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Mannn, it took me 2hrs but i got it done. changed all my #brakepads and rusted a*s #rotors by my d**n self. my neighbor would have done it for 20$ but i told him "shiiiit, just show me what to do." and he did just that. i just looked in my glove box and seen i paid over 600$ the last time i got my brakes done. never again. i was amazed at how easy it was to do and if you ever need some work done on yo whip, before you go to the #repair shop, youtube how to because that was my next step. i also changed the fuel filter on the #truck. truck still not running though 😟
#beneficialmechanic #buick #mrfixit #cars #trucks #omo @mssmcdaniel i'm trying to get like you lol

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