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#repost @nicolestolorz ・・・ wow. this is sooo confronting to even look at let alone post. on the left, i was a cardio j****e and did nothing but it. i thought to be skinny, was to be beautiful. it was 2 years ago. i weighed 52kg. and now weigh 64kg. i was too anxious to ever step foot in a gym. it has been a hard journey and i've lost, and gained and lost again. because i got off track mentally, lost motivation, didn't eat the right foods, trained too much cardio, didn't let my body rest when it needed. it has taken a lot of learning, hard work, persistence and patience to get where i am from what i was. but now looking at this photo i can acknowledge all of it and realise i never want to look like that again. you'll never get something you want if you let things hold you back. and that can be something as small as your thoughts. if i listened to my thoughts i would've never stepped foot in a gym, and this would've never happened. be brave. amazing things can happen. i hope this gives motivation to atleast one person out there ❤️

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Who’s your favorite superhero?💥👀 tell me! . new video just went live on my youtube (link in bio). instead of the plain old copy the superhero’s workout style vid though, i’m breaking down everything that’s wrong with gal gadot’s wonder woman workout 😉. this vid is science (and sassiness) packed. ps - mad respect if you can name that rap icon at 5:51 🔥

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Tout de suite on va éclaircir une chose très importante ! je n’ai jamais fais un régime, je trouve ça très frustrant et inutile. si je ne mange pas certains aliments frits et des hamburgers tous les jours, si je ne bois pas de coca et si je ne mets pas 3 cuillères de sucre blanc dans mon thé cela ne veut pas dire que je suis au régime ⛔️j’appelle ça une alimentation équilibrée et un mode de vie sain ✅ et je le conseil à vous toutes 🙋 donc, je ne supprime aucun aliment de mon alimentation quotidienne, mais.... je donne quand même la priorité aux légumes, aux légumineuses , fruits, les poissons et les fruits de mer. je ne mange presque plus la viande, je ne l’achète plus à la maison.. et je suis très contente 😌 par contre je mange les œufs 🥚 le fromage 🧀 le lait 🥛 je ne peux pas vivre sans les produits laitiers, non non 🙅 😄 les produits alimentaires raffinés ( les pâtes (pas complètes)🍝 , le riz blanc 🍚 , le pain blanc 🥖 tout ce qui est préparé avec la farine blanche) je mange mais très rarement . je préfère les produits complets je mange 6,7,8 fois par jour et je bois 1,5/2 l d’eau. je ne bois que de l’eau, du thé 🍵, tisanes, cappuccino et latte macchiato. l’alcool presque jamais, mais des fois un bon verre du vin rouge 🍷 volontiers 😌 je n’aime pas l’alcool 😤 heureusement 😄 par contre je récompense avec les desserts 🍨 😅 ouiiii, j’adore les croissants 🥐 les gâteaux 🍰 ou il y a deux kilos de crème chantilly, le chocolat au lait 🍫 et tout ce qu’est sucré .. et oui, je mange tout ça 😍 ... une fois par semaine 😋 en ce qui concerne mon cheat meel et le grignotage je vous en parlerai dans un autre post menu type d’une journée : 👇 . #topbodychallenge #bbg #teamtbc #bbggirl #sport #fitness #motivation #body #bodytransformation #bikini #fitnessaddict #running #run #cardio #gym #beforeandafter #avantapres #healthylifestyle #nopainnogain #workoutmotivation #workout

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💜booty & leg blaster💜do 3 sets of 20 reps. repeat 3 times.

