your way! ••••••••
i’ve been feeling unfocused lately. there has been a lot going on in our lives this past month and i can only handle so much. a new puppy, house hunting that has become an obsession, building my business at a faster pace, mentoring new coaches, mom life, and the list goes on. i’m taking today to slow down. i just started my new 3 week yoga online group, which i knew, for some reason, i needed just as much as my clients.
what do you do when you feel overwhelmed? what outlets do you have to help you deal with chaos and too many to-dos? please share because i’d love to hear! happy tuesday friends!💗

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Don’t stop yourself from reaping the life changing rewards of yoga. when i put on 30kgs when i quit alcohol and drugs i thought i would never get on the mat again. luckily i did and i haven’t looked back. the yoga industry promotes ideals not all of us want to achieve. #yoga #bodypositive #size16

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Birthday suit ⭐

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While #leopardprint is my jam, i've definitely found a new love for #plaid this season. 🙆‍♀️ this ruffle sleeve plaid dress by @taylordress via @gwynniebee was so pretty and feminine. i was living my best plaid life in this dress. click the link in my bio to shop this dress and sign up for a free 30 day membership! 🛒 #gwynniebee #lapecosapreciosa #sharemegb #plaidtrend #fallstyle #fallfashion #gwynniebee #freetrial #clothingsubscription

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