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Going into convention i've been journaling like mad, and really digging deep to discover my why and the meaning behind why i am so passionate about sticking with this business full time. i could easily quit the struggle, go back to being a full time prison dr (which i absolutely love btw) and have a regular paycheck? .

i am realizing that my heart wasn't totally fulfilled with my previous work even though i know it was very important and meaningful work. i love the creative work i do in this business and i also love and cherish the fulfilling relationships we all have the opportunity to create and foster. creating beautiful and meaningful things and fostering relationships and strong leaders is my why. .
my heart constantly tells me i need and want those connections. i don't have a nuclear or immediate family anymore (mom, dad, grandma, baby brother) due to tragedies beyond my control, but i do have a family of my own making and its pretty fantastic. an (amazing beyond belief) man who i love, friends who might as well have been blood related, my dogs who i love like my own children, my horses, and my doterra family.

as you all go into convention, or watch the livestream, think about your why, what moves you to stick with your purpose and not give up. how are you fostering relationships to build your dream? i manifest every single day what i want and need to see my dreams through to fruition, and ask for help from source (god, the universe) to see my vision of massive service to others happen in a huge way! my ability to be of service to others involves helping them heal and grow and be healthier versions of themselves and then repeat that cycle by giving back to others so those people than can repeat the cycle, and on and on...….
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• when the blue is the master of the shadows •

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Твои Брови @bezmenova.e 😂💜

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It feels so good to know that i had both my parents together in a picture again.. i had my two biggest supporters next to me on a very special night and it meant the world to me. i’m so late with posting this picture, i really don’t know why. thank you for all you both continue to do for me. gratitude is an understatement

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In questo video voglio farvi vedere la visuale che si ha correndo a 6’03.
e pensare che in vita mia sono andato anche sotto i 5’ 😢

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