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I am strong and powerful, and i have worked really damm hard to get to where i am today 💚💥 so the next time you question that remind yourself of all you have accomplished, fix your ponytail (it you have one) and continue to forge forward 💃🏼🦋💚🙌🏻🦄👱🏼‍♀️🙏🏼💪🏼 #highonsweatt

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Turns out i just finished my latest 16 week challenge! (i always enter because, anyone who completes it gets $200 worth of product 🤑so why not) 🤗 - 🙌🏼 swipe for my new ‘before’ pics for my next challenge.. this ones gonna just be focused around loving myself, my body and just being the best version of myself. setting a new 100% and new standards. there’s no point in hating your body and self while working to get to where you want to be, instead everyone should work towards their goals whilst loving themselves (including me) so i guess that’s what ima do ✌🏼

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Slowly getting to where i want to be 🌿 . . this year has been a massive learning curve for me. i’ve tried and tested a number of different training styles and eating patterns to experiment with my body and see how it responds the best. it’s been exciting, fun and overall extremely satisfying watching my body change in ways i never thought possible 💪🏼 i’m now starting to settle into routine that is both challenging and in tune with my body and am loving how i am feeling inside and out ☀️☀️ . . i guess overall what i’m trying to say is that just because someone is doing one style of training or routine doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best option for you. it’s important to explore and find out what your body responds best to and what you engage most with in order to see the best results 🌿😘

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I found this shirt in my closet last week and had to attempt to recreate this photo. 😜 . same shirt, same office, different person!! . i have learned and grown a lot throughout this process, but the biggest lesson i’ve learned is that change takes time, dedication, consistency and yes, sometimes sacrifice... but the longer i’m on this journey the less my choices feel like sacrifices and the more they feel like building blocks to my goals. . . i have been feeling very stuck and inadequate in this journey lately, and it’s good to look back and remind myself that i’ve done a huge bulk of the hard work already - i know how to buckle down and what it will take to renew my discipline because i’ve already been there, done that - but now i’m stronger, smarter, healthier, happier - so i know i can and will succeed!! 💪🏻 there is no doubt because this has been my lifestyle for the last 4+ years and i’ve cemented those habits... but now it’s time to refine and continue to push forward. #notimeformediocre 👊🏻💯💃🏼♥️xo aerin. #transformationtuesday

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You know you’re struggling through that @alexia_clark workout when your 4 year old daughter pulls up next to you with her 1.5kg dumbbells and starts smashing out renegade row push ups to show you how it’s done #shekickedmyass 🤣 upper body day killed me in the best way possible, and i loved every minute of it ❤️ . . #queenteam #armday #fitkids #shouldergains

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#mássueñoquepelandorábanos 3/5 hoy 1r #hiit desde hace meses y un poco de #hipopresivos #bbggirl #bbg #fitfam

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Bonjour ! pas de sport ce matin... je n'étais pas en grande forme hier j'ai donc préféré me préparer un bon smoothie pour le petit dej 😅 #fit #fitfrenchies #fitfam #fitness #fitnessgirl #fitgirl #food #foodie #smoothie #smoothiebowl #breakfast #healthyfood #healthybreakfast #eatwell #eatclean #eathealthy #health #healthyeats #healthy #bbg #bbggirl #bbgcommunity #lifestyle #potd #bodybuilding #body #followme

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Good morning from marokko. 💕wandering around the streets and enjoying the atmosphere here. every corner here has something super special ! 🙃now we are off to a morning walk on the beach, some coffee and sticky croissants🥐 have a lovely day! wearing my beloved pink backpack from @sinfinis_shop 💭💭💭 #travel#travelphotography#traveller #adventure#adventuretime #adventurelife#bbg#bbggirls#fit#fitness#vegan#vegantravel#bbgsisters#wanderlust#marroco#marrakech#bbggirl#bbgsisters#bbgfamily#travelblogger#pink#outfit#freedom#adventure

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Today i challenge you to look at yourself in the mirror and pick out some things that you love about yourself ⭐️ i used to be extremely insecure when it came to my tummy area. it seemed that no matter what i did all i could see was “flab”. don’t compare yourself to someone who has been on this journey for years and years, when you are just beginning yours. it took me roughly 2 years to get to where i am now🌸 happy wednesday b***s 💕

