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Happy #apahm! celebrating some of the most awesome api influencers and activists i admire and respect:
@awkwafina for bring unapologetically herself and inadvertently giving permission to asian women everywhere to be whatever we wanna be,
@amandangocnguyen for being a fierce advocate who truly believes in the power of the people and iconic enoki mushroom saleswoman,
@jennyyangtv for her hard work ethic, biting sense of humor and ability to clap back against mediocre white appropriating chefs on behalf of all of us,
@vivalmas for being the q***r south asian mom for gaybies everywhere she goes,
@sleepy.jackie.96 for being a grumpy q***r api organizer that the community needs,
@andrea.b**g and the entire @kimsconvenience cast (esp @angryappa and @jeanyoon88 for being unfailingly kind) for representing us on tv and making us laugh and cry and feel seen,
@byjessicanguyen for creating @projectvoicepod and always giving 300% to everything she does,
@sleepili bc he is family and smarter and stronger than he lets himself see.
i’d add more people but i wanted to remind people that i like to make petty protest signs and show them off with my award winning shit-eating grin so there 😂
#asianpacificamericanheritagemonth #apahm

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Know 👏 your 👏 worth 👏 celebrated tv journalist & presenter @lisalingstagram shares her personal mantra, & we could not agree more.💥

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May is asian pacific american heritage month!! i am sooooo proud to be asian american, korean american, and a woman! don’t mind me, i’ll just be over here wearing this shirt all month long 🔥🔥🔥
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5.17.19 friday! i’m celebrating all my asian creatives during asian pacific american heritage month. all asian dj line-up @dj_zel_ @djillestdoitall @mattaudiodope, asian pop-up shop by @tianrepresent, powered by @redbull & digital photo gallery by @kevin.reodica 🐲 2239 s michigan ave 10-2am rsvp for entry! link in bio #apahm

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A new web series featuring celebrities, including actor daniel dae kim and #crazyrichasians director jon m. chu, aims to explore the history and the cultural impact of asian food, from night markets to how food is shared on social media. click the link in our bio for more. #apahm .
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Who loves ube?? 🙋🏻‍♀️💜 it warms my filipino heart that ube aka purple yam has become so accessible and beloved around the world. this month is actually asian pacific american heritage month, so i’m proud to be part of the movement to celebrate our culture and hope we can all be proud of our ethnicity - what’s yours? #apahm #indulgenteatsfilipino #indulgenteatskauai

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My name means to begin and to be open in chinese (开) and it’s a wonderful reminder everyday that my journey is just the beginning and i’m growing everyday, emotionally and physically. there’s a homonym that translates to being triumphant (凯) and i think there’s something poetic about that, a lesson in learning to love my transness and succeeding

lately i’ve been reached some mental and emotional limits that i’ve been taking some time to deal with. between a lot of changes in my life, i’m taking little steps in rehabilitating my mental health. getting antidepressants and sticking to my therapy appointments

i’m still falling off every now and then but healing isn’t linear and that’s a-ok 🌱

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I never thought i would be representing the oldest generation among other asian american actors. time flies.....especially in hollywood. we are far from being fresh off the boat. ⚓ #aapimuseum

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I was an early reader and developed a love of books when i was about 4 years old. i’ll never forget diving into a stack of my mom’s old books from her childhood like it was the best thing ever! one of the first chapter series i loved was the #babysittersclub. so today, in honor of #apahm, i’m choosing claudia kishi as my #favoriteasiancharacter because she is artsy, stylish, unique and at the time of the bsc, she was a character that many asian american girls my age could relate to. ❤️ who is #yourfavoriteasiacharacter? @character.media

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