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It's never been about getting rid of stretchmarks or avoiding loose skin or looking like anybody else. i get asked about skin a lot and to be honest my opinion on skin is just that. it's skin. the end. i have always been focussed on the f*t that i was carrying and the health risks associated with it. i had gestational diabetes twice and consumed way too much fat, sugar and processed food. my secret to getting from the first belly to the last belly in 9 months??? taking care of myself. plain and simple. putting my health first every day. drinking water, eating nutritious food and exercising for half an hour a day. focus on your health because it doesn't matter what others are doing, it matters what you are doing 💕
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These have been the favourite days of my life all 472 of them because no matter what else goes on in those days my foundation of caring for myself above all else stays the same and i had no idea life could be so good 🙌🙌 i decided that i would take care of myself and to be my happiest healthiest self every single day 💕 how you get there is different for everybody. for me it's daily exercise, early night's, fresh food, time for myself, hydration, surrounding myself with positive people, practicing an unbusy lifestyle, gratitude and a few others. bbg and running have created a new life for me and i'll never go back to the way i used to feel x
@kayla_itsines @sweat
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This is for the mamas 🙌🏻
the world is telling you to get your body ‘back’.
the world is saying that the biggest compliment that you can receive, is to look like having kids has never happened to you.
the world says that every part of you which has stretched & given & sacrificed, is a negative thing.
the world says that the experiences you wear on your skin, are flaws.
i am here to call bs.
i say how dare anyone ask you to be ashamed of something you cannot control or change... & of an experience which is so fundamentally miraculous and physically demanding.
i say how impossible to experience childbirth, & walk away unchanged at all.
i say that it’s messed up for any body ideal to be locked into a life stage or age. i’m not in a pre-kids body. i’m also not pre-puberty. 🤷🏼‍♀️ there’s no going back to either & it’s clearly unfair to make that my goals.
i say s***w ideals, body types & comparison goals.
i passionately believe that your best body confidence has to be one that honours your whole body.
& i refuse to believe that bringing 5 of the best people into the world, puts me out of the running to be proud.
i refuse to believe that any mama should feel anything less than strong, capable, beautiful, proud, & sexy as hell.
so, mamas, i want you to walk into your day with all the swagger that jim has in this photo.
i want you to look your insecurities in the eye & tell them to shut up.
i want you to hold your head high, give yourself the respect & credit you deserve.
i want you to move your body for the sheer pleasure of feeling happy, healthy & able.
and then, more than anything, i want you to walk about this world as a revolution of self acceptance.
& watch it sit up to take notice✊🏻
get your sweat on.
drink your water.
eat good food.
be a rebel today, & love the hell outta yourself. 🙌🏻
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Love a good monday!
love making to-do list.
love mapping out my week, my goals & my meals.
love looking forward to a week’s worth of bbg & seeing what’s in store (week 11 💀)
i also love ig.
i know lots of ladies started their ig fitness accounts for accountability but personally i was here for fun.
i started posting cos i found i was proud of myself & i wanted to give myself a woop woop 🙌🏻... so i did.
i found that i was inspired by others in the fitfam & wanted to interact with them more, cos i enjoyed their accounts.
i enjoyed sharing my pics, my story & joining in the community.
in terms of why i am here...
why do i post & participate on ig?
i’m here for the fun of it.
for the joy of sharing your journey & in sharing my own.
& cos having a way to look back over my own feed (journey) & see some serious joyous progress is pretty dang awesome.
i hope you’re enjoying your day, enjoying your journey, enjoying your movement, your food & enjoying your progress.
i’m enjoying this side by side of my arm progress.
& that’s 100% because that beautifully determined woman on the left worked her bum off to get here.
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June 2018 comment 33 star 530

23yo jenn vs 33 yo jenn 🍷. .

clearly like a fine wine 😂just jk!
i decided to stop making excuses and make some moves. i always say making moves bc that’s exactly what i did for myself. i was unhappy, so i made a move and changed my lifestyle. .
for me it’s all about my mental health. i’m a deep person and i can really get into my own thoughts. i decided to use fitness to deal with my mental battles. its been one of the best decision i’ve ever made for myself. .
the way working out has changed my mentality is something i’ll never be able to explain. it’s like you could say whatever you want to me negatively and it means nothing to me bc i know it’s not even worth the time or energy to engage in that. if you workout, then i’m sure you know exactly what i’m talking about. .

