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Aaaand the primary sport achievement award outside of school by al yasmina academy goes tooooo 🥁 our very own shining star ayesha youlten!congratulations ayesha, keep shining bright beautiful ✨
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June 2019 comment 5 star 151

Another early start and another 20 miles. i was dreading today but it went so much better than expected.
in my mind i was wondering how on earth i would finish with the times set by my coach but i needn’t have worried.
my husband plotted my route and it was lovely to go somewhere different. it’s so easy to get stuck in a routine. i think this really helped today.
the easy miles felt great (even better than yesterday), but i had no idea of pace. i was running on navigation mode following the map, with not even beeps per mile/km. i always run to feel but with an eye on the pace so today felt strange especially as i was trying to hit certain paces.
for the last 5 miles i was told to run at marathon pace, but it’s hard for me to know what that is so i had to trust my coach.
after yesterday’s 20 and 15 miles today i wasn’t sure i could. but because it was on the plan and i’m a stickler for doing what i’m told i increased my pace, again with no idea of how fast. it turns out i still had some speed in my legs.
looking back i did the last 5km in 22mins which i would have struggled with 2 years ago at parkrun. sometimes it’s nice to get a reminder off how far you’ve come when you least expect it.
i’d love to be able to run that pace in a marathon but my brain usually tells me not to be silly.
i need to believe i’ve made progress as this will help me fulfil my potential. it’s easy to not challenge yourself and i know i’ve been guilty of it. one of the reasons why i’ve not entered a marathon this year is the fact going for a time at this distance scares me. i know it will hurt and i know so many things out of my control can have an impact. anyone else feel the same? that’s one of the reasons why i love ultras, time is secondary the scenery and physical challenge is what they are about for me. .
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February 2019 comment 35 star 186

Practice like a champion!


September 2018 comment 2 star 268

Compliance comes from belief !!! 🙂
trust the process we always end up right where we are meant to be.
(experienced this for me and people around me.)
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June 2019 comment 6 star 598

2018 hm challenge complete! 😅 that was a close shave. this time last week, i was nursing a sore hamstring and wasn’t sure i’d be able to finish the last race before end of the year. thanks to some awesome advice and restorative massages (and some rest) i managed to get to today’s reindeer race. crisp and sunny conditions, i managed to get myself round in a pretty a decent time (1h40m, 7th overall, 2nd in age cat). the finish was particularly enjoyable as teddy decided to join me for the last few meters. i think his flying leaps at the finish are possibly the best ending to any of the races this year 😂 and it earned him a medal 🏅 .
so that’s my 12in12in2018 done! 2019 is already shaping up nicely. cant wait to get started but first some rest 😀
a big thanks to my support crew teddy and @gingerrunnings for another very early start. it’s so important to recognise and appreciate the sacrifices our close ones make for us 🙏🏼
📸 @gingerrunnings .
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December 2018 comment 15 star 143

As i’m graduating this week i can’t help but think of the life i had envisioned for myself when i first moved to england. study health science, probably meet a british guy, settle here and find a job in the nhs. and at the time that dream was a fairytale. and if i told myself i would end up moving to china i would probably think i was crazy, or at least the very least not in the “real world”. but in all honesty what is the “real world”?
my new motto is “if something out there is being done, you can do it, you just don’t know how yet”, and it’s true. any lifestyle you want to create for yourself is out there, you just have to do the research. and in all honesty the only difference is that that person doing it took action. remain fearful or comfortable & you’ll always wonder what’s out there. but choose to be conscious and honest with the life you want for yourself, and all that’s left is for you to create it 🤙🏽
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July 2019 comment 65 star 321

... music! magic! mayhem! momentum! get creative! let practice be enjoyable, excitable and evolutionary. go for it already and stop procrastinating. grab a friend, get into something new, laugh out loud. this life is about being your very best self, about being unafraid to try. go out and make something for the sake of the process as much as the product. today is the best day to do so, the only day to.

July 2018 comment 3 star 3,077

Good morning..!!!
giving thanks for all my blessings ..!!
time to make today great and spread love to all..!!! #thecreditboosters #changinlives #thankful #grateful #blessed #motivation1 #believetoacheive #yourgoals #dreams #levelup #generic1 #loveforall #helpingothers #in #the #usa

January 2019 comment 68 star 607

✨nobody can make you believe something about yourself unless you were already thinking it. thoughts create feelings- and any feelings we have about ourself are usually a direct response to the thoughts that came before them. ⠀

✨for a long time i had been unwittingly giving away my power to others by allowing their thoughts and their expectations of me to influence how i felt about myself and shape the actions i was taking in life. and not surprisingly, because i wasn’t living up to the standards others had set, i soon believed i wasn’t good enough, smart enough or just enough. my breakthrough came when i finally realized that the standards and expectations i was attempting to live up to were meant to benefit the vision others had for me- not the one i had for myself. and by accepting their opinions as true, i was allowing myself to believe that their thoughts, words and expectations somehow carried a greater value than my own. that is simply not true. ⠀
✨my second breakthrough came when i accepted that it was my own thoughts and feelings that had caused this and that it was also up to me to change it. ⠀

✨while it may be easy to blame our insecurities and misgivings on those who have wronged us, mistreated us or made us feel inadequate in some way, others can’t have power over our thoughts and beliefs unless we let them. if we take time to think about how powerful that truly is, our perspective on who we are and what we’re capable of can shift dramatically and return our power to us. ⠀

✨stop giving your power away. reclaim and recreate your thoughts and beliefs about who you are by reminding yourself that you are in control of how you feel and nobody can change that unless you choose to let them. ⠀

✨at the end of the day, the only thoughts, words and expectations that should ever matter are the ones we choose for ourselves- the ones that feed our soul instead of diminishing it. ⠀

✨are there areas in your life where the thoughts and expectations of others are impacting your vision for yourself?

May 2019 comment 106 star 221