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Rocking some @urtumuch at @theplusbus with @jazzmynejay 😘 check the @urtumuch page to see the piece jazzmyne got 😍😍😍

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Repping my boi during tonight’s gym sesh with my thin white line band by @junkbrands 🚑 a huge thank you to all ems practitioners for everything you do for our communities! (maybe i’m a little biased since i have a fave emt lol @tjknight94 ) but let’s please take a moment to recognize these literal lifesavers. plus i might need some medical attention after tonight’s leg workout😅🆘
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Alexa, play angie by the rolling stones. (swipe for behind the scenes)

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🖤 - fühlst du dich manchmal unwohl, wenn du dich im spiegel anschaust?⁣

dann habe ich eine gute neuigkeit für dich! sport kann dir dabei helfen, nicht nur deinen körper zu formen, sondern vor allem auch ein bessere körperwahrnehmung zu bekommen. es ist unglaublich, wie viel es ausmacht, ob man sich einfach nur beschwert, ohne dabei etwas zu ändern, oder einfach aktiv zu werden und das leben selbst in die hand zu nehmen. und glaub mir, das gefühl ist toll.👻

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Emotional eating is often demonized. you are told that emotional eating is wrong, that having emotions in your relationship with food is wrong. ⁣

program after program advertise themselves as a way for you to “stop emotional eating once and for all!” ⁣

but guess what? that will never happen. stick with me here.⁣

because you are human, you emotionally eat. everyone. for example, the joy you experience when you eat your grandmothers lasagna or when you are excited to share a meal with friends, pleasure when the ice cream hits the roof of your mouth or when the brownies are still warm from the oven, sadness because life is tough and you have to eat anyway, etc. ⁣

i am not dismissing the possible pain, suffering, and discomfort of your eating experience, and potentially the absence of other coping skills to manage the the hard stuff in life, but what i am saying that we need to start normalizing “emotional eating”. ⁣

this is important because if you label your experience as wrong, you create distance from it. you check out, feel shame and blame, you compensate, and feel like you are failing. ⁣

so instead of an eating experience turning into an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your relationship with that food or food group, the story that lies behind it, your emotional state, etc., it becomes a moment of “failure”. ⁣

so what if for today you decided to stop labeling your emotional eating as wrong? what would you then discover? what might you notice? what might it help you understand or see with more clarity? ⁣

i see you, i hear you, you matter.

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I cannot say enough about this dress! i have had it for years, has got so well for forever and i don’t step on it when i walk. also those curves you see there, those are all mine and they look amazing! i am so proud of my body and what i have accomplished.
it’s okay to love every inch of you and it is okay to go to the gym and work out. hears to you no matter the size and the age, you are beautiful inside and out. thank yourself for getting this far. •

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An oldie but a goodie 👏 .
writing new content has been hard the last few weeks. i’ll share more on that soon.
in the meantime - providers if you’re using bmi to determine health status y’all gonna need to stop doing that. thanks.
imagine a medical professional popping a mood ring on your finger to assess your emotional and mental health or worse yet using the “measure” in forming a diagnosis!

bmi is about as effective at determining health status as a mood ring is at assessing your mood. spoiler alert they both suck, and whilst one is interesting to look at, the other is used every d**n day to categorise and pathologise bodies.

here’s a refresher on what bmi measures —> your weight (interaction with gravity) divided by your height (how tall you did grow-ith) squared.

bmi is not only a terrible measure of health, its actually not a measure of health at all!

bmi is not a good predictor of, body fatness, fitness, blood pressure, mortality or morbidity. how active a person is, how “good” they are with food, how much they eat, or how “happy or sad” they are - all common assumptions bmi has permitted health professionals to make.
our inability to “let bmi go” in healthcare settings speaks to a global and cultural obsession with weight, weight loss and the stigmatisation of larger bodies.

the inappropriateness of this measure and the assumptions we are trained to make about health status never cease to get my eye twitching (srsly there are days i could combust *poof*🔥🔥🤯).when we focus on bmi it’s easy to ignore important modifiable health behaviours, such as physical activity & movement, sleep, stress, alcohol use, smoking, food variety and flexibilty.

bmi is, in my opinion, one of the greatest biomedical failings of our times. bmi has caused so much harm and will continue to do so until we stop using it as a proxy for health.

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Le temps file, le temps n’attend personne. le temps guérit toutes les blessures. tous autant que nous sommes nous voulons plus de temps. du temps pour se relever, du temps pour grandir, du temps pour lâcher prise. du temps.

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