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Two ingredient clean flat breads ✨ this is my absolute fave recipe at the moment 🙌🏻 i am making batches of these 2-3 times per week and they are going like hotcakes. they get the tick of approval from the husband, the babies and even my dad who is italian and a bread loving machine 🍞 these bad boys contain no nasties, a good amount of protein and are super easy to whip up in a few minutes. you can top them with anything you like. we had them with beetroot hummus on the weekend 👍🏻 let me know if you would like the recipe 👌🏻

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Not the biggest selfie person.... but i guess if i want to see my total transformation at the end i might want to include some pictures of my head 😅💪🏼🙌🏼 #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress #bbgcananda #bbgguide #bbgweek3 #bbggirl #girl #workout #sweat

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#repost because this is a little truth bomb 💣 and we could all use a little reminder from time to time. . there’s an insane new program being released in january and i know it’s going to be exactly what i need to restore and sharpen my discipline like never before. i’m dying to get my hands on it, but i’m not waiting for january - i’m starting now!! im doing what i can now so i can get a jumpstart on my resolutions and stay focused through the holiday season. . is anyone else out there ready to take control and beat the holiday bulge!? if you want to get ahead of the game (and treats) join us for 7 days of free workouts, free meal plan, clean cocktail and sweet treat recipes and some serious motivation and accountability! not only will you be able to walk into that holiday party feeling fab, but you’ll also be one step closer to those 2018 goals. comment below if you want more info on our upcoming free holiday group! #youareincontrol #makeyourselfproud ✨♥️xo aerin #sweathappynightcap

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On my way to becoming a pro! 😂 surfing is such a good workout! my body is so sore and a little beat up! you pretty much use every muscle in your body while paddling, standing up, and trying not to drowned!

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Tonight's dinner 💚💚 nothing but green goodness #health #positivevibes #meatfree #mealprep

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Aged 17 on her way to high school in paris, pascale bercovitch (@pascalebercovitch) lost both her legs in a terrible train accident. to most this would be a great detriment, but to pascale it was the challenge to a better life. she decided to become a serial dreamer. pascale’s face is always full of light and her smile always generous and empowering. two minutes after meeting pascale, one forgets the wheeling chair and only sees the unstoppable woman with a big heart, an immense talent and a huge determination. pascale does not walk, but she flies! from dream to dream, from goal to goal, from win to win. thank you pascale for inspiring us and being the fré's thanksgiving hero of the year. photo by @eladnissim for fré. #sweathero #thanksgiving #freskincare

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Last time these abs will be visible for a long while; probably till my wedding in april🤷🏼‍♀️😊 #tistheseason #forgains #andallthefood i know alot of people have been talking about food anxiety around the holidays. its a real thing. i get it. ive been there! 😞 holidays should be about spending time with family, but i know how much it revolves around food.. a few tips that have helped me feel balanced and less anxious through the holidays➡️ 🦃eat small meals leading up to dinner so your not starving. trust me! coming into dinner super hungry just leads to bad decisions and over eating. 🦃try a little bit of everything on the first plate, then go back for seconds and only get the foods you liked the best! that way you can try all the food, not feel guilty about skipping something and determine whats worth eating more of! 🦃eat the turkey and veggies first, then eat the stuffing and potatoes. this is my favorite tip because you fill up on the healthier foods first and leave the least room for the rest😁 hope these help!🤗 tomorrow ill be in hawaiiiiii! cant believe its finally here😬🙌🏻 #postworkoutselfie #bodybuilding #bbg #bbggirl #abs #morningabs #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #flex #fitwomen #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitgirl #fitnessbody #fitjourney #fitchick #fitnesslifestyle #healthytips #thanksgivingtips #healthylifestyle #nofoodguilt #balance

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Been feelin’ myself lately and gaining so much confidence not only in the gym but in my personal life. feels so d**n good to feel free from old insecurities 💁🏻‍♀️🎉 also, here’s a sneak peak of my makeup collection in the back 😂😍

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My first love ❤️ i decided to spend some money and make my bedroom a super relaxing place to be and i love it! i love spending time in my bed 🤗

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Lunch: banana and peanut butter on sandwich thins 🍌

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