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ciao amici lettori! oggi parliamo di young adults, anzi, di saghe young adults. quanto le amiamo e quante ne abbiamo? ♥️
una delle mie preferite in assoluto è shadowhunters di @officialcassandraclare. il mio amore per questa saga è iniziato con l'odio. esattamente, avete letto bene. prima di approcciarmi alla lettura sentivo parlare di shadowhunters dovunque e per caso, un giorno, ho guardato qualche episodio della serie tv. ecco, sono rimasta talmente schifata che mi rifiutavo di leggere pure i libri. poi, dato che continuavo a sentire in giro di quanto questa serie fosse meravigliosa, ho deciso di mettere da parte i pregiudizi ed iniziarla. bè... nessuna mia scelta è stata tanto più giusta. ho amato ogni singolo volume e ho adorato con tutto il mio cuore le origini, "la principessa" è stato il primo libro dopo tantissimo tempo capace di spezzarmi in due. semplicemente micidiale, distruttivo e bellissimo.
⁉️ qual'è la vostra saga ya preferita? ♥️
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Time fell slowly, like the drifting of seasons. the warm glow of lantern light inched brighter upon her page- the only indication of the day’s descent. she tilted her head up, gazing through the glass and watched the stars come alive. she wished upon them all✨.

thank you @getawayhouse for gifting me the most peacefully productive writer’s retreat i’ve ever experienced💛.

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Have you guys seen the latest trailer? is bran the night king? haha! the anticipation is killing meeeee!! #gameofthrones

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Reading is my favorite sport.


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“ideally, less than 30.”

ummm?!!?!? ok marie, i think we need to have a little chat. i feel you with the purging of items you don’t truly need, even though it makes my eye twitch a bit because...let’s be honest, i have a slight tendency for hoarding. but!!! don’t mess with my books!
my books bring me joy! all of them! sure, some of that joy comes with sobbing ugly tears from the horrible deaths of my favorite characters, but it’s joy okay!?! authors everywhere are living out their evil dreams, practicing their lip curls and cackling as they write the death scenes that will surely break all of our hearts. (i’m looking at you @misterkristoff and @piercebrownofficial )
thats joy right there! and i’m pretty sure it would be disrespectful if i didn’t hoard the vessels that hold these painful joyful memories! plus...haven’t you heard the expression “it’s not hoarding if it’s books.”?
✨what say you??? do all your books spark joy? thats a silly question, i know they do! have you gone through the rest of your house telling each item it either brings or doesn’t bring you joy??
-i’ve had a pretty in depth talking to with my closet...there were a few things that brought me zero joy...and so to the goodwill they went!

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This book celebrated its birthday yesterday! thank you to @randomhouse #partner for sending me a copy! i am really enjoying it so far and i love that it’s really keeping me on my toes. will you guys sign a letter to my work saying i can’t come in today so i can just keep reading this?? 😂
this morning, i was listening to a spotify playlist while i was getting ready and it was a playlist of a bunch of throwbacks from when i was a teenager. i may or may not have jammed wayyyy too hard to stacy’s mom by fountains of wayne. 😂 i have so many distinct memories of me blasting that song in my room or at school dances!
do you have any songs from your younger days that you’d just play over and over again? i want to make a nostalgic playlist so tell me what to add! 😂

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If you saw my stories recently you might have seen that i went back for the last two of these chiltern publishing books that i was missing. there’s actually an 8th book in this set (the art of war) but i don’t think that one is carried here in the u.s. i still think these are the most gorgeous editions i have seen in a long time! which cover is your favorite? is there a title you’d like to see printed in this collection?

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Penguins laugh when they are tickled 🐧 this book is so cute and fun to flip through! i included it in my winter care package blog post that went up this morning - i hope you like all of the goodies, practices, and recipes i included for your self-care winter ❄️ the link is in my bio if you need it. what are your favorite self-care activities? is that a goal of yours this year?

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Have you ever liked a sequel even more than you liked the first book? i have heard so many say that this is the case for the cruel prince/the wicked king. i absolutely loved the first book so i can't wait to dive into the wicked king and see how jude's character develops. annndd i have partnered with @thenovl for a great giveaway! .
you must be strong enough to strike and strike and strike again without tiring.

the wicked king by @blackholly is the enchanting and bloodthirsty sequel to the new york times bestselling novel the cruel prince! this series is a must read for all ya fantasy fans!!! giveaway
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