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Artist: @listenforjoy (part 2)breathing exercise: the complete breath
the first phase in healthy breathing is to become conscious of how we actually breathe. noticing whether we are relaxed and allowing the breath to naturally deepen into the lower belly or if the breath is shallow and primarily in the upper chest area. the diaphragm, which is located near the solar plexus, is a vital gateway of the breath. in a complete and healthy breath, the diaphragm easefully expands downward, along with the lower lobes of the lungs as if being drawn by the earth into your pelvis when you inhale. for this to easily happen, your body and emotional state need to be relaxed and feel safe. if you have a lot of tension or wound-up emotional stress, your diaphragm will be tight, as if locked in place.

start by sitting with a straight spine. allow each breath to gently deepen into your belly and roll up from the inside of your spine, creating a bit of lift and traction with each inhale as the air fills the upper lungs. on the exhale, let your body deflate and round forward a little as the air empties out of you, with a gentle squeezing of the abdomen at the end of the exhale. repeat this wave-like breathing for a few minutes. notice how easeful and natural it is to feel the breath roll through you from your pelvis up to your neck.
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