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Favourite song?
what do you think about #sweetener ?

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She looks so good omg ☁♡ #arianagrande

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Ariana gives you two tickets for the sweetener tour and you can invite 1-5 persons with you. tag the persons you would invite with yourself ❤️

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Yall i had to try and survive a whole hour at school and my intunes pre order isnt working and im about to listen im so nervous and excited and overwhelmed help ofmejdksk

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Breathin is one of the my fave song of the album ♡
opinions about the album?🔥

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I like the album 😍but i would have liked more energy. almost all songs are chill. r.e.m. is so good. also the ending from successful is so weird 😂😂😂

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Today’s hottest day of 2018 it’s called “happy sweetener day” !!!!!!! #arianagrande #arianators #sweetener #ntltc #giaw #tlic

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Do you think i was being mean to him??

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@arianagrande thank you so much for stopping in the rain to greet my friends & i.
we really appreciate it.
thank you so much for the hugs & signing my cds too.
i’m glad you were happy i had “sweetener” & “dangerous woman”.
i’m really enjoying the album and i can’t wait for the tour!
love you! ❤️
#arianagrande #arianators #sweetener

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Pete or mac

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Love her new album sweetener #arianators

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Wtf guys first made version of sweetener is leaked and they replaced it with remaded one. wig

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νew album
sweetener ariana grande💧✨ アルバムが出たって事はアリアナが日本に来るじゃん!👯‍♂️💖

#arianagrande #album #sweetener #arianators

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#newmusicfriday @arianagrande's new offering #sweetener is here and it's really impressive! this go around gives a much more mature sound musically. some good shit👏🏽👏🏽 guest features include #nickiminaj, #missyelliott and more🍬
#music #arianagrande #newalbum #pop #rnb #pharrell #itunes #spotify #applemusic #tidal #instadaily #friday #newmusicalert #love #musicislife #nmf #arianators

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These are questions you needa answer honestly!
should i post more pictures or videos?
do you actually like my acc
should i post more of the rest of the zieglers

should i just everything like drama and stuff or keep it a really positive place

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May be the most ridiculous thing i’ve done at age 29 but i’ve missed dancing and i can’t get #sweetener out of my head. so, my friends, i give you my #sweetenerchallenge 💍🎂 (wig and ring pop optional but ponytail flips are mandatory) — i challenge @arianagrande @frankiejgrande @joangrande — let me see you get it hit it flip it twist it 💃🏼

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Ifb all

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