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Swinging into paradise in style.
📷stunning beach shot by @professionaltraveler
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Should i cut my hair short ? 🤔

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As i hiked out of the wilderness one evening at mt. rainier at dusk, i had my head down trying to watch my footing in the fading light. stopping for a second, i looked up to see the full moon rising in the perfect location. catching the rising or setting moon and surrounding landscape with the right balance of exposure for both is just a matter of timing. shoot it too soon and the moon will be underexposed. shoot it too late and the moon will b**w out to pure white with no details. in this case i was lucky to look up at the right moment and hurry to get my tripod and camera set up for a few quick shots when the two were in sync. this is a single shot with almost no editing beyond some minor exposure adjustments. the blue color is due to the scattered light from the atmosphere and shooting away from where the sun was setting. #moonrise #wilderness #dusk #blue #drobostorage

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