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So after having a fall & my littlest human being sick, i'm back in the chicken tender game (because i tend to chickens, right ?). the gals got live kingworms as a peace offering from me for disappearing again (🙄) & i got a glimpse of edith's big girl feathers since she's been molting (the run looks like someone should be dead). have a great monday, folks !! 🐔

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What’s your favorite way to raise chicks?
mama raised chicks are so. much. easier. for this working lady who’s got her own chick to chase after, i really enjoy not having to do so much. plus, they’re hardier and have been living outdoors from day 1. my garage thanks her 😉
the cons? the chicks scurry when we come. but some of that seems breed dependent. for example, the marans chicks go into full flight mode when they see us coming. the silkies peep a little more but easily allow us to scoop them up. so while our brooder babies were always mostly happy to see up, and these guys are definitely more hesitant, the work it saves me adds up to a major success!
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Guess that breed! let us know what you think this big roo is, bonus if you get the variety correct too! 😉 #chickens #chickensofinstagram #backyardchickens #backyardpoultrymag #🐓 #backyardpoultry

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Got my self some gorgeous new pure breed babies ❤️🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 parents from awesome breeders here in canada 🇨🇦 #showquality #backyardpoultrymag #faverolle #backyardpoultry #poultry #poultryofinstagram #fowl #farm

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Hedwig is very “hen vogue,” don’t you think?
we’ve got ourselves a broody! here she demonstrates how to best hatch grass.
now is not the time for miss puffy cluckins to brood away though, with a heat index of 102 degrees it’s waaaay to hot for her to sit in a nesting box with low ventilation, plus we can’t give her any chicks right now.
still, we were excited to see that she would go broody! this is the first time she’s actually committed to it. it’d be great to have another chicken besides mary that could hatch eggs or raise young. maybe she and mary could even co-parent someday...omg how cute would that be??

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Hello, pretty girl! there have been lots of noises in the backyard in the last couple of months which have made them unusually scared of everything. its nice when they start coming back and and want attention again, but it’s definitely not an overnight process. slow and steady.

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Happy monday! it’s going be a busy week for us. my girls are packing for a 2 week trip to san diego and hubby and i are packing for niagara falls😱 we are headed in opposite directions for vacation this year. i wanted to share these adorable egg stamps i received from @farmhousemavenmarket 😱 aren’t they cute? i also got the please return carton stamp. i love them! you should head over and check them out. enjoy your week friends! .
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"if i cover my eyes, i can't see monday."
when you stay at home #onthefarm, what makes monday different than any other day? here it's less help around the place, and my dream of sleeping in poofs (#asif - i wake up not too long after the sun no matter how tired i am). i try hard not to wish my life away trying to avoid days of the week or staying in bed, but i'd like to sleep past 6:45 once in awhile.

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One small step for chickens; one giant leap for bad punchlines 👊🏽


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Done with that cage life!

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Who needs a yard crew when you have a leslie? she was kind enough to edge along our fence this weekend. but she also finished destroying the flower bed i built by their coop and scratching out all of the mint i planted.... sooooo...

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"mama told us she needed to take a quick dust bath so we will wait right here."
. 😂😂😂 not sure why they all turned away but it was too cute. see my stories to see that mama was nearby. also i'm so excited to add a blue laced red wyandotte to my flock. .
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Howard the duck wants everyone to know karen’s not the only future mama out there. she has decided she too wants to be a mama and has gone broody. with rosey sitting on some duck eggs, i gave howard some chicken eggs 😂 seriously, i don’t even want anymore birds but it’s just easier to give them two and let them do their thing rather than fight it. i have always maintained that she’s the sassiest duck with the most attitude but yowza. broody howard is even sassier! 🦆#howardtheduck #ducksofinstagram #broodyhen #poultrypose #backyardpoultrymag #ducksofinstagram #hatchingeggs #duckstagram

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