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{my favorite salad at the moment! 🙌🏻 a question that i get asked quite often: “salads are great and all, but how can i make them filling?” the key is to include a balance of fiber, protein and f*t to make sure that you are fueled and satisfied! — healthy add-ins to make your salads more filling: roasted sweet potato • avocado • beans or chickpeas (or chicken/salmon) • quinoa or couscous • nuts and seeds — my favorite salads are ones with a bit of sweet n’ salty flavor with lots of crunch 🌿this one would be delicious on its own or as a side dish! hope you’re having a sunny thursday 💛}
make this meal 👉🏼
-handful of farmers market greens
-chopped apple
-beets (peeled then steamed or roasted)
-crispy chickpeas (roast in the oven with a bit of avocado oil or sprinkle some @thegoodbeansnacks for convenience!)
-dried cranberries
-feta cheese -a squeeze of lemon 🍋
-extra v****n olive oil + strawberry balsamic vinegar

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Ce soir c’était entraînement force et un peu moins cardio. ça fait du bien d’alterner un peu 🔥
@whitney_toyloy m’a supporté tout le wod et ça aide tellement !!
belle soirée 💕

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Another week another prep. hello summer watermelon 🍉
few things: macros are very personal to each person, these values are per day, be sure to fuel your body. .
breakfast: kodiak cake waffles w/ peanut butter
lunch: no cook greek chicken bowls w/ greek yogurt
dinner: teriyaki pork tenderloin, grilled pineapple, broccoli
snacks: watermelon, bell peppers, cottage cheese, sargent balanced snacks .
credit: @samanne.fit .
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Happy first day of summer!!!
...or as i like to call it, fré day! 💙
chase and i are leaving for the beach today, so to protect my skin from the sun, sweat, and sand, and prevent sunburn, i mixed my fré protect me 30 spf moisturizer with my regular foundation to make a tinted moisturizer! the perfect natural makeup look to keep my skin healthy, glowy, and protected for summer 🙌
for fré day, i'm so excited to offer the best fré discount of the year -- 50% off!! (limited to the first 1000 sets sold today)
click the link in my bio and use my code kathg at checkout for 1/2 off!
#freday #loveyoursweat #loveyourglow

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Wherever you go, strive to leave footprints of kindness 💗👣.
no matter who i come in contact with i always make sure to smile and be kind. you never know what someone else is going through, and you never know what one smile can do to change their day around. 😊.
we all have the power to make others happy. so why not use it? 💥 smile at strangers, compliment someone you don’t know, that person you always walk by in the hall...ask them how their day is going. seriously, all of these are simple acts of kindness we can spread to make the world a happier place. (and we all know the world needs it!)
so today give a stranger one of your smiles. it might be the only sunshine they see all day. ☀️

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#doingthings for international yoga day + and the 1st day of summer 📷 : @happilyeverstyle

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Always follow your dreams ✨ don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be something.
growing up i always dreamed of becoming a singer on broadway. singing was my passion and i always pictured myself on the stage doing what i loved for the rest of my life. obviously i didn’t end up going that route. i let other people sway me into not following my dream. 😔 i still think of what my life would’ve been like if i were to have gone that route. i think if i had just followed my heart, and not let others persuade me, my life may have looked way different. but i don’t dwell on this. it didn’t happen, and that’s okay. because i’ve made new goals and have new dreams for myself. .
i’m done letting others decide what is best for my own life. i am my own person, and i am not going to let anyone or anything hold me back from what i’m wanting to do. 👊🏼 i won’t let anything come between me and my goals/dreams anymore. i believe everyone has the right to their own beliefs, dreams, and passions. .
don’t hold back and don’t let anyone else hold you back, when you know what your dreams and passions are, go for it! always stay true to yourself! 💖 it’s your life, what are you going to do with it?

