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Finallyyyyy some workout footage! i’ve been slacking on the workout vids y’all i admit it. that just means i need more workout partners soooo hit a sista up if you’re in denver and ya wanna lift! 🙃
here are a few exercises from my last back day! love me some cable work - it’s so versatile - all you have to do is switch up your grip or angle to completely change the exercise 🙌🏻
low angle chest pull
high angle chest pull
lat bar pulldown
wide grip lat pulldown
outfit is @lululemon ❤️

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Back and biceps workout!! 💪🏾💕.
like and save 😘. here are a few exercises i did this weekend. .

4x15 seated upright rows
4x15 supinated seated lat pulldowns
4x12 incline dumbbell reverse fly's
4x12 cable bicep curls .
take your friend 💕.
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Here’s 🔥10 workouts from by back day today you can save & try 👉🏼
i also mixed in some leg workouts as supersets but i’ll post those for you later 💯
to get my full workouts and meal plans, click the link in my bio 👊🏼

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#silvyfit back + arms by @coachbueno 🔥🔥 !!! aquí les comparto esta rutina de espalda, triceps y biceps matadora!!!! en cada slide hay 3 ejercicios, una de espalda, uno de triceps y uno de biceps que deben hacer uno detrás del otro. ❤️ +tag y reta a tu amiga para que haga esta rutina. 🤷🏻‍♀️te le mides? 😝😝 rutina completa abajo 👇🏼 !
todos los slides son en superset, 3 ejercicios que debes completar un ejercicio detras del otro sin descansar entre cada uno, excepto el ultimo que es solo 1 ejercicio. descansan 30 segundos a 1 minuto después de completar los 3 y vuelven a repetirlo hasta completarlo 3 veces. después siguen con el siguiente slide. el ultimo slides, que tienen solo 1, es ese mismo ejercicio hasta completarlo 3 veces.
coach: @coachbueno
powered by: @xtrategynutrition_
outfit: @xtrategynutrition_
slide 1: 1. lat pulldown 3x12-15 reps + 2. cable overhead triceps 3x12-15 reps + 3. cable high biceps curl 3x12-15 reps
slide 2: 4. cable straight-arm pulldown 3x12 reps + 5. cable triceps pulldown 3x12-15 reps + 6. cable single biceps curl 3x10-12 reps de cada lado
slide 3: 7. underhand one-arm row 3x12 reps + 8. triceps kickback 3x12-15 reps de cada lado + 9. biceps curls 21s 3x21 reps (7 reps de la mitad hacia abajo, 7 reps de la mitad hacia arriba, y 7 reps enteras)
slide 4: 10. underhand barbell row 3x12-15 reps + 11. triceps dip 3x12-15 reps 12. hammer curl 3x12 reps
slide 5: triceps push-ups 3x10-15 reps
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Back attack 💥💥
my 4 main exercises for a strong back - you want to aim for 10-12 reps each set 💪🏼
1️⃣ wide grip pull down
2️⃣ dumbbell row
3️⃣ close grip pull down
4️⃣ back extension

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Full back workout!✅
follow @gymlovers__ig for more motivation content!! -
athlete: @erenlegendifbbpro
images: @weighttrainingguide
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Cycle class✖️back workout done all before lunch💦🙏🏼🌈 always start off the week [mornings too] with your best foot forward!
here’s a few moves to add to your next back lift! stay hungry for more babes!✨ always moving forward xx
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Happy sunday my fam i hope you’re all doing well.
here are some of my fav back exercise to help you tone and sculpt your back 🙌🏻.
perfect if you wanna stay at one place in the gym .
working through the whole back !!
⚠️all the exercises are 10-12 reps 4 sets each
⚠️ rest between 20 seconds
make sure you’re training your back ladies,there’s nothing sexier than toned back !!
don’t forget to double tap ♥️ and support your girl gals !!
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Alright powerlifters and weightlifters, the day has come. it’s time we learn from bodybuilders.

in my opinion, every powerlifter and weightlifter should have a day devoted entirely to back strength and hypertrophy.

why? it’s simple; the back is used in every movement for these two sports. however it does not get optimal stimulus from doing only the power and oly movements. since the back is the foundation for all these movements, you are leaving gains on the table if you are not maximizing your back strength.

