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Planning on doing my room up a lil bit so um hi ikea and bye to all credit cards :)))

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Sayfa düzeni✌🏻

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I'm so into you ❥
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Ugh she looks so good 😍😍 here’s another snippet from bts of a photoshoot.

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Lil shark 🌷🦈

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Paradise #cindykimberly

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Opinion on justin atm:
my opinion, i say i unstanned him but not forever. yes, i’m here for his music. some people in this fandom who just stan justin are delusional, like can’t you see how skinny his gotten? how much of a hypocrite he is now? how all he’s whole life and career is just about his engagement with hailey baldwin? how quickly he rushed into things? i’ve been by justin’s side since day one, for god’s sake i’ve saw him twice and i felt like i was in a dream. this man saved my life with just his musical lyrics. i’ll never fully unstan, but for now yes. he’s not the same person anymore, well he is but so much more rude and annoying. he literally tells fans no pictures or tells the paps no pics, but when he’s with hailey he’s like come one all for pictures, hey take pictures of us making out on the street, in a park. we never see him alone, he’s glued to the hip to hailey and i will not compare a 6 year relationship of love, fights and commitment, to a childish relationship that he hasn’t thought through. i’m stopping now cause this man was my whole world and now idk what to think about how he’s spending his days.

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Y’all someone just told someone else that they stink and i can’t 😂

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Im sweatin n have a headache n my eye hurts :( why did i have to get fuckig pink eye

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Look how cute my baby is 😍

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