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Sculpt your abs ‼️ (double tap & tag ya girls)
real talk: getting your abs to show comes down to being at a low enough body fat, but getting your abs to pop comes down to sculpting the right core muscles. rather than isolating any single core muscle, this workout will focus on exercises that combine lower r****s abdominis (“six pack muscles”), obliques (side core), as well as deep core muscles.
💪the workout
1️⃣ figure 8 reverse crunch* - 3 sets x 6-8
reps per side. focus on lifting and swiveling your hips with each rep, then controlling the lower down.
2️⃣ elbow plank to forward reach* - 3 sets x 8-10
reps per side. keep your b**t tucked down and belly button tucked in. no back archin or b***y poppin here!
3️⃣ seated leg raises* - 3 sets x amrap
amrap = as many rep (with good form) as possible. keep a slight bend in your knees to minimize quad engagement. you may need to lean back slightly depending on your flexibility.
4️⃣ swivel knee tuck* - 3 sets x 8-10
reps per side. hold for a pause and focus on “breathing down” between reps. this pulling in of your belly button will help engage your deep core muscles.
@tfn_team ladies feel free to swap this for your workout finisher - or if you’re feelin wild - add it to your rest day! 🔥

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A spiralized life is a darn good life!!! 🌀🌀🌀
happy thursday, my loves! this morning i am featuring spiralized sweet potato waffles with kale sautéed in vegan mozzarella with lemon smashed avocado and everything but the bagel seasoning (wow, that was a mouthful😜) by the ever so fabulous @kalememaybe 🙌 these waffles are a great balance of healthy carbs and protein- woo goals! to make, spiralize the sweet potatoes, cook in a pan, mix with 2 eggs, and add to your waffle iron. for more details on how to make this delicious breakfast, make sure to check out her blog! have a wonderful day everyone💞

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🌲 #waterfalls 🌲

do go chasing waterfalls if they look like this. ✅ ouzel lake trail hike
✅ 9.3 total #fitbit miles
✅ 883 miles done for #runtheyear2018, 1135 miles left .

#runnergirl #runnersofinstagram #runtheyear #bbggirl #thekaylamovement #sweatwithkayla #bbgcommunity #bbgdenver #bbgcolorado #fitbitlife #coloradolife #getoutside #strongereveryday #progressnotperfection

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Intermittent fasting day-1😀the magic pill is on netflix! @weightlosshero recommended this documentary the other day and oh boy! i am glad i watched it! it reminded me real food grows from the ground. i won’t say much because i think it is worth watching at least once. but one of the things i took away from the magic pill is intermittent fasting is good for us. there are two people who do the intermittent fasting around me already. i am totally a breakfast/brunch person but i am willing to do this! 💪🏻 a new challenge accepted😉 #bbggirl #fitness #bbg #intermittentfasting #fasting #themagicpill #netflix

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Find the people that make you laugh with your whole body! i am in love with the feeling of joy this photo gives me. i’ve been so lucky that the vancouver running community is so strong and supportive, and how many of them i can call my friends.
photo by @tyholtan ❤️🏃🏻‍♀️

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This has always been a day of importance to me.
i remember every #internationalyogaday for the past 3 years (since i’ve been practicing seriously)
the first one - i was at the beach with my mom and meme, taking photos in the sand in tree pose and warrior, hoping that one day i would be strong enough to “do something cool with my body”
the second one - i was laying on the couch with #lymedisease. i was frustrated, exhausted, and very lost. very out of practice but definitely hadn’t given up on it.
and now today - today was just as normal as any other day, but today i am so much stronger. i have grown by leaps and bounds. i’m a yoga teacher! which is cool as hell!
my practice ebs and flows. i forget about it and come back to it. but it is always there to offer me a place to feel safe, strong, and at home - all in my own body which is pretty d**n amazing if you ask me.
hope you all had a fabulous day of flowing through life, breathing fully, and exhaling completely.
namaste y’all ✨🙏🏼
also hey to celebrate i did the d**n thing and just posted a 15 minute warm up flow on my youtube video (link is in the bio - youtube/caleeshea) - your support means literally everything so thank you💓

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That’s a wrap! just finished up a very long week at work hosting a conference on an island resort (not a bad job 🌴🍹) and now i need to catch some 💤’s. but first. san francisco! 🚀 #workhardplayhard

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Hey fréndssss so today is not only the first day of summer but it’s also fré day!!💙 i absolutely love these products because not only have they improved my skin sooo much but they are actually formulated for sweaty skin!! so if you’ve been wanting to try it out now is the time because this is the best fré in offer of the year! use my code: (mfl) for 50% off your 123 fré set!! if you have any questions about the products dm me and i’ll be glad to give my honest and personal opinion!😘 but hurry code is only valid till the end of the night💙 xo •

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It's getting hot in here 🔥🔥
@abbydowse 😑

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Tangled hair, don’t care 💫 happy first day of summer 2018! spent all day drinking 🍹and laughing with my sisters at the pool before going shopping and having the best sushi 🍣 dinner! enjoying my last night in ocean city 🏖 before heading back home tomorrow! #tiuteam #bbg #tiubikiniseries