pendlay rows and pull-ups are often used to get additional back training in, but on their own they are not enough. the back is a highly complex group of muscles that cannot be properly trained with only 2 isolation movements. proper back training needs to include a variety of pulling movements in the vertical and horizontal planes. doing these movements will help you brace and set your scapula/upper back harder, which will allow you to move more weight in your main lifts.

there’s a couple different back workouts i like to do. this is one of them and i’ll post the other next week.

pendlay rows: 4x6-8
good for explosive power in your deadlift/snatch/clean.

db row: 3x8
great for lat and core strength

lat & t-bar pulldown: 3x8-10

db pullover: 3x8-10
great for overhead stability and increasing strength of scapular retraction.

rope pulldown: 3x12-15
same as db pullover, but better range of motion. also great as warm-up for your heavy compound lifts.

things i didn’t get to because i ran out of time:
face pulls: 3x12-15
great for helping to stabilize upper back.
glute/ham raises: 3x15-20
great for core stability and erector strength in your compound movements. every strength athlete needs to incorporate these frequently.

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You should compare yourself‼️ yes, you read that correctly! compare yourself, but only to yourself. do not scroll through insta wishing you had this girl’s abs, or that guy’s biceps. instagram shows the highlight reel, and you see your body day to day in good and bad lighting, in the morning when you feel lean and at night when you feel bloated. compare yourself to where you have been. when did you look and feel the best? when were you in the best shape of your life? and ask yourself, why not now? set goals and make the decision to look and feel the best you ever have. be honest with yourself and where you are right now. you may not be where you want to be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get there. take progress pictures and compare your body to itself. strive to be your own personal best. you only have one body so treat it well! 🥑🥦🍏
#fit4life —————————————————
if you need some extra motivation or have no idea where to start, we can help you out! for $30 you can get a focused, 4 week workout program along with nutrition guidelines and recipes! hit the link in our bio to sign up. 💪🏼

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Back attack 🦍
. 👕: @gymshark 👖: @youngla

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Champions are not the ones who always win races - champions are the ones who get out there and try. and try harder the next time. and even harder the next time. 'champion' is a state of mind. they are devoted. they compete to best themselves as much if not more than they compete to best others. .
3 weeks out of world championship in spain benidorm,alicante❗️❗️❗️❗️
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Fick bli ett rygg och axelpass på skolans gym idag! 💪 #bernadottegymnasiet #bernadottegymnasietmalmö #shoulderworkout #backworkout

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Auch @ricolachico hat die sucht gepackt: bei seinen trainings dürfen climaqx ultra grips nicht fehlen, damit dir trainings eskalieren☑️
maximaler grip und power mit der zughilfe no.1- darauf vertrauen mitlerweile unzählige wettkampfathleten!

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Get involved with the brand new pre workout! dms for any enquiries💪🏻❗️

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La vie est une vaste aventure, et plus tôt nous le réalisons, plus vite nous parviendrons à en faire une oeuvre d’art. - maya angelou

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#yonmrester pro..
● mystè haïti ●

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Game changer!! having good posture isn’t only good for our confidence, good for how we are viewed by others but also great for our long term health.⁣

do these exercises a 3-4 times a week, do 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps.. doesn’t need to be heavy but you must feel that burn!! ⁣

you muscles will stay tight for 24-48hrs and keep your posture nice and upright! great for if you hunch like me, work at a desk all day or have naturally rounded shoulders.⁣

i’ll always do this before any events, meetings or a job interview. good strong posture puts out a confident body language statement for others.⁣

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💧back training 🔥enjoying this variation of a bent over rows since i've been back. 🐸 ideally the hips should be more quiet & contributing less, but something to work towards. ➡️ 105kg .
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Kulmasoutu käsipainolla on yksi lempiliikkeistäni.
❗vinkki: katso, että kyynärpää ei nouse liiallisesti ylhäällä, jolloin vartalo lähtee kiertoon 😊

bent over dumbbell row is one of my favorite exercises.

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💬“it’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. it’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”– pau

follow 👉@getripped_daniel👈
follow 👉@getripped_daniel👈

🥇safe & legal clenbuterol alternative

cutting cycles, f*t loss, lean muscle retention, energy & endurance

check bio for details!

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Note: the video cut off some...but you can see the basic part of it. a very super quick video on a back workout in the basement. you don't always need a gym💪

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