had a rest day today. finished off week 27 #pwr 3.0 with abs yesterday. . . which i’m actually super sore from and they feel like they’re bruised 😏😂 hope everyone had a great weekend 🤸🏼‍♀️ #peepthepoof 💀.
ps... i still have this green romper, think i’m gonna have to take a pic with it on 🤣

February 2019 comment 15 star 232

* i know you’ve seen this before but i just posted this pic on my personal insta. 1) because i like my hair in this pic & 2) it looks like i still have b***s 😆 & meh, i like this photo 🤷🏼‍♀️ 😂 anyway, read what i wrote* .
these are both after photos & im proud of me in both.
there are 2 things that i’d love you to know about my fitness journey:
1) i began with 1 goal. to speak kindness to myself. i committed 12months to appreciating my body, giving honour to my experiences & calling myself amazingly created, wonderously valued & uniquely beautiful.
i said it till i believed it & i did it for a year. when i found myself truly at peace (tbh instead of using the word ‘happy with’) my reflection, i knew i had found the mental health to start on my physical health.
2) it did not just happen quickly or easily. i set my alarm on weekends to get up & run. on holidays, on busy days, in winter, in the dark, fog & frost. i began in pain, in exhaustion & i did it for 8months before any physical results really started to show. i consistently get up & workout. i push through when i am tired or busy or demotivated. i set goals & i chase them. it might seem like it just dropped away from when you last saw me, or when you began to notice... but it didn’t. it’s been a journey. a hard slog & the way i ‘look’ is only part of it.
i want to say this to clear up any misconceptions, & not perpetuate a diet culture that i don’t support: i am not dieting to lose weight, i am choosing food that makes me feel well, healthy & full. i am not exercising to change my appearance, i’m working out to change my life, my energy, my strength, my health & my hormones.
i just want you to know that my journey hasn’t been easy, short or purely physical. which you don’t see in a single photo.
there is always so much more to a before & after, to the timeframe, the mindset & the journey. for me, healthy body image was the key to healthy lifestyle. inside then out.
(continued in comments)

May 2018 comment 42 star 579

6 months bbg - 12 months bbg

i went for a run today mostly for my sanity as i have a bad case of whingey-teething-baby-itis.
for the first 4km i could hear myself saying this is hard, this is hard, this is hard, this is hard.... then i got the endorphins and smile i was looking for and ran 8.5km feeling like i could have ran twice that!! 🙌

how did i keep going when i thought it was so hard? it's all in the way i respond to myself because running is basically one conversation with yourself after another until you stop! 😁
here is how it goes for me -
this is hard - it really is and you are still going , that's awesome!
this is hard - remember how much harder it used to be and wow your breathing has improved heaps!
this is hard - use those muscles that you've worked so hard for and feel them working hard right back for you
this is hard - teething babies are way harder ( oh how we laughed at this one 😂 until we got home 😐)
mindset always positive and you will bloody win at so much life stuff 💪💪
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July 2018 comment 43 star 702

Every week i get stronger and fitter and leaner 💪 i'm not heading to a moment, i'm enjoying the every day health i've created. the scale hasn't moved much between these photos but my shorts tell a different story. listen to your body and fuel it, move it and love it x
@kayla_itsines @sweat
#bbg #bbgmums #bbggirls #bbgmoms #bbggoals #bbgmumsover30 #bbgmomsover30 #bbgprogress #bbgtransformation #bbgmotivation #bbginspo #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #mumsthatrun #bbgfam #bbgcommunity #bbg #kaylaitsines #sweatwithkayla #postartumfitness #beforeandafter #transformation #strongnotskinny #allybbgfeature #mumoffive #momoffive #fitandforty

September 2018 comment 46 star 664

I’m rounding up the corner to 36 and also coming up to the one year anniversary of getting my life back. to say there’s a lot of reflection taking place would be an understatement. the short answer is within a year i learned a lot, with the common theme of “just get it done”. this week i’m going to roll out a series of five blog and instagram posts with my top five lessons learned. i hope they’re helpful. and you can swipe to see me a year ago today too. #bbg #bbgmoms #bbgmums #bbgmumsover30 #bbg2019 #motherrunner #bbgmomsover30 #fitmom #bbgtransformation #bbg12weekchallenge

February 2019 comment 243 star 4,639