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These girls. 😍😍 meeting a lot of them for the very first time and it’s absolutely surreal to see this “coaching thing” come to life. i’m exhausted and sweaty but so freaking happy right now as we kick off this weekend. absolutely overwhelmed with love and new friends and so much new information but just soaking it all in!!! ❤️
if you’ve been watching on the sidelines this is your chance to join me and this team to do what we do and help change lives. join us and get in the best and most healthiest shape of your life. i want you here with me next year!! are you in? message me!!!!!
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Just finished my last workout before my surgery tomorrow morning 💪. a nice 3.2mile run watching the sunset😍.
hoping for a positive outcome from the procedure🤞💕
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This tank top is the easiest & best $4 you will ever spend! it is so comfortable, fits tts, & comes in 12 different colors! 💃🏻🙌🏼💯 and let’s be real - 4 bucks is less than a cup of starbucks coffee! such a steal! ☺️ i grabbed it in black, white, & gray #sobasic 💁🏻‍♀️•

click the link in my bio to shop! 🛍💳 **however just a little heads up ladies: there are way more colors available in store than online and the tank is showing up as $10 online, while it’s $4 in store! #sharingiscaring 😘

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Even though my body has been really really off, i made it to the gym today and got a workout in. i did an hour and i actually felt better after my workout! i also learned that grey really shows the sweat marks 😬😂hope everyone had a great thursday❤️
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anthony and i listen to a ton of audiobooks and we tend to choose books that are 40+ hours long. because of this we have 6 audible credits on our account and no idea which book to listen to next!
we love love love brandon sanderson books but we’ve read them all. we’re really into sci-fi/fantasy series! .
please comment below with a book/series recommendation!! please and thank you 😊📚

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Tonight is the night i am being recognized on stage for my success with beachbody!! i’m so excited/nervous!! 💗
thank you all for your love, support, and congratulations!! it means more than you know and i appreciate it!! 😘

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This food market in lima is heaven. it has tones of local fruit (some that i had never tried or heard of) and some veggies that are super size 😂
i managed to fit #liss and #abs this morning before heading around the city
now at the airport heading toward the amazonian area 🌵🌱🌴🌳🌲🌵🌱🌴🌳🌲 🌵🌱🌴🌳🌲🌵🌱🌴🌳🌲 🌵🌱🌴🌳🌲🌵🌱🌴🌳🌲 🌵🌱🌴🌳🌲🌵🌱🌴🌳🌲 🌵🌱🌴🌳🌲🌵🌱🌴🌳🌲
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Happy first day of summer! ☀️ .

with the summers off i’m really able to focus on myself. getting my 10,000 steps in everyday will be one of my main goals as well as drinking my near gallon of water. both things that are easy during the school year. on a more fun note i hope to get a sweet tan!!!

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Not really sure what kind of face i’m making here, but i’m assuming it has something to do with the b***y burn i was feeling after week 11 legs🔥 just got in a little hiit session as well so i’m sure standing from the toilet during the next two days will be extra fun😝 •

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Wasn’t going to post this, but saw @jera.bean post the other day about not criticizing yourself and so here i am 🙆🏻‍♀️. on the l ◀️ what i was *going* to post talking about all the things i don’t like about myself. on the r ▶️ a photo i took tuesday night before heading to happy hour. and i felt *so* great. for me, this isn’t just physical, but it’s a huge mental shift for me as well. i’m slowly working on it. i’ll get there eventually, but slow and steady wins the race... right? 😏
5k run this morning. 1mi walk tonight followed by bbg w1 arms and abs ☠️ but the best sore feeling after 💪🏻
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We went to an amazing conference & learned so much, made new friends and have so many takeaways 💖
it’s only day one and i can’t explain to you the energy, excitement & love at this event! so many people that have the same passion & energy you do is an unbelievable feeling ✨
if you need to add something that can change your life mentally & physically, help others live happy & healthy, then what are you waiting for?! like seriously?! what?! scared of something new? think it’s a scam or pyramid business? out of your comfort zone?
me too! i had all of those thoughts & learned it was all false 💁🏽 then i made the leap and said “yes” and that was a life changing moment. now i’m extremely happier & healthier mentally & physically 💕💪🏼 my advice if your scared: take the leap? what’s the worse that can happen? you don’t like it & you quit. that’s it 🤷🏽‍♀️

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