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And im also not ready for this!!! y’all are too much my heart cant handle this no more!😭🤧

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The phillies hat sent me 💀💀 tag nick? 😭

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8 years ago today odie and i began our journey together. he came to my home broken, shut down and fear aggressive. odie would go from 0 to 100 with very little warning . his body would slightly stiffen just before he’d freak out. i was able to communicate with him using a leash. he would immediately stop once i touched his leash.
after our first year together he had his eyes removed and we continued to learn to trust each other. when people would come over they couldn’t even look at him without him having a tantrum! that’s how sensitive he is.
odie was always an amazing traveler and very well behaved out side of the house, but at home he was a beast.
to be honest, i tried (unsuccessfully) to return him. odie is my first dog (ever) and i had no idea how to manage his unpredictable behavior. i found that the @anticruelty accepts surrenders 24/7/365 and from that day forward we had the conversation of “not today”. knowing i had an out actually helped me commit and stay in present time with him.
since our move to nevada almost 5 years ago odie has relaxed beyond my wildest expectations. each year he’s made an amazing breakthrough. 3 years ago he finally laid on his side, a year later he taught himself to go up and down the stairs, and this year he lets me hold him on his back! anyone who’s known odie from the beginning knows that is huge! odie has also become a certified therapy dog.
people who meet odie today can’t imagine he was ever such a mess and people who knew odie from the beginning can’t believe how far he’s come.
when i adopted him they said he was 10 years old, when he had his eyes removed the vet said he was much closer to 5. he wasn’t a crabby old man, he was actually a crabby young man! and now he’s a 13-ish year old marshmallow.
odie’s story is a testament to what can blossom with patience and time. it was clear that odie knew love before he met me but clearly something horrible happened and he became more isolated and afraid. i am honored to have been a part of his healing and treasure every moment we spend together, even when we argue over his desire for cat food.
happy birthday odie! i love you!
here’s to 8 more!

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So langsam weiß ich einfach nicht mehr weiter 😢
joschi geht es seit gestern wieder richtig schlecht. er atmet ganz schwer und ist wieder so aufgebläht dass es aussieht als hätte er über nacht 100kg zu genommen. in letzter zeit ging es ihm ziemlich gut und dann kommt doch wieder so eine phase. und die phasen kommen leider immer öfter. heute nachmittag kommt nochmal ein tierarzt, aber ich bezweifle dass es uns groß weiter bringt. klar wird er wieder cortison spritzen und es joschi damit schnell besser gehen, aber das ist keine dauerlösung und hilft auch nur kurzzeitig. es findet einfach niemand die ursache, das ist wohl das schlimmste 😓

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I like to spend my nights with youu💛
guess who signed up for royal run in klaksvík? adrian😎♿️ 🥁
this will be his first para-run ever. i’m already proud, but i’ll be so happy and proud when i push him over the finish line💛
it’s only 1km but it’s enough for him. and rumor has it that klaksvíks swimmingpool also has a hot tub and jacuzzi, so you know where we’ll be😏 aaand adrian literally falls asleep during hot tubs so we may gonna be there for awhile. just so ya’ll knoow💁🏽‍♀️✊🏼🧜🏼‍♂️ #cantbebothered .
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Yerrrrrr ! s/o to 🌺❤️@thegolden.child for being the first of many to win splash merch ! thank you for being a super fan 👁💦🖤 if anyone sees me on a flyer/poster/stickers take a pic & tag me in it for a chance to win more splash merch ! 🏆
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Mom said 💁🏼‍♀️ i was a brave boy 😎 at the eye doctor 👩🏻‍⚕️ yesterday. i am now officially 100% blind. mom cried like a baby 👶🏼 when the doc told her i have no more light receptors, 😥 even though she was kind of expecting the diagnosis. 🤷‍♀️ (we had hoped to keep the last remaining 10% so i could see some light and shadows.) my behavior has changed slightly over the last few months. i have become more clingy to mom ❤️ and i am a little more cautious now. 🐾 the good news is that my eyes are healthy, so we will continue the ocu-glow supplement from @animal_necessity 🐶 and prednisone drops. 💦 and i’ve been giving mom extra special kisses 😘 so she doesn’t worry too much, and she got us extra special treats 🦴to make us happy! 😉 #jacktheblinddachshund

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it’s the hope that hurts.

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My friend just found this at a cvs pls

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