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“keep close to nature’s heart... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. wash your spirit clean.”-john muir

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And i f*****g love it!
photo by @meghandevelyn for @rebelsoul_collective

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Good morning everyone! have a great monday!
photo by @richbacon

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Dream land anyone? 🏡🌲🏔
photo by @theamericanroadtripper

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📸- @heykelseyj
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some parts of oregon seem to be straight out of some fiction novel. i think this spot is one of them. what’s your take on this shot?

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My happy place ✨i’m slowing down a little as certain parts of life are starting to shift and change, welcoming a new chapter to the story. i’ll be taking the next few days hiding away in the workshop, the place i find most grounding and motivating, to create one of a kind pieces that have been dancing around in my head. i’m hoping to have a larger collection to release sometime in february. i’ll be sharing what i’m working on and what will be available as they come to life, stay tuned.

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I wonder how many fender benders have occurred from people gazing at the mountain views in oregon? 🤔 this one was shot standing 2 feet next to the road after noticing the nice warm, morning light shining on the peak.

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I'm not scared of inserting a vhs tape in a vcr but when i was little i was afraid of inserting a disc into the nintendo wii because i was afraid it would s**k my fingers into the slot!🤣🎮🕹💿
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Heading back home after a long weekend in bend. we had great food, spent time with friends + family, and explored this amazing little town. stay tuned for a travel guide coming soon. #visitbend

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