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Whale whale whale, what do we have here for this edition of #mapyourmonday? can you guess which world-famous museum we're at? thanks @ray_travels for sharing using #bbctravel.

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#whpperfectpair 🏁 when a black-and-white facade crosses daniel's path, there is no way to take him off it! can somebody get him down!? oh. and after so much silence, we bring you a surprise! we appear on @adorama series talking about our workflow and behind scenes. link of the video in the bio! and yes, it’s in english! — cuando una fachada en blanco y n***o se cruza en el camino de daniel, ya no hay manera de conseguir que se despegue de ella. ¡que alguien lo baje de ahí! oh. y... después de tanto silencio, ¡os traemos una sorpresa! aparecemos en el episodio 7 de @adorama hablando sobre nuestra manera de trabajar. ¡os dejamos el link del vídeo en la bio para escuchar nuestro inglis pitinglis veri güel!

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Podia fazer a meiga, mas to postando isso pra ver se mozão se comove e traz um açaí pra mim 🙄 | atualizando, funcionou, segue prova na história hahahah

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Switzerland ❤ best europe photo 📷 by ? ▪ #besteuropephoto to be featured! use #bestcommunity to join in!! ❤

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Writing a list, checking it twice... (of where to eat in nyc) the egg shop features pretty high at the top tbh 🍳 3 days to go..

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We did a day hike from near murghab in the autonomous gorno-badakhshan region of tajikistan. i must confess, i have no idea what the name of the mountain we climbed was or even we were. our driver just dropped us off and said "here you go!". we had so many questions for him... "where do we go?" ("just walk" ), "is there a path?" ("sure"), "is it difficult" ("no, easy hike through the valley"), "what's the weather like?" ("yes"), "where will you pick us up?" ("other side"). and with that sage advice, off we went! for the record there was no path, we climbed slippery rocks and trekked through snow (while it snowed on us). we also climbed a very steep 700 metres to get to the mountain pass at 4,711 metres (the highest i've ever been!), then slid down the mountain of scree on our bums to get back to the valley. then, we walked a while before eventually being found by our driver who thought we had gotten lost. 😂😂😂 #pamir #mountains #pamirmountains #gbao #tajikistan #silkroad #centralasia #landscape #beautifuldestinations #travel #intrepidista

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As blue hour strikes, in the heart of our city.

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Breathe, it will be over, soon. 💚 #lifestyle #travel #blog #culture #blogger #island #beach #islandlife

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Varanasi as one of the seven holy cities in hinduism had quite a spiritual power for us. watching the religious events, the bathing people and burning bodies was very impressive. if you ever happen to be in this magical place, make sure to take a boat ride on the holy ganges at sunrise!

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Formicaleo volcanic crater, piton de la fournaise, réunion island, indian ocean, france 🇫🇷 #formicaleo #crater #volcano #reunion #reunionisland #indianocean #france #travelphotography #travels #igtravel #instatravel #travelgram #lonelyplanet #bbctravel #pitondelafournaise

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