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🐕 travel in time to a quaint japanese village, a world away from the city bustle.
naraijyuku historical house street in nagano japan. naraijyuku is famous for its preserved traditional houses and accommodation. i went there end of the year so no one was there and all shops were closed. it was lucky that i could avoid all tourists.
📍narai, nagano, #japan

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Something old.

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🏜️ tbt.
i went #dubai with my friend @spleenstyle last year.
it was my first time in the middle east. i was amazed by the desert and futuristic skyscrapers. i also met some cool photographers like a @flora_metayer @kayvanhuisseling @kylevollaers and @sebastien.nagy .. during my trip.
it was really nice time.

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The coastline in portugal has been unreal. the rocks at sintra might have to be my favorite so far. 💙 photo by @jackharding

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Is it even an adventure without a hat?

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Salam necəsiz
axşamınız xeyir
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