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It’s been awhile since i’ve shared some tropical #hummingbirds, so a little tropical thursday seemed in order. i went with three bill specialists, white-tipped sicklebill, tooth-billed hummingbird, green-fronted lancebill. all three species, have specialized bills, for different feeding types, the sicklebill tends to land of flowers and work it’s bill into the flowers. the tooth-billed in theory has a better ability to catch insects with the serrations. the lancebilled, goes after long tubed flowers and has a certain proclivity to hanging out near waterfalls, there must be some evolved specialization as well. there’s nothing quite like doing tropical research, especially population studies like this, you never quite know what species might show up.

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Face to face 😡
photo by @faisalhajwal
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I swear my last #owl post, before @wildbirdresearch goes live with the things we’re working on. the 2019 owl research committee is hard at work finalizing our biggest us based projects to date, we’re very excited for these developments and getting a broader audience involved in the owl research that’s been ongoing. stay tuned!

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📚 chrysocyon brachyurus
🇧🇷 lobo-guará
🇺🇸 maned wolf
🌎 @santuariodocaraca
🌎 catas altas/mg
🗓 08/2018 | www.destinosmg.com.br
um é bom, dois é demais, três é surreal!
noite incrível e inesquecível.
#catasaltas #serradocaraca #birdwatching #birding #observacaodeaves #turismomg #visiteminasgerais #aves #birds #avesdobrasil #birdsofbrazil #destinosmg #brwildanimals #ig_brazil_birds #avesbrazil #igs_birds #raw_birds #birdsplace

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Lunar eclipse rising

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The oriental dwarf kingfisher


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