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@poseonfx begins in minutes children. get cho popcorn ready cause these kernels just started to get hot. see ya’ll in a minute on @fxnetworks #posefx

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#issaswipe 👉🏾 #billyporter speaks so much truth in this @hollywoodreporter interview. tag 3 actors that get it. we wanna hear your comments below.

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Impossible to keep calm — there are too many cameos to count in @taylorswift’s new "you need to calm down" video. 🚨 swipe for appearances from @theellenshow, @rupaulofficial, and @vancityreynolds!

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@theebillyporter is one of my favourite people in the universe !! 😍

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We as artists have the power to reach into hearts and minds and change the molecular structure of folks, through stories, through music, through visual art, through fashion, through whatever. i want to springboard what i’m becoming into a brand — and into an empire. thanks for the fierce new name @vanityfair: emperor billy bitches. 📸: @dariothephotog ⠀⠀
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And the #houseofabundance has entered the building! 🙌🏽🤣 #goodmorning #posefx #billyporter #slay #work

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The category is: denim. have you picked up your copy of @gaytimes june issue with moi in the cover children? it’s almost summer. i was feeling denimish in @forbiddendenimeries . 📸: @johnnovotny
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fashion assistant: @ashleymarienyc⁣⁣⁣⁣ dress & sleeves:
necklace: @andreolifinejewelry
gloves: @wingweftgloves ⁣⁣⁣
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Growing up, i could look around and see all of these adults with no capacity to do anything to help me. i knew there was not an adult around me that knew what the f**k to do. so i did it myself! thanks for getting deep with me @esquire and for the amazing coverage! we got deep! 📸: @aekholloway⠀⠀
writer: @justinkirkland4⠀